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Connecticut School Shooter

Media May Have ID'd

Wrong Guy

12/14/2012 1:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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1214_school_shooting_AP_articleNumerous TV news outlets and websites are scrambling after they named a man and showed his picture, claiming he was the shooter in the Connecticut school massacre, but it seems they had the wrong guy.

The outlets claimed Ryan Lanza killed at least 26 people at Sandy Hook Elementary School, including at least 20 children.  Some of the outlets also splashed his pic on the screen. 

Problem is ... it looks like Ryan Lanza isn't the shooter.  Someone began posting messages on Ryan's Facebook page denying he's the shooter, even saying "F**k you CNN.  It wasn't me."  FYI ... CNN didn't post the pic -- it was iReportCNN, a user-generated forum.

NBC reported they may have gotten the name wrong because the shooter had an ID in his pocket that made them believe Ryan Lanza was the culprit. 

Law enforcement sources now tell AP the shooter is Ryan's brother, Adam.



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mrs. m    

My heart and prayers go to all of the children and adults who lost their lives, may God recieve you with open arms and hold you tight... R.I.P. :,((

646 days ago


My thoughts, prayers and love to the victims and their families. Such a horrific shame that should have never happened. If this s***bag wanted to commit suicide why didn't he just kill himself? Why do all numbnuts always have to kill others before taking their own life? Stupid, selfish and I hope he rots in hell for what he has done.

646 days ago


My prayers go out to them

646 days ago


OMG!! There is so much evil in this world that their has to be a God...... the devil is surely working!!!

646 days ago


Notice lately anything name Sandy is not good... I'm so changing my dog name!!!

646 days ago


My thoughts and prayers goes to the victims family's. God bless you's

646 days ago


Do you really think parents want their children's faces on TMZ??????? Please blur them this is disgusting and wrong on so many levels!!!!

646 days ago


Poor kids will probably be traumatize for years if they witness the shooting. government needs to give free counseling for them.

R.I.P. innocent children. My heart goes out to the families who lost loved ones in this tragedy.

646 days ago


please leave our children alone!!!!!!! F***ktards!!!!

646 days ago


This is a sad day. We are living in the last days. Way more horror to come. Jesus have mercy on us.

646 days ago


Wow, another shooting in an American school. What a shock! Maybe people could stop being so stupid about guns and get rid of them! But I bet what will happen next is you will want the teachers and students armed for their own protection, because the whole 'protection' excuse is going so well for you guys! Wish the shooter hadn't been killed, he deserves to be tortured...

646 days ago


What an a$$hole. How about, "I'm so incredibly sorry for all those devastated by what my brother did".

Nice classy response.

646 days ago


His Facebook page looks like he's got issues. He should be an inmate, not a guard, since he talks likes he's got some serious issues himself. I don't think these boys came from anything too normal.

646 days ago


Way to go TMZ.. the only things you've posted about this story is about the shooter. How about the victims, their families, and friends??

646 days ago


when you are dealing with the death of a lot of children ... you know what police can and do make mistakes.. about who did it.. they got the right family and then they had to track down all the family members who were still alive and go from there.. and you know what the press can make mistakes as well. i want to see a perfect person.. one who has never made any mistakes in the world and i will show you a lyre. because there is no perfect person... lay off the press.. there is a lot of parts the police and investigators have to put into place and the fact that its was soo many kids..who died. so very sad.. that young man is lucky his brother did not kill him cause you know what he could have real easy and then said that he was his brother.. and who would have known... something tells me that is what his brother may have done to throw the police off the trail of the real person.. makes the most sense..

646 days ago
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