John McAfee Returned to Homeland ... Miami

12/13/2012 6:36 AM PST

John McAfee Returned to Homeland -- Miami

John McAfee
is grudgingly back on U.S. soil, after getting booted from Guatemala.

We got video of the computer software mogul entering a swanky hotel last night. He joked with the photog but was mum about his mounting troubles. Authorities in Belize -- the place McAfee has called home since 2008 -- want to chit chat with him about the murder of his neighbor.

McAfee told GMA he fled Belize for Guatamala and asked for asylum but his request was rejected and he was returned to his country of origin -- the United States.

If you get deported to the U.S., South Beach is a nice landing spot.  Sure beats Fresno.