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Connecticut School Shooting

Reporters Swarm

Wrong Ryan Lanza

12/14/2012 1:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hordes of reporters have descended on the home of Ryan Lanza in New Jersey, hoping to speak to members of his family after the horrific school shooting in Connecticut this morning -- but there's one problem ... it's the wrong Ryan.

Ryan's mother Nannette tells TMZ, her son -- 26-year-old Ryan John Lanza -- is a corrections officer-in-training at the Camden County Correctional Academy.

The Ryan Lanza that was initially identified as the possible school shooter -- who gunned down 26 people at the school, including 20 small children -- is 24 years old. (Police have since identified Ryan's brother Adam as the real shooter.)

Nannette says her phone's been ringing off the hook for several hours -- accumulating as many as 21 voicemail messages per hour -- and reporters are still sitting outside her house.

Nannette tells us, she hasn't been able to get in touch with her son since news broke of the shooting -- but she insists that's because cell phones are prohibited at the correctional academy.


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They said he had his brother's ID on him, seems he hated his entire family and everything they loved

614 days ago


LMAO! I wish the media would come swarm my house thinking I was related to a mass murderer. Id break out the fake tears and the fake suiside notes on FB and sue the living @#$% out of every media van out on the street for aggravated harassment. Harvy knows... thats some big time $$$

614 days ago


Missy -- No, you are the moron.. they are talking to the 'other' Ryan Lanza's mother -- obviously not the one that was shot and killed. Read before you write.

614 days ago


I just hope all the parents held on to their xmas receipts . Retailers are getting tougher on returns without them.

614 days ago


Well the Ryan Lanza of Hoboken NJ was just led into a police station in Hoboken in handcuffs.

614 days ago


This story just keeps becoming more and more tragic every minute. The media has no doubt not helped the situation much. They seem to have lost the distinction between fact and speculation, not the first or last time. My heart goes out to everyone involved: the victims, their families, first responders, the list goes on.

614 days ago

TN Consultant    

Some of the commenters here are obviously REALLY slow, so let me try to explain this. There are multiple people with the name Ryan Lanza. The media has descended on the home of the WRONG Ryan Lanza, I.e., someone who is completely innocent and not involved with today's horrific shooting.

614 days ago


here come the nazi take my gun costas nuts. It is trite, but it is TRUE, a gun, by itself, NEVER killed one person. It always take the input of a criminal or a fool. accidental death has , at it's cause, a fool. We see one kid killing another kid with daddy's gun in that case daddy is the criminal and the fool. I've had guns since I was 8, I was taught the RESPONSIBILITY of gun ownership, my guns have never injured anyone, while stopping 3 robberys.

614 days ago


Wtf is the world coming to?

614 days ago


Wait! So not only was it the WRONG name (Ryan should have been Adam Lanza), but the press got the WRONG guy with the WRONG name (Ryan Lanza of New Jersey)?

614 days ago


I'm so confused. Is it too much to ask that the next post by TMZ on this subject be filled with facts and truths? Yeah, didn't think so.
If I had the money I would so donate to these families and ease the burden of burying the loved ones at what should be a festive time.
How horrible. Two shootings in one day, is the world really coming to an end?

614 days ago

Michael Chapala    

I am truly speechless. No words can express my feelings being a parent. These children will never hug their parents again. These parents will never kiss their children good night ever again. We cannot control the unpredictable nature of the human animal. But at least we can help the survivors of such a terrible tragedy. Let's pull together and show the families that we care. Let's help them defray their burial costs. A fund has been set up. Go to =>

614 days ago

Rail Runner    

The only way to limit the Nut-Jobs from going on killing sprees is to separate the ammo from the gun, with registry stations sign in & out a limited number of bullets or shells for a specific time frame, when done hunting or target shooting you return the live and spent shells to the registry, also ban all forms of producing home made ammo, the only ammo that would be allowed to be kept at home should be blank shells or bullets, this will still act as a deterrent to anyone wishing to have the bang without the lethal consequences.

614 days ago


The blame for this and the others lay squarely with the NRA.

How many more dead children will it take??

Sorry but I really don't get the Yanks obsession with deadly weapons... there is no reason good enough to explain away dead children.

614 days ago


As a gun owner and a believer in the 2nd amendment, I believe that gun laws NEED to change. Enough is enough. Thoughts and prayers to the grieving families and the mourning nation.

614 days ago
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