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Strip Club to Lindsay Lohan

We'll Save Your

Storage Locker, IF ...

12/14/2012 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Lindsay Lohan might NOT have to bid farewell to her storage locker full of personal belongings ... 'cause a famous strip club is offering to pony up the cash to save it -- but there's a huge catch.

We broke the story ... Lohan (who's super broke) fell way behind on her storage bill, and now the contents are set to hit the auction block later this month unless she comes up with $16k, stat.

Now, the legendary Scores strip club in NYC is offering to come to Lohan's rescue -- firing off a letter to Lindsay's lawyer claiming it will foot the entire bill, if she's willing to do some work for their online site, 

But the "work" isn't what you think -- Scores says it wants the actress to serve as an online video chat host for it's website ... a job which DOES NOT require nudity.  It's unclear how many "chats" Lohan would be required to host.

To sweeten the deal, Scores has also offered to pay the rent on Lindsay's leased Bev Hills mansion for the next couple of months ... more cash she could desperately use.

We reached out to Lindsay for comment, but no word back yet -- we're guessing the Scores gig isn't entirely out of the question, considering the storage locker could be filled with ultra-personal items Lohan doesn't want to go public. Plus, she did pose for Playboy when they came calling with the right sized check.

Stay tuned ...


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Zombie Whitney Houston    

I really don't get the logic in this job offer? Who the f*** wants to go to a website that's supposed to turn people on and then watch a 50 year old looking Lindsay Lohan and listen to her raspy druggie voice? That seems like it would have the opposite effect that they're going for.

681 days ago


some old crusty panties, stolen clothes from movie sets, men's watches and sunglasses....get 'em while their hot!!!!

681 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

This is so much BS, this job offer was made a couple of months ago. She and her skeevy family are all in on this together to make money off selling stories.

This whole family is mental

681 days ago


Boy oh boy,If she doesn't take that offer,she's really messed up! It seems like when her little world is about to go black, someone's always there to bail her out. Fricken' unreal. Maybe this why she likes to screw up her life....there will be some idiot out there that will bail her out.

681 days ago


Oh for f**ksake scores has a bazillion others girls they could use that look waaay better, why they'd want that washed up skank is beyond me.

681 days ago


This offer is how many years behind? There's absolutely no sex appeal attached to her anymore. She looks like a cross between Raggedy Ann and Courtney Love. Granted, a select few will find that attractive.

681 days ago



The fine print on the deal includes 2 quarts of throat yogurt per day; how many dudes is that, eh?

Maybe DUIna should help with the negotiations, that always makes for a more interesting deal. Or no deal.

Where is Aliana now that Linds will need a fluffer?

Can Linds get time off for court appearances? I hope not!

681 days ago


She would probably screw up this too. Show up drunk if she shows up at all.
On the other hand she may be under qualifed for even something as simple as hosting. After all Snooki of the Jersey Shore makes 3 times as much for Appearences

681 days ago


Remember the movie the parent trap lol.. what happened to this crazy girl?

681 days ago


What a hoe... fo sho!

681 days ago


Sounds like Milo or DUIna is trying to broker deals behind her management's back. That way the loser parents get a cut. This family is so crooked, it's not funny.

681 days ago


She is officially in the gutter now.

681 days ago

Bear King of the Dead Thread Heads (and he means it)    

She's a piece o' crap.

681 days ago


a publicity stunt by the strip club and it suits TMZ for the hits. The story about the storage locker is untrue but that won't stop tmz repeating michael lohans crap

681 days ago

Bear King of the Dead Thread Heads (and he means it)    

With all this karma chasing after her, has she peed herself yet?

681 days ago
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