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Nurse Suicide

Report: Hospital Criticism

May Have Triggered Suicide

12/14/2012 6:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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The nurse in the Kate Middleton hoax may have hanged herself in part because the hospital came down on her hard ... this according to a new report.

The Daily Mail claims to have a source connected to the nurse's family, who says in one of the suicide notes the woman, Jacintha Saldanha, is critical of the hospital for the treatment she received.  The story does not flesh out whether the treatment is connected to the hoax, but it appears to be the case, given one of the other suicide notes which reportedly describes how she tried to cope with the fallout due to the prank call.

So the question ... did hospital management come down on the nurse hard?  A hospital spokesperson claims hospital management was supportive, but they are not privy to what she wrote in the notes.

As for the third note, the report claims the nurse laid out plans for her funeral.


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I'm not surprised! The english people are afraid of the Queen

615 days ago


This woman chose to leave her family behind to deal with her selfish act. I refuse to hold anyone accountable but HER. So you have a bad day or get slammed by the boss - crap happens. Put your BIG GIRL pants on and go about life.

615 days ago


Again, there was something already wrong with this woman BEFORE she selfishly offed herself. This was the catalyst that set the motions into her killing herself. I feel sorry for her poor children.

615 days ago


What a bunch of heartless people most of you posters are.Without compassion.Merry Christmas All.

615 days ago


Dont they have cell phones in England?

615 days ago


Hmmm, so you would rather leave your kids motherless than quit your job over what the hospital did to you? Ok then.

615 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

Shame on the DJ's ~ a hospital is NOT THE PLACE FOR PRACTICAL JOKES!! These nurses are under extreme pressure and have the huge responsibility to protect their patients. In her mind, she was doing her very best to accommodate the Royal Family. The DJ's need to grow up! It is no different than calling the fire dept. and faking a fire. Not the place for this at all. RIP to the nurse. She must have already been very fragile to take such drastic measures.

615 days ago


I think there is enough blame to go around. The DJ's made a terrible joke. They lost their jobs. The hospital obviously did not teach their employees how to deal with patient privacy. The nurse made a poor decision in talking about a patient. I don't think it is "A" is more responsible than "B" who is equally responsible as "C". So much tragedy.

615 days ago


Hospital staff would not have criticized/ridiculed her if the DJ's wouldn't have done this STUPID prank! ....Oh and they lo0ked so fake crying in the interview they did...they're just hoping to get their jobs back with sympathy. Even if the woman was somewhat unstable prior to this incident the fact of the matter is that anyone in her situation would have been distraught over this!

615 days ago


I knew this was the case. This sounds much more appropriate than the DJs being blamed. Although she took her own life and is responsible it's sad. Dying was her quick escape! No one knew her struggles. My this be a lesson learned everywhere about prank calling. Never know who's on the other end!

615 days ago

Heilige Bimbam    

She felt victimized, then at the reception, she was only expected to transfer calls to the ward nurse in charge of the Duchess, which was what she did. The ward nurse in charge is the one to screen all calls, and not to go on to give information on the phone. So why is she getting away with it, and certainly joining the rest in bullying Jacintha.

615 days ago

Home Skillet    

The DJs are still at the root of the problem - bottom line, had they not tried their funny-funny prank, none of these discussions would be going on and, more importantly, that nurse would still be alive ... preparing for Christmas with her two children and husband. Had that call NOT been made, we'd be reading a story about Lindsay Lohan being arrested again. The DJs are TOTALLY at fault. Period. End of story.

615 days ago


Wait. This doesn't fit in with the hang-the-DJs narrative TMZ has worked so hard on.

615 days ago


This is really sad.

615 days ago


To kill youself over this is really ridicious. She must have been alittle unstable to begin with to think that suicide was the only answer out over something like this. If someones gonna kill themselves, they have to be alittle nutty to begin with....but its still sad.

615 days ago
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