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Sandy Hook Massacre

You Be the Judge

12/15/2012 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1214_school_shootings_article_pollThe horrific shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut has put some fundamental issues in rack focus. So we gotta ask ...


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Sad that even in the wake of this tragedy some people still can't recognize that guns make shi!t worse. Nobody is arguing that no deaths will occur is gun control happens; what we're saying is that fewer people will be killed. And that's a fact, Jack.

645 days ago


The 2nd amendment is REALLY out of touch with modern society.

Give it up

Dont let panic mongers like Alex Jones coax you into thinking 'The Globalists' want your guns.

645 days ago


TMZ this is totally outside the scope of your site. Your function is to show, through words and pictures, what is going on in the "celebrity" world and to elicit responses from those who connect to your site. This topic should be covered under world news, not TMZ. Thie questions you have posed are ludicrous.

645 days ago

BB not bb    

To say that the higher homicide rate in the USA is due to the freedom to own guns is a non sequiter. The USA also has a higher infant mortality rate but no one is shooting the babies in the hospitals. It is just a society more prone to violence, neglect and mayhem in general. What percentage of the homicides are caused by guns and what percentage are caused by other means? That would be a necessary fact to look at as well when people just start throwing around homoicide statistics.

Guns are a given fact of modern society just as drugs are. Banning drugs hasn't curtailed drug use but has allowed it to run rampant. Will banning guns suddenly make guns disappear? Will criminals not have access to the illegal guns they use? The people who will be without the guns will be the ones who are getting them lawfully.

I don't even personally like guns or care for it as a mode of social control, but without guns, we will be at the mercy of any standing army with guns. Taking this one bizarre incident and saying it points to the need to rework our whole school and governmental systems is foolish hysteria.

Something weird happened here but more government control is not the answer. It is the creepiest feeling being searched and inspected like a criminal every time you go to a school which is supposed to be full of children laughing and playing and free to grow and learn.

Militarizing our society is not the answer. Taking away more rights is not the answer.

645 days ago

BB not bb    

This is like when one kid is bad in school so the whole class gets punished. Peer pressure is used to control the society. If one person misuses a gun, guns are taken away from everyone. This type of method of social control was used in the concentration camps. Nazis would punish whole barracks for one person who was out of order.

People are being mind manipulated to accept this treatment as just and moral when all that is really happening are rights are being taken away.

Right away, everyone just runs looking for a scapegoat. They blame some innocent man in NJ named Ryan Lanza and harrass his family. Then they blame everyone who owns guns or sells guns. This is stupid. Guns don't control your mind and make you want to kill people or cause someone to drive people to want to kill others. Someone or something caused this kid to want to kill, but it wasn't a gun.

Murder was not suddenlly a reality after the invention of guns. It has been around since the beginning.

645 days ago


Tests are fine and all, but they do nothing when you also look at the NFL, where players fake their baseline concussion tests so they'll be more likely to be cleared in the event of a real concussion test. Or how drivers routinely pass driving exams, yet still get behind the wheel drunk.
In other words, current standards are unacceptable if what we want to prevent keeps occurring.

645 days ago

Fat Mike    

Watch the gun nuts hijack this poll like they did recently, when the last mass murder happened in Aurora. At the moment it's 72%-28% in favor of banning assault weapons. Check back in about 12 hours and see the difference. I guess the freaks on the NRA disacussion boards haven't put up the link to this poll yet.

645 days ago


a mental test would have done no good in this situation.the guns belonged to his mother.also is it really worse now than it was back in the day? with more cable news stations and internet things reach a wider group of people.the texas clock tower tragedy happened back in the day as well

645 days ago

Fat Mike    

A look at the huge drop in murder and suicide rates after guns were banned in Australia is proof that it works

645 days ago


heroin,crack,meth ect are illegal.that keeps people from using it doesnt it..o wait

645 days ago

BB not bb    

America is a country that was birthed in revolution which is war and violence. It is a part of the fabric of the nation to follow the sentiment of "Give me Liberty or Give me death.". Then to take the ability to fight away from people while others in the same nation still have it is just returning to the totalitarian mentality that America was supposed to have wrested itself from.

You are not safer from being made weaker. The more people accept this, the more America as powerful and protected nation will be destroyed. America has disarmed most of its nukes in the name of world peace and safety, while Russia and now even the Muslim naitons such as Iran and increasing their supply. This just spells more threat to America, unless Americans would prefer living in a communist Islamic fascist society.

There will always be violence in this world and guns are a deterrent to that. People can be passive agressive all they want and feel self righteous and morally superior over it all they want, but they are really just the means by which those with the will to use actual violence can have their free rein to do so.

People celebrate the fourth of July with what, fireworks becaue they represent the bombs bursting in air of the American revolution. They don't celebrate Independance Day with tea and crumpets. Not even the pacifist hypocrites do that.

645 days ago


maybe this is TMZ evolution, the topic itself works to "elicit responses from those who connect to your site."

645 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

maybe if people knew how to treat others, they could save all the security measures, leading to more mistrust and overall discomfort. or maybe this was just another jealous freak who wanted to show the world...

645 days ago


Half your silly questions are predicated on the 2nd Ammendment which should be abolished!! You Americans can't see the forest for the trees!!

When the 2nd constitutional amendment was enacted over 200 years ago, the United States was as different place. At that time there was tremendous fear of government tyranny, invasion, insurrection, and guns were required for defense and the protection of one’s family. Back then the United States did not have a particularly stable government, a unified military force, or city and state law enforcement organizations, as they do today. Today the United States is a very different place with an established democracy, complete independence, excellent law enforcement organizations, a strong military presence and no particular fear of foreign invasion (thanks to an arsenal of enough nuclear weapons to disintegrate the planet). So why then is the right to bear arms so important, today? Why do some Americans cling to this with such desperation? Does someone really need multiple automatic weapons to protect their family these days? Isn’t that what 911 is for. Given this recent tragedy, one of numerous tragic multiple shootings in the United States, I would ask my American friends to consider whether or not every American really needs the right to bear arms in the year 2012.

645 days ago


all i see is them being used to exact revenge.I keep hearing everyone wanting a gun to protect themselves but

645 days ago
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