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Brooke Mueller


With Charlie Over Twins

12/14/2012 10:14 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller
is so pissed off at Charlie Sheen, she had her relatives rip their twins out of Denise Richards' home, because Denise dared to ask Brooke if the kids could go to Charlie's XMAS party.

We broke the story ... Brooke asked Denise Richards to care for Bob and Max while she went through another round of rehab, and Denise happily obliged. Sources close to Charlie and his exes tell TMZ ... Denise called Brooke Tuesday to tell her she was taking the twins, along with her daughters, to Charlie's "Anger Management" kiddie Christmas party.

Our sources say Brooke exploded, saying, "Absolutely not," adding, that she didn't want Charlie anywhere near the kids.  What's more, after the conversation, we're told Denise got a call from one of Brooke's lawyers threatening her if she dared to take the kids to the party.

Denise didn't take the kids, but Brooke was so angry ... the next day Brooke's mother Moira knocked at Denise's door and demanded to take the 2 kids away.  Denise obliged.

Charlie wants Denise to care for the kids. In fact, Denise has cared for them many times before ... sometimes for a full month while Brooke dries out.  But Brooke now has legal and physical custody, so she's in the driver's seat.

As for why Brooke is so pissed off at Charlie ... we're told it's because Brooke fired their long-time nanny because she called Brooke's mom about her OD ... and Charlie wants to hire the nanny back.


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Is it wrong that if she OD the kids would be better off...?

644 days ago


Wow. She nearly Overdoses abusing Adderall, among other drugs she's taken in the past, and still has custody of her twins? Charlie, pls. go to your Lawyer and get custody of your children. Your children are in danger. Brooke is clearly unstable mentally, emotionally and physically.

644 days ago


In light of what happened in Connecticut today this particular item is hardly newsworthy. And that so-called "mother" Brooke should wake up, smell the coffee and realize that her or any children are precious beyond words, and not meant to be used as a pawn.

644 days ago


It's nice when you bit the hand that feeds you.

644 days ago


I was wondering where I knew that name from.

644 days ago


this woman should never have had children with anyone.

644 days ago


Fight for custody, Charlie! Even if you hire a nanny that does most of the work, the kids will be far better off than being with Druggie Mueller.
Charlie has gotten clean & gotten his act together (finally). Brooke has NOT! Protect the kids - get them AWAY from Brooke NOW!

644 days ago


I want to know why this sorry excuse for a human being is allowed to be anywhere NEAR her children?! Anybody know?

644 days ago

Rusty Shackleford    

parenting is a priveledge not a right.

some people who cant keep their **** straight dont deserve to be parents.

let charlie have em for good.

644 days ago


why does this drugged out whore have custody of those kids...judges in los angeles are incomptent azz holes that should be disbarred...if anything happens to those kids...CPA has alot of explaining to do.......Do those people at CPA have their heads up their azzes!

644 days ago


Just what we DON'T need, ANOTHER Crackie. We are JUST about to get rid of LieHo, between the two of these Crackies it's a race to the grave.

644 days ago


Why didn't the grandmother take them from the beginning? She's got a lot of nerve demanding anything from Ms. Richards.

644 days ago


Is this woman nuts? DCFS should be taking these kids away from her already!

644 days ago


Their both junkies

644 days ago


Brooke's mother is an enabler. Brooke could not keep doing drugs if her parents did not sweep in at every turn to bail her out. If Brooke's mother would not care for her kids, maybe Brook would have some incentive to stay clean. Those kids were in the best place they could be and that selfish druggie took them away, after firing their long term nanny. Moron.

Who would have ever imagined I would have thought it was a good idea for Charlie's kids to be anywhere near him? Thanks Brooke for making Charlie Sheen look like a good parent. It was a Christmas party for pete's sake. Selfish idiot.

I really despise this woman, time for her to take a dirt nap, the world would be a better place, especially for her kids.

644 days ago
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