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Lindsay Lohan's Stuff

The Ultimate Storage War

12/13/2012 11:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Lindsay Lohan's latest misfortune would make the best "Storage Wars" episode ever -- we'll tell you about the embarrassing items she's about to lose to the highest bidder.

Plus, Amanda Seyfried in effect tells Anne Hathaway not to get her panties in a bunch over the crotch shots.

And, Kris and Bruce Jenner are NOT getting a divorce ...  despite yet another report to the contrary. Mike -- our Kardashian guru -- guides us through the BS.

(0:00) Lindsay Lohan falls behind on her payments to a storage unit -- and is on the verge of losing a bunch of embarrassing items in an auction.
(6:10) Liam Hemsworth beats the crap out of a guy outside of a bar -- and we have video of the fight. It's worth noting ... this is par for the course for the Hemsworth bros.
(10:00) Sarah Jessica Parker's people claimed she didn't know the makeup artist that was busted for shoplifting in Norway ... but we found out the two ladies have been close for years.
(14:00) Anne Hathaway is disgusted that photos of her lady parts surfaced -- and is blaming the state of the world for their release. How bout she wears panties to an event swarmed with photographers next time?
(18:00) Another report claims Kris and Bruce Jenner are getting a divorce ... Mike -- who knows everything Kardashian -- explains why it's a bunch of malarkey.
(24:00) John McAfee returns to the United States -- you won't believe the video we have of his arrival. Seriously ... this guy is like "The Most Interesting Man" and Tony Montana mixed into one.
(27:00) T.I. says that his stint in prison made him more popular than ever -- and he's not the first rapper to enjoy the spoils of lockdown.
(34:00) New, gruesome details are released about how the nurse committed suicide after the Kate Middleton radio prank.
(37:15) Kobe and Vanessa Bryant attend a concert arm-in-arm -- continuing their love/hate relationship like a couple of pros.
(39:00) It's time again for ... Tim's rejected pitches!
(42:00) The floor is yours!

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Who IS this guy?

647 days ago


Why do you stand Harvey is there something up your but!

647 days ago


I liked Raquel's earrings. A little to east African...but large enough to fit my hands when she's.....

647 days ago


Charles looks different today.

647 days ago


Let go of your dick and sit up straight, Pete!

647 days ago

Flying Blind    

lets get another skyper to repeat an already boring story.

647 days ago


1. Hello, Harvey . . . buy an ALARM clock! We could set a friggin' calendar by the schedule you keep here. 4:30 EST means 4:30, not 4:45 . . . so rude.

2. Anne Hathaway has class, something you lack, as demonstrated by your comments of "hoity toity" in response to crass and hamhanded attempts at humor--at her expense. I think she took the high road, something you never do.

3. Congrats on selling the T-shirts. TMZ is now totally pimped out. Shameful. You used to report interesting info . . . now the site's 99% advertising.

647 days ago


wow! I actually agree with harvey about the dj prank.
Maybe the world will end on the 21st.

647 days ago


Well, I guess Halle Scarey didn't pay TMZ enough today to beat the Gabe story into the ground also huh? Maybe you should tell her you want a raise to make her look good in YOUR EYES.

647 days ago


M'm...Carly and panties!

647 days ago


Bruce jenner now looks like gloria allred.

647 days ago


Wow - Mike seems really obsessed with the Kardashians ...

647 days ago


Mike where did you get your information from that the Kardashians are a Billion dollar business they are about 900 million short of that fiqure.

647 days ago


, Paris Hilton reportedly failed to pay the bill on her Los Angeles storage unit and her belongings were allegedly auctioned off. They wound up in the hands of, where customers could view Hilton's personal items for a fee of $39.97.

And as soon as Michael pays for the storage Unit he will set up a website called, if he hasn't already got claims on the name. He's a hustler baby..

He never misses a microphone or a tv camera. He in fact like his daughter is over exposed.

Who would pay to view Lindsay's stuff? Oh I know, The people she STOLE it from.

Michael realizes this is a total WIN-WIN for his pocketbook. He will probably start off charging $59.95 to view it.. lol.. Because this girl is a serious thief. And I guarantee you those embarrassing items are 'stolen items' she could probably go to jail for. . She has been accused of stealing so much stuff (very expensive items) from so many designer's that might be why it's in storage so she wouldn't get caught with it on her person.. I bet there's much more to this than meets the eye.

She needs to go crawl under a rock.

647 days ago


There are no such things as assault weapons. You can not go in to a gun store and ask for an assault weapon, because they would have to show you all of them. "assault " was added to the description by politicians to make it sound worse, and make a political statement. The semi automatic weapons only reload themselves, you have to pull the trigger each time you want it to fire. ( like the gun used in the horrific tragedy this past Friday.)

I do not own a gun, nor would I consider it. My luck, I'd shoot my foot off. Plus I have small children.
Thank you for hearing me,

642 days ago
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