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Brooke Mueller


With Charlie Over Twins

12/14/2012 10:14 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller
is so pissed off at Charlie Sheen, she had her relatives rip their twins out of Denise Richards' home, because Denise dared to ask Brooke if the kids could go to Charlie's XMAS party.

We broke the story ... Brooke asked Denise Richards to care for Bob and Max while she went through another round of rehab, and Denise happily obliged. Sources close to Charlie and his exes tell TMZ ... Denise called Brooke Tuesday to tell her she was taking the twins, along with her daughters, to Charlie's "Anger Management" kiddie Christmas party.

Our sources say Brooke exploded, saying, "Absolutely not," adding, that she didn't want Charlie anywhere near the kids.  What's more, after the conversation, we're told Denise got a call from one of Brooke's lawyers threatening her if she dared to take the kids to the party.

Denise didn't take the kids, but Brooke was so angry ... the next day Brooke's mother Moira knocked at Denise's door and demanded to take the 2 kids away.  Denise obliged.

Charlie wants Denise to care for the kids. In fact, Denise has cared for them many times before ... sometimes for a full month while Brooke dries out.  But Brooke now has legal and physical custody, so she's in the driver's seat.

As for why Brooke is so pissed off at Charlie ... we're told it's because Brooke fired their long-time nanny because she called Brooke's mom about her OD ... and Charlie wants to hire the nanny back.


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What You Really Want To See    

Drivers seat? yeah, if the driver's seat is a padded cell in a rehab joint. She's not there for her kids... father is next in the food chain... as scary as that sounds.

677 days ago

John T.    

Time for Charlie to man up and take those kids once and for all. She is an unfit mother. She will always be a druggie.

677 days ago


Charllie needs to seek cuzstody of the kids and let Denise take care of them. They should never live with their Mother again - ever.

677 days ago

Ted Allen    

She is DELUSIONAL and in DENIAL about her own situation. Look in the mirror, my dear, then worry about the little things.

677 days ago


Why can't folks LIKE HER, get caught up in massacres?

677 days ago


I am always concerned when a grandparent is given custody of grandchildren because the kid’s parent is a druggy, alcoholic, or in prison. While it isn’t true in every case, the grandparent already raised a “loser” child – why give them a shot at another child. Is Brooke's mom the best choice?

677 days ago


No one expects Brooke to be rationale after binging on Adderall ...........

677 days ago


Kudo's to Denise Richards. even though she and Charlie had a nasty divorce they have gotten past it and Denise has been as class act ever since.How many step mothers would take in an ex's children. Brooke should literally kiss Denise's ass and thank her for caring more about her children than their own mother.

677 days ago


If Brook has a mother, then why are Brooke and Charlie's kids not with her? Why does she have legal and physical custody when she is an obvious drug addict?

677 days ago


what a ****

677 days ago


i dont understand what is wrong with some women, and yes i am a woman
why do they want to stop their kids from having a relationship with their fathers?
halle berry and now this one..

My daughter is 5. her 'father' has never wanted a thing to do with her, and has fought me tooth and nail to avoid child support, he earns 250 grand a year and has just offered me 200 dollars a month in child support..

i would give anything for my kid to have a dad that cared as much as gabriel or hell even charli sheen.. he may be a arrogant s77t sometimes, but at least he takes care of his children.. i think brooke should be stripped of rights.. she is unstable and clearly has things she wants to hide.. or she wouldnt be afraid of the nanny finding something out.

677 days ago


Yikes. Seems Charlie is the sensible one in this duo... Although I wonder if it was just her parents wanting the kids for Christmas. She can't just keep their father away from them, and hasn't tried to do that before.

677 days ago


the reason the kids were with denise and before that with brook, is because brooks parents dont want the kids and only take them when they have to. brooks parents took the kids because they were afraid she would leave rehab, if they didnt. she hates the nanny because she is a drug addict and belives the nanny ratted her out to her parents. she plans on doing drugs again and doesnt want anyone around who would tell. she isnt ready to give up drugs. why has CPS not taken kids from her for the safety, werent they in the house when she over dosed?

677 days ago


just sign the kids over to denise already…she is a great mom and the kids know her very well.she has watched them several times in the past. no druggie should be allowed to parent their kids.
great job denise…i support you~

677 days ago


Denise Richards is an angel…..

677 days ago
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