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Jill Kelley

I'm No Kardashian Hater!

12/17/2012 12:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1214_Jill-Kelley_kim_k_getty_tmzJill Kelley -- one of the women in the Gen. David Petraeus scandal -- claims she's been WRONGLY accused of trashing the Kardashian family ... in fact, sources say she actually likes 'em.

Kelley has been compared to the K-squad members after she was thrust into the global spotlight thanks to her role in the Petraeus nonsense ... simply because she's rich and hot.

There was a report that Kelley HATED the comparison ... and allegedly said it was the worst thing to come from the scandal.

But sources close to Kelley tell TMZ she never said any such thing. We're told Jill views the Ks as "beautiful and successful business women" whom she highly respects.

'Cause ya know ... that's the definition of reality TV ... RESPECT.


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A trash supporting a trash....pfft. enough of these talentless whores.

639 days ago

Kev the Realist    

Why wouldn't she be pissed if she was compared to the KRAPTRASHIANS. That is now the lowest form of an insult that I can imagine. They whore themselves out for any publicity they can get, collectively they don't have the intelligence of a gnat, and they set a horrible example for femails around the world. The world would be a much better place if the entire KrapTrashian family moved to a deserted island, witrh no modern conveniences. Then maybe we would be rid of them and their constant pandering.

639 days ago


I'd rather lay the wood on Jill than skanky Kim!

639 days ago


Patreasus mnonsense...your definition of a hooker having an affair?

639 days ago

FU TMZ    

Do we really need to know this government s l u t likes the Kardashian? Fat mike ur trying too hard for that kanye-kim wedding invite.

639 days ago


Jill Kelly has more class than the Kardashians. At least she isnt shopping around for reality tv show. Id be pissed too if someone compared me to the CASHdashians.

639 days ago


Hey TMZ d-bags, if Jill Kelley is so damn Rich and HOT how come she was screwing someone else's husband instead of getting her own? Yah, that's some HOT babe alright. She should go hang out with Leanne Rimes.

639 days ago


Well, I AM a Kardashian hater - and PROUD of it!

639 days ago


Who writes this crap-
You will write any kind of story to drag Kim the whore into the public view (check in the mail) cha ching
This Jill IS NOT RICH and not pretty and any one respect Kim has to be a little off. The woman did porn and then her mother SOLD IT and off to the races they go. They have taken the play book from Paris and mastered that. So they rich yes, respect NO WAY IN HELL. They make money by using sweat shop employees in the middle east that make pennies and they sell the product with there name on it for big money when it is a copy of some one else product. This family is the most corrupt family in the public eye in America and the most hated. The only reason TMZ promotes the ho is they make money off her.

639 days ago



639 days ago


She likes the kartrashians cause shes just like em.

639 days ago


The trashdashine lol there ok but there attention hoers

639 days ago


Funny how tmz is trying to put Kim in the action lol wow I mean my god give it a break....Kim is a world known D**k S**ker and that's how she got her name can we please move on now...

639 days ago


This just shows you how low Jill is at on the food chain of Hollyweird…she actually cares about not upsetting the kardashians...that doesnt even make her a D-Lister, she is not even on the alphabet

639 days ago


the silly narcissistic twit with extremely poor judgement that is Jill Kelley in NOT a celebrity, keep her off TMZ, she's disgusting

639 days ago
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