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Jenni Rivera

Family OUTRAGED Over

Grisly Death Scene Footage

12/14/2012 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jenni Rivera
's family is DISGUSTED that crash scene video showing the gruesome remains of the Mexican singer has hit the Internet ... and now they want the scumbags responsible to be brought to justice ... TMZ has learned. 

As we reported, officials have already arrested two Mexican police officers, at least one of whom is believed to have leaked images of the crash scene to the media -- including shots of mangled body parts.

Additional leaked footage from the scene has spread like wildfire across the Internet -- showing more body parts ... including a severed foot with painted toenails.

The video hasn't been confirmed to be authentic -- but the Rivera family believes it's real based on the items shown in the video, as well as the remains.

Sources close to the Riveras tell TMZ, the family is appalled that anyone would even think about leaking something like that ... and they shudder to think that one of the first responders might be responsible.

We're told the severed foot was the most painful part to watch because "Jenni was very particular about her feet and toes."

Family sources tell us ... the Riveras are hoping to have all traces of the footage wiped from the web ... at least, as much as possible.

Rivera -- who sold over 20 million albums worldwide in her lifetime -- was only 43.


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Outraged? You`re just pissed that you didn`t obtain the video first.

645 days ago


Mexican news actually show footage of crime scenes and dead corpses. Its normal for them not like American news. God forbid we show a something.

645 days ago

bring back recent posts soon we forget about the images the world saw on's just the world we live in now..sad..but true...

645 days ago


Sorry She is not the only person or is she so special that the pictures can't be leaked. Blame everyone for her death. Pilot and owner of the plane must be broke. She is Dead no amount of money will bring her back.

645 days ago

Fools Rush In    

I can understand her family's revulsion, they are dealing with such searing grief of losing her so unexpectedly.
Based on what surfaces from drug cartel murders in Mexico and brutality of Assad regime in Syria, Jenni Rivera doesn't seem as graphic in comparison.
I hope at some point her family can take some comfort in knowing that while missing her is so painful, at least her death didn't cause her to suffer.
Most that see pictures or videos won't be taking some perverted pleasure but realizing she was a human that was lost and not just some "celebrity" that has no essence.
RIP Jenni

645 days ago


Of course her family is upset. I would not want to be remembered that way, either.

I can see publishing a few photos of the crash site, but not the severed body parts. The motive for the police was obviously greed. Most humans have 'morbid curiosity', but I wouldn't want to see that.

645 days ago


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645 days ago


They need to get over it...and just send her was a plane crash and made yes there would be pictures..thats what news media does....i just smell a family wanting money and a law suit coming.......a ploy to sue!

645 days ago


Humans do have a very dark side and this is getting worse, day by day. I believe we will need some kind of law which will request for the subject of a photo or video to sign before their photo or video is posted on the web or anywhere else. If the person is deceased, family members should be giving permission. These days, if you are sick on the side of the road or if your kid gets hit while riding her bicycle, someone will film the event with their cellphone and post it online. People will film anything just to get money or their 5 minutes of fame. Some kind of law to avoid this is urgent. If people knew they could get sued, this would not happen as often. There is no privacy anymore. I will ask one question...Google is mapping the whole earth, including your front door, your car, your kids in your front yard. What have you done ? Has anyone complained ? Not too many people. This is a flagrant invasion of privacy on a universal scale and Google gets away with it. I live in a rural area so my house has not been pictured yet. One day it will be, and I will ask Google to remove it from their database. People need to wake up, this is crazy.

645 days ago


i saw the footage alot of her clothes didnt burn so i thought it was fake until now because i saw her foot and somebody's fingers. dont watch it because u wont be able to get those images outta your head.

645 days ago


i saw the video, without warning, and they were filming a lot of debre and clothes, then they zoom in on the top half of a ladies foot. i can't imagine seeing that and knowing it was someone i was a cold heartless act.

645 days ago


So TMZ, in it's wisdom, decides to describe the whole body part thing further.

645 days ago


If its anyones business.....i have a foot fetish.

645 days ago


And why is that video still up. Its so disrespectful

645 days ago

Dennis Johnson    

That is just sick.............but people do this all the time.I don't like it or would I look at such a thing but people do.What a shame.I was a cobmat medic in the Vietnam war and have seen enought of this type of NO RESPECT FOR THE DEAD!

645 days ago
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