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Hillary Clinton


Suffers Concussion

12/15/2012 6:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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1215_hilary-clinton_gettySecretary of State Hillary Clinton was ATTACKED ... by a nasty stomach virus ... which got so bad this week, she actually fainted and suffered a concussion from the fall.

The State Department issued a statement today explaining that Clinton is currently recovering at home with the help of her doctors after a case of extreme dehydration from a "stomach virus" caused her to pass out.

The Dept added that Clinton is under strict medical orders to work from home next week, but will remain in constant contact with her department officials at all times.

Enter Bill ... with the chicken soup.


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Be well, Ms Clinton. We need you back and healthy.

646 days ago


She has done enough for this Country she should just slow down and enjoy her retirement years.

646 days ago


Off all public figures, she must've aged the most. Someone get her a walker already; I don't even know if there are nursing homes on Pennsylvania Ave.

646 days ago

Wash. Hts. Girl    

Gee, how convenient, and she was just about to testify about Benghazi. More hi jinks (and low jinks) from this current faux administration. The dumbing down of AmeriKa continues.

646 days ago


What did she hit her head on, Joe Biden's teeth? I seriously doubt she has a concussion. State Department won't even release the date she fell. She is faking this to save her own enormous ass by not testifying before Congressional panels about Benghazi.

Hillary is a known liar, as was proven during the Clinton presidency when she testified about her law client records. She claimed to have no knowledge of there whereabouts; the records were later found in her WH bedroom.

This is just another tactic to bury the ugly truth about Benghazi. Hillary is an ugly, despicable and dishonest woman, perfect for doing Obama's dirty work.

646 days ago


Too old and sick for being president.

646 days ago


Feel better Hillary. Love & admire you soooo much.

646 days ago

That Pop Life..yeah..    

Speak easy..She's out next President.Get well Hillary and show the people you don't need a doctors note..

646 days ago

Camille Grace    

Sure she did,,, it's called hoodwink. She was to testify next week. Shameful. Her career is over.

646 days ago


She's fakin it so she gets out of testifing about her role in the Bengazi coverup. the clintons are lying cheating money grubing thieves, if its not about them, its not worth it.

646 days ago


BULL SH*T ! She is doing this to get out of testifying on Benghazi! Delay, delay, delay, stall, delay, stall, LIE!

646 days ago


Secretary of state Clinton faints, sustains concussion
Now she will not have to Testify.
I smell a cover up

646 days ago


Hmmm. Concussion. So this is the excuse for the Benghazi massacre that really didn't happen because our American consulate was murdered by movie critics instead of terriorists. Rice was not given the "right" information and Clinton won't be able to remember because of her "concussion". Transparency is not in the vocabulary of this administration.

646 days ago


She caught a whiff of her own gas.

646 days ago


The set-up to say she cannot remember what really occurred in Benghazi where our Ambassador and three others were murdered. I just cannot remember after I fell and got a concussion after I put off for months and months testifying because it is a cover -up and you all are falling for it. Poor Hillary's head. So phony and sickening. All are thespians in this charade.

646 days ago
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