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Justin Bieber

Unloads Pet Hamster

On Screaming Fan

12/15/2012 6:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

121412_bieber_hamster_launch2Justin Bieber isn't gonna win pet owner of the year any time soon, because we found out he just dumped his pet hamster on an unsuspecting fan.

We got grainy footage shot Wednesday night after Jingle Ball at the Philips Arena -- showing Bieber walking up to a group of screaming fans and signing autographs. Then, suddenly, he handed his hamster cage to a girl in the crowd, declaring, "That's all you."

It's hard to make out much more because of all the screaming, but you can clearly hear Justin tell the girl, "You gotta take care of PAC."

The girl screams back, "I WILL TAKE CARE OF HIM!"

Funny ... PAC the hamster has his own Twitter account -- with over 40,000 followers -- and his last tweet was on Wednesday ... "ATL this is gonna be fun."

Poor guy never saw it comin' ...


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Pathetic -- what a bad example he is setting!

Don't get a pet unless you commit to taking care of it!

642 days ago

Sharon Reyna    

Firsy of all Justin isn't a bad pet owner u bitch. Its bcuz they didn't let PAC go on the plane

642 days ago


Good idea. I'm sure the fan will take good care of it knowing where it came from. If you're busy and cant't take care of your pet, give it to someone who can.

642 days ago


"This hamster smells like poo.."

642 days ago


You guys have a vote about something so trivial, my head just spun. That fan is going to cherish that damned hamster and we all know it! How the hell is he a bad pet owner for giving away a damned rodent to a fan?

642 days ago


Is it the hampster that Bieber shoves up his ass every weekend??

642 days ago


Damn come on people get it right, he wasn't allowed to bring it on the plane.

642 days ago


Yea, Justin could have done plenty of horrible things to get rid of the hamster. He also could have kept PAC in the family by giving it to one of his siblings. HE GAVE IT TO A FAN AND TOLD HER TO TAKE CARE OF IT FOR HIM. He made a little girls life. People all over the ****ing world kill their pets when they tire of them or sometimes they give them away when they can no longer care for them. At least he found his animal a home. All you retards are just being retarded and are trying to find something negative in any and everything this boy does. Good damn get lives people.

642 days ago


Bad Pet owner bad Singer and not too smart in life Put the Hamster your butt EH

642 days ago


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642 days ago


I hope the girl does take care of the hamster.. Justin wouldn't of had alot of time with his schedule to properly care for the animal..

Hope the pet is doing well!

642 days ago


being famous is not worth all the hate and jelousy from people who are angry because they made bad choices and their lives are miserable. he is a good kid, i would not be able to put up with all the(unjustified) hate ful treatment he receives. alot of people are wishing he would mess up his life and fail. simply because they did. he was being nice to give the hamster to the girl, but anything he does, brings out the losers, to try and discredit him. now go ahead and attack my comment, it will make you feel better and maybe let someone else have a break from your hate.

642 days ago


I bet that hamster smells like doodoo, you know why.

642 days ago


The girl will probably kill the hamster and have it stuffed so she can have it forever just to tell people that bieber gave it to her. His "fans" have proven that they are all bats$hit crazy.

642 days ago


If it was Bieber's, we all know where the hamster has been.

642 days ago
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