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Connecticut School Shooter

Media May Have ID'd

Wrong Guy

12/14/2012 1:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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1214_school_shooting_AP_articleNumerous TV news outlets and websites are scrambling after they named a man and showed his picture, claiming he was the shooter in the Connecticut school massacre, but it seems they had the wrong guy.

The outlets claimed Ryan Lanza killed at least 26 people at Sandy Hook Elementary School, including at least 20 children.  Some of the outlets also splashed his pic on the screen. 

Problem is ... it looks like Ryan Lanza isn't the shooter.  Someone began posting messages on Ryan's Facebook page denying he's the shooter, even saying "F**k you CNN.  It wasn't me."  FYI ... CNN didn't post the pic -- it was iReportCNN, a user-generated forum.

NBC reported they may have gotten the name wrong because the shooter had an ID in his pocket that made them believe Ryan Lanza was the culprit. 

Law enforcement sources now tell AP the shooter is Ryan's brother, Adam.



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Only way to stop irresponsible and unethical journalism is to haul these networks into court.

642 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Great work CNN. And you wonder why you are dead last in the ratings war on cable news.

642 days ago


Why they do this to children

642 days ago


AS long as the media keeps broadcasting the names and photos of these losers, they will keep committing these acts. PLEASE stop it!

642 days ago


What IS the shooters name? Twitter is saying its Adam Lanza and yahoo is saying its Adam Lonzo. Which is it?

642 days ago

Palm Beach, FL    

Really, what a shock.

642 days ago


What a surprise, the big media outlets jump to report stuff before even checking to see if it's right. And then they swarm the wrong people trying to interview them. It doesn't pay to be the first to report on something if everything you are saying is false, get your sh$t straight first and then run the news!

642 days ago


Who cares what his name is its the person who killed all those people not the name I pray for all

642 days ago


Nice going, media. This is what happens when you don't focus on the victims, *******s.

642 days ago


honestly i dont care if was Ryan or his brother.. ALL I care about is the Victims, the children who lost their lives and couldnt defend themselves the adults who died and all the families who have to bury their 5 and 6 year olds less than 2 weeks before Christmas, im not saying i dont have sympathy for the shooters mother who was killed and all the people who are now mourning her im just saying i wish media would STOP talking about the shooter.. thats why theses crazy people do things like this.. for attention, to become "legends" ... my focus is on the victims and their families

642 days ago


if you search for ryan lanza it comes up with 2 different profiles both same town.......

642 days ago


what's utterly amazing is what's left out.......I recall when Bush's administration went into the wrong country to declare war and rhetorically announced let them all kill eachother. Look at what's happening in our own country. We are experiencing the same insanity. Shame. Shame on sending troops to a war zone, coming back mentally broken and re-creating a war on our own, citizens, even children are not immune. Now, I do not know the suspect....but there are so many disabled veterans who are capable of this kind of terrorism right here......and no one addresses this issue except to overload mental hospitals. Gun Control is a huge issue....there must be a reason folks are hoarding guns, etc. My heart breaks for those lives lost.

642 days ago


I thought his brother was found dead in a residence in Hoboken?

642 days ago


I cannot believe TMZ didn't blur these poor children's faces in that picture. Very tasteless.

642 days ago


SUE the heck out of them! These media people have got to STOP wanting to be first to report something and first get all the facts and be 100percent sure. This is crazy.

642 days ago
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