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Brooke Mueller


With Charlie Over Twins

12/14/2012 10:14 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller
is so pissed off at Charlie Sheen, she had her relatives rip their twins out of Denise Richards' home, because Denise dared to ask Brooke if the kids could go to Charlie's XMAS party.

We broke the story ... Brooke asked Denise Richards to care for Bob and Max while she went through another round of rehab, and Denise happily obliged. Sources close to Charlie and his exes tell TMZ ... Denise called Brooke Tuesday to tell her she was taking the twins, along with her daughters, to Charlie's "Anger Management" kiddie Christmas party.

Our sources say Brooke exploded, saying, "Absolutely not," adding, that she didn't want Charlie anywhere near the kids.  What's more, after the conversation, we're told Denise got a call from one of Brooke's lawyers threatening her if she dared to take the kids to the party.

Denise didn't take the kids, but Brooke was so angry ... the next day Brooke's mother Moira knocked at Denise's door and demanded to take the 2 kids away.  Denise obliged.

Charlie wants Denise to care for the kids. In fact, Denise has cared for them many times before ... sometimes for a full month while Brooke dries out.  But Brooke now has legal and physical custody, so she's in the driver's seat.

As for why Brooke is so pissed off at Charlie ... we're told it's because Brooke fired their long-time nanny because she called Brooke's mom about her OD ... and Charlie wants to hire the nanny back.


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Brooke, please make a movie. We're going to need a new Lindsay very soon!

685 days ago


You gonna report on that tragic shooting today or what..? i cant figure out if you guys are just slow at getting news or..?

685 days ago


when you first begin rehab you are not allowed phone calls, no incomg...or out going. also she is not in a proper state of mind right now to make adult decisions.

685 days ago


lets not do what is good for the kids

you fricken drug addict shouldn't have the kids at all.

685 days ago


Easy fix they both get one .

685 days ago


Sad. Only the kids will be hurting. I bet the Xmas party would have been a lot of fun for the kids. Brooke is clearly nuts. Also, this arrangement is going to damage the kids.
Brooke to her kids: "Mommies going to rehab for the 19th time, you're gonna stay with daddies ex-wife but you're not aloud to talk to daddy."

685 days ago


Let's hope -- for the sake of those two kids -- that Brooke gets a total frontal lobotomy and therefore is harmless to both society and the twins.

Could there ever be a more f-ed up mother on this planet?

685 days ago


You can tell a good mother apart from the bad ones by how she worries about her kids while in rehab.

685 days ago


Ooo emmm gee... That ungrateful bitch! I mean, you ask her to take your kids in out of the goodness of her heart, and then get mad at her because she DAAAAAAREEEEED to ask permission to take your kids to a.... KIDDIE PARTY???? I wouldn't even have asked. I would've assumed that if you ask me to take care of your kids for a prolonged period of time, you'd trust my decisions regarding your kids. Charlie IS those kids father after all. He has a right to see them once in a while. Denise, you are either a saint, or a big fool, girl.

685 days ago


Where is CPS and why does Brooke have custody?????

685 days ago


What a horrible mother. Too bad Denise can't parent them full time. They'd be a lot better off with Denise than with a drug addicted mother who has been to rehab 20 times.

685 days ago

Wow ...    

Brooke need's to set her personal feelings aside and do what is in the best interest of those children. Denise was kind to take them in, she was also kind enough to seek her opinion on the Christmas Party, to which she obliged. Brooke lashes out in anger and rips the boys out of a stable home, probably the only stable home they have known. Unbelievable. I hope DCFS is watching and investigating. Poor parenting choices on her part.

685 days ago

really! really?    

detox is a bitch...

685 days ago


I think Charlie needs to go back into court and get those kids back and have joint custody of them with her

685 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

Pot, meet kettle.

685 days ago
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