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Nurse Suicide

Report: Hospital Criticism

May Have Triggered Suicide

12/14/2012 6:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

The nurse in the Kate Middleton hoax may have hanged herself in part because the hospital came down on her hard ... this according to a new report.

The Daily Mail claims to have a source connected to the nurse's family, who says in one of the suicide notes the woman, Jacintha Saldanha, is critical of the hospital for the treatment she received.  The story does not flesh out whether the treatment is connected to the hoax, but it appears to be the case, given one of the other suicide notes which reportedly describes how she tried to cope with the fallout due to the prank call.

So the question ... did hospital management come down on the nurse hard?  A hospital spokesperson claims hospital management was supportive, but they are not privy to what she wrote in the notes.

As for the third note, the report claims the nurse laid out plans for her funeral.


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brown dynamite    

Over a week too late on this story TMZ.....

681 days ago


And the truth comes out! The hospital should give those poor DJ's who have taken the blunt of blame some money now since they have ruined their lives and lost their jobs. It was the hospital's fault for not having specific instructions on how to protect their patients and should never had put the blame on this nurse.

681 days ago


A U.S. hospital would have long fired anyone violating the HIPAA laws and standards, especially when dealing with patients in the public eye. And I would pretty much lay money on the fact that NO hospital in the U.S. would stand behind or support an employee who violated HIPAA.

681 days ago


Ironically, the poor woman was probably hazed because the DJs did such a piss poor job at imitating the queen. They sounded NOTHING like the queen or even a Brit. That made the nurse seem incredibly stupid for falling for it.

If the DJs actually tried to do a better imitation, the nurse wouldn't have appeared so foolish.

681 days ago


This puts the DJ's in the clear. The humiliation came mostly from her supperiors, cause everyone was laughing (including Charles) until the suicide.

681 days ago


She was unstable to start out with... give the Di's a fricking break.

681 days ago


She's not even the one that released any information. She spent 2 seconds transferring the call.

681 days ago

paul a.    

Any suicide expert will tell you that there is rarely one reason behind the taking of one's own life. Clearly, this woman had issues but there can be no doubt that the trigger issue was the hoax and the immediate aftermath. Scorn from within the hospital. Online embarrassment. Worldwide gloating by the Australian radio station re: how they got through to the Kate's room.
Bottom line: The nurse may have ended up hurting herself at some point anyways, but the prank made it happen now.

681 days ago


Enough with this story already. This woman was dumb enough to think the Queen of England would actually call and ask for information. She's the only one to blame for herself committing suicide.

681 days ago


So it's all the hospital's fault now?? How about the weak minded woman who threw her life away and hurt her family because she made a mistake at her job?

681 days ago


I said the Hospital came down hard on her,.

681 days ago


Hospital cares more about the Royals, didn't care about the nurse or their workers.

681 days ago


I hope the other nurse steps forward to confirm if the hospital was harsh or not. I doubt if they will, because she'd be fired for sure.

681 days ago


ohh come on !! the only person responsible of her death is hers, she was an adult and she decided to do that, sad but true, if everyone that have problems do that they will be a lot of deaths imagined that , sorry to say but she had emotional problems in order to do what she did, sorry about her death but is nobody fault

681 days ago


Of course she was mindful of what would happen, the prank call was just plain stupid and the people involved have to live with it, everyday and every minute of the day, they should have known better, how old are they? the whole team ? 10? It was stupid, it was never harmless if the big bad Queen and England are involved. Which is another problem, why is there no outcry as to why the nurse felt the repercussions would be worse than death? Queenie and the Royal family are to powerful

681 days ago
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