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Lindsay Lohan

Storage Locker To Be

Auctioned Off

12/13/2012 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is on the verge of losing expensive designer clothes, family heirlooms and potentially embarrassing items ... because she hasn't paid her storage bill and as a result the unit is about to go up on the auction block.

Sources close to Lindsay tell us ... LiLo has fallen behind on paying her monthly bill ... and now owes roughly $16,000 to the storage company.

The account is now delinquent and the locker can't be opened until the balance is paid in full ... and that's not going to happen because Lindsay doesn't have the cash. As we reported, her financial situation is so desperate the IRS has frozen her bank accounts because of unpaid back taxes.

So here's the upshot. If Lindsay doesn't get a big check for XMAS, her storage unit will be auctioned off this month. We're told she's reached out to family and friends to front her the money but so far no one is biting.

Talk about a good "Storage Wars" episode.


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the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

The lamest part is that she bums money off of people when she has the connections to get a real jay oh bee.

647 days ago

Lindsay Hoehan    

I will come up with the cash watch

647 days ago


Hopefully nobody helps her pay it....they've got to stop bailing her out.

647 days ago


Whatever is in there is sure to be dumb.

647 days ago


Any bets on how high TMZ will go to win the bidding?

647 days ago


This is one bitch I dont feel sorry for.....Karma is a bitch and this skank is getting some bad karma back....cause her so called friends have bailed on her...she is no longer useful to them....Bitch deserves all that is happening to her, and all that is coming to her........Wheres her parents also......Shes become useless to them to, no mo money....this family makes honey boo boos family look good and thats a hard feat to do!

647 days ago


What's next,.....she's pregnant and don't know who impregnated her,...Samantha Ronson,....or the boy band. What ever happened to her business manager,.....geez louise,.....this is sooo out of control. Talk about hitting bottom,.....she's not far from it,.....and it appears she only starts to panic when the law gets involved. Hellz Bellz, she has to STOP supporting everyone else in her family,.....40,000 to her mother,....10,000 to her sister,....what the hell? No wonder you're 'broke',.....blood sucking relatives will bleed you dry,....and what then Lindsay?

647 days ago


Has anyone asked us if we have our breakfast lunch and dinner and all we need lately? I highly doubt it! This is more BS trying to suck the everliving last penny out of everyone only NEVER to REPAY people! Has anyone taken a good look at this photo? Has she aged a good 20 years overnight? I mean take a good look at the forehead the wrinkles and the sags. Last week I almost starved but my storage bill was PAID IN FULL at least!!!

647 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Her bank accounts were just frozen recently. To be $16,000 in the hole has to be longer then 1 month behind. AND the picture they used for this article makes her look 90 years old. She is getting really old, really fast.

647 days ago


She will just steal it back from the winning bidder.

647 days ago


That storage unit is probably full of stolen jewelry, speeding tickets, freckle cream and vibrators.

647 days ago


Absolutely BS... Anyone who has had the closing on a house delayed and had to use a storage locker knows they range in price from under $100 to $250 a month for a 10x20 indoor, heated unit.. To owe $16,000 would mean she would be 5 YEARS behind in payments.
No business is going to let anyone go that long in debt.. I would believe $1,60...0 but no way in hell $16,000.

647 days ago

smarmy joe    

Imagine being a friend or family member and getting the call from Lindsay asking for money. Oy vey, what a nightmare.

647 days ago


Dang she looks old..That's what drugs and partying all the time will do to you..She can't afford the botox anymore..She should sell her story, I'm sure some gossip rag would pay for it... umm hum, tmz? If she was in jail she wouldn't have to worry about rent or storage..Maybe her new friend will pay it off..

647 days ago

Chuck D of Valpo    

Lohans! Meet the Lohans!
They're your modern day messed up family!
From the state of New York, they're now in a place called misery.
Let's ride with the family down the street.
Hook up with every dealer that we meet.
When you're with the Lohans, you'll have a great old time!

With apologies to the Flinstones.

647 days ago
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