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Sarah Jessica Parker

Tight with Makeup Artist

Popped for Shoplifting

12/13/2012 11:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Sources connected with Sarah Jessica Parker told TMZ the woman nabbed for shoplifting sunglasses at a Norway airport Wednesday was employed by the Nobel Peace Prize group ... but TMZ has learned she's worked side by side with SJP for years.

The woman -- Leslie Lopez -- has been Sarah's personal makeup artist since 2005. She's traveled with her extensively, both domestically and internationally.

For whatever reason, Sarah's people wanted it to look like the makeup artist had no relationship with the actress, but that's simply not true. They went so far as saying ... the makeup artist (never revealing her name) was NOT on Sarah's payroll. Yet all that meant was someone else picked up the tab.

As you can see from the video, Sarah didn't want to talk about it this AM in NYC.

As for stealing the expensive sunglasses at the airport ... as we first reported, Lopez paid a $1,400 fine and was then allowed to leave the country. Sources connected to Lopez tell TMZ ... she "mistakenly" took the glasses out of the store and paid the fine not because she's a shoplifter but because it was the only way to say farvel to Norway.


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Is she related to Lilow????

680 days ago


well so what? just because she knows SJP well doesn't mean SJP is responsible for her actions. this is not noteworthy news.

680 days ago


oh leave sarah alone. you guys are having a slow news day. im sure a lot of celebrity assistants steal. sarah didnt steal anything so who cares. you jerks.

680 days ago


Was LILO giving her pointers?????!!!

680 days ago


Oh my god, that dumb racist, fat b I t c h......I couldn't WAIT for someone to be able to tell how EVERYONE HATES HER!!!!!!! She is so annoying, who hired her??? Make her leave, please.

680 days ago


If Sarah would get a nose job and have her chin shortened,she would look really pretty. Call Kris Jenner's plastic surgeon.

680 days ago


I'm shocked that a woman as ugly as her would require full time help to make her look presentable. As for Sara's lies about everything about this whole situation, well just keep that in mind when she makes a political endorsement or commercial.

680 days ago


Can we have some peace and start talking about the Nobel Peace Prize instead?

Sarah did an excellent job , maybe start focusing on that instead ?

679 days ago


Check out Paloma Faith on Vevo:

679 days ago


Warrior is available as of 12/4 for Kesha!

679 days ago


LongLiveA$AP is available 1/8/13

679 days ago


Parker is the ultimate moron for trying to cover for the thief. It says a lot about her lack of character. We already knew she was not the brightest.

679 days ago

Just Sayin'    

Well, come on. I do not know either one and neither do any of us here. Perhaps their relationship is only really great business wise, but not one in which they'd hang out together. That's the fist thing to consider. But secondly and more importantly, if they were perhaps like best buds or close like sisters, than the right thing to do would have been for SJP to offer to pay the shop for the glasses and some free promotional plug for the store in exchange for them looking the other way, and then later to subtlely tell the MUA, "Look, we need to part ways, business wise but we don't need to stop being friends."
But because she is edging away from even being associated with her for any length of time, it seems more like this was perhaps a fallout in the making for sometimes. I mean, heck! How do we know that MUA didn't purposefully do this and get caught as some way of "getting back" at SJP for some difference that they've had? There are plenty of ex- or soon-to-be ex-employees of celebs with a heavy axe to grind and will go to any length to be at war publically with their former employer, just to get attention. Some even commit perjury and lie in front of a judge just to have their day in court with said celebrity(ies). People can be ruthless when it comes to fame and being in the private eye. There are plenty of ex-girlfriends/boyfriends/husbands/wives of celebs who do the same crap, crying about alleged abuse, cheating, etc just to get their way or mooch money off of them. You don't know how some celebs are abused by pissed off employees. There are a lot of using and abusing folks out there and some feign being trustworthy until they get into a disagreement and then the mask comes off.

Just sayin'.

679 days ago


Now that SMP is so obnoxious over that failure of a president obama, I no longer watch her TV or Hollywood produce.

I comment of this only because of her failed attachment to obamy. She is now a failure in my eyes as well as despised.

679 days ago


And she stole some more stuff earlier that day:

Link to norwegian newpaper.

679 days ago
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