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Lindsay Lohan

Dear Charlie, Sorry I Never

Said Thanks for the $100k

12/15/2012 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1215_charlie_sheen_lindsay_tmzcomposite2Lindsay Lohan sent a belated "thank you" card and flowers to casa de Charlie Sheen for that $100k check he gave her -- this just days after he called her out for being ungrateful.

You'll recall ... Charlie did an interview this week and put LiLo's manners on blast, claiming the actress never actually thanked him for the money he gave her. Not a text, not a phone call ... nothing.

Now sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ ... LiLo didn't mean to be rude and the reason she never got around to thanking Charlie personally is because her phone broke and she lost all her contacts  -- including the actor's number.

Besides that, we're told Lindsay got distracted trying to deal with her slew of legal problems -- like getting arrested in NYC and the new criminal charges filed against her stemming from her PCH crash -- and she simply lost track of time.

But she made up for it ... we're told LiLo saw Charlie's comments and immediately fired off a "thank you" letter and a bouquet of flowers to his house ... as both an apology and show of gratitude.

Usually the best way to thank Charlie is with hookers, but flowers are nice too.


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I really want to heal why she is likeable

674 days ago


That girl's got an excuse for everything. It's tiresome

674 days ago


Bullies ... Bullies ... Bullies .... All the TMZ LILO bully bashers are out again in force with nothing else to do but name calling and being their typical bullying basher ways. What a waste of life. BULLIES. How does it feel to grow up to be a Tmz bully? Amazing. If you tried this in a high school they'd throw your sorry butts in jail.

674 days ago


STERLINGGUYS - Expain it to us. Why do you find LIndsay Lohan 'loveable'? (Your quote: "Love ya lilo"
I'm just trying to figure out why. What is there to love? Enlighten us.

674 days ago


Funny how chronic liars always have an excuse for not doing the right thing, or the safe thing, or the sober thing, or the responsible thing.

It's ALWAYS someone else's fault that their life is in ruins. In Lindsay's case, she has A LOT of help from her parents in being dishonest and irresponsible.

The sad thing is that at some point, she's just going to be a wizzened, prematurely aged lush whose ill health can't be covered with makeup (now).

And then her story will be how she reforms and relapses... ad infinitum. And she and her parents and siblings and friends will keep getting paid to report on her reformations and relapses.

It figures that another hopeless addict like Charlie is the one to help her. He ought to know what it means to be ungrateful to your supporters, after all, he keeps wanting to do violence to the mothers of his children.

674 days ago

John Galt    

A thank you BJ is never too late.

674 days ago

buzz kill    

My phone broke! Thats right up there with the dog ate my homework. What an ungratefull b*tch, she must be primming Charlie for a new loan.
"Sorry Charlie I was to busy partying and having a good time to thank you sooner, here are some flowers"
She probably ripped off the flowers from someones funeral.

674 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Ernie, how is making honest observations being a bully? Especially when you yourself have said some of the same things about Lindsay?

674 days ago

Chief Gall    

quickly in.....
Many, many, many humans like and admire Lindsay Lohan. Here's one example of the many, many, many.......
David Gregory ✔@davidgregory 20 Nov 12 I enjoyed meeting Lindsay Lohan. She was very interested in talking about politics and foreign policy #tonightshow
quickly out..................

674 days ago


What an ungrateful, self-centered, entitled little ..... Too little, too late. To bad she didn't save 20 thou for the storage locker rent. I bet Charlie won't be helping her out again EVER!

674 days ago


Her phone broke??Did she punch it or pee on it?

674 days ago

ketjo answer your question......the fans on here are family .........that's why .........and Lindsay herself....
just pick out the nastiest one and you will figure it out.......its all Lohan Inc that's all that's left....
SterlingGuy ......Ernie.......Help....Delmar....all attached to family.....Lohan Inc....
I don't hate her......You have to love someone first to in turn hate her......No I despies her and everything she stands for ....Lohan inc....
A century ago they would be riding in a wagon going from town to town grifting and conning, stealing and whoring in their fake medicine shows and tent they just us planes ....

674 days ago


chief Gall is a fake...

674 days ago


Did Lindsey say "Say Charlie, could you folk over another hundred grand"?

674 days ago


Less excuses, Lindsay - more doing what's right.

674 days ago
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