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Strip Club to Lindsay Lohan

We'll Save Your

Storage Locker, IF ...

12/14/2012 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Lindsay Lohan might NOT have to bid farewell to her storage locker full of personal belongings ... 'cause a famous strip club is offering to pony up the cash to save it -- but there's a huge catch.

We broke the story ... Lohan (who's super broke) fell way behind on her storage bill, and now the contents are set to hit the auction block later this month unless she comes up with $16k, stat.

Now, the legendary Scores strip club in NYC is offering to come to Lohan's rescue -- firing off a letter to Lindsay's lawyer claiming it will foot the entire bill, if she's willing to do some work for their online site, 

But the "work" isn't what you think -- Scores says it wants the actress to serve as an online video chat host for it's website ... a job which DOES NOT require nudity.  It's unclear how many "chats" Lohan would be required to host.

To sweeten the deal, Scores has also offered to pay the rent on Lindsay's leased Bev Hills mansion for the next couple of months ... more cash she could desperately use.

We reached out to Lindsay for comment, but no word back yet -- we're guessing the Scores gig isn't entirely out of the question, considering the storage locker could be filled with ultra-personal items Lohan doesn't want to go public. Plus, she did pose for Playboy when they came calling with the right sized check.

Stay tuned ...


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C'mon Delmar, rootle around in your behind and pull that stick out. You KNEW what you were doing. Your 'FYI' comment was purposely said to rile the 'club' members and you succeeded. Don't backtrack and act all self righteous, blaming 'group think' for your antagonistic comment. You got the reaction you were aiming for, don't pretend to be all exasperated about it now . . .

655 days ago


It's so nice to see that Blohan's star is still rising. With this golden offer, she seems to have reached the starry heights of Octonasty and her own Milo daddy! I'm impressed. And there's still celebrity boxing and phone-a-loser! The entertaining part is that she might be wise to accept it since she is apparently in such dire financial straits. (Psst...hello, IRS, guess what Blo is doing. :-)

655 days ago


Getting back on topic. Scores would be complete and utter IDIOTS to get into 'bed' with this SLAG. Best that they got their publicity and drop it now. If by chance, Blohan is desperate enough to take them up on it, just say NO CAN DO unless you do what is contractually required FIRST, then we will complete our end of the bargain.

655 days ago


Well Chief Gall I think you'd be wrong. Yes its true that Lindsay got herself into all this crazy stuff but most people just want her to own up to it, serve the time, and stop getting into so much trouble. I personally don't want her dead or harmed, and I'm sure I'm not alone in that. But She's not someone I hold in high regard either. She's made a big mess of her life, she needs to dry out and just go away for a while and get some perspective, maybe LEARN from this and not just pay lip service like she usually does. Maybe she can make a come back if she doesn't do something stupid like OD in a year or 2. Mostly, people get pissed that people enable her to do what she's doing. Sorry but you can't just punch people and not pay consequences, you shouldn't run into cars and not pay consequences. That is stuff that she needs to own up to, take it on the chin and say yeah, ok I own this. Basically she needs to act her age not her shoe size.

655 days ago

some guy    

Lindsay probably thinks Scores is a place to get drugs and sign on immediately.

655 days ago


Hey Linds..... I know you "don't do paperwork", but now might be the appropriate time to learn how to fill out a commissary slip and a "Deputy Request Form". No LNors in Leavenworth.

655 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

yak yak yak.......

655 days ago


What would TMZ do without this girl....if she woke up 5 minutes late they would make a story of it

655 days ago


More on lindsay lohan...come on girl get it together.

655 days ago


Somebody text Lindsay quick! She's in London shagging Max and doesn't know this yet.
Thought TMZ would have known she fled the country for the UK then on to Dubi.
That's why we haven't heard anything about her today

655 days ago


Chef Gallbladder Weasel Cloud wrote "no time.........".

No time? You misspelled "spine".

655 days ago


People need to stop giving money to this creature and let her fall flat on her face. Only then will she
get real help for the numerous problems she has.

Also removing her parents from the picture could not hurt. Both of them have issues of their own to work on.

655 days ago

Where Are All The Real Celebrities    

Let's declare at least a 24 hour moratorium on this waste of human life in honor of 26 innocent lives.

655 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Lindsay PR team says this is the new Lindsay all cleaned up

LMFAO, she looks like a he/she

Her blochie tanner has to go, it looks more of a mess than she is.

655 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Lindsay Lohan Pays Off Taxes — Thank You Charlie! — Exclusive

Posted on December 15th, 2012 at 5:22 am


Charlie Sheen should be getting a “Thank you” call any minute from Lindsay Lohan.

The reason?

The Anger Management star gave Lindsay a gift of $100,000 to pay off her taxes and now RumorFix has learned exclusively that the IRS has released a tax lien on the Liz & Dick actress.

So it appears the troubled star has used Charlie’s money to pay off the $93,701.57 owed in back taxes from 2009.

But Lilo isn’t out of financial trouble just yet, she was slapped with another tax lien in February for failing to pay $140,203.30 in back taxes for 2010.

That might take a little longer to pay off since the actress reportedly is having a hard time pay her $8,000 a month rent and she is partying with The Wanted instead of trying to get acting gigs.

655 days ago
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