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Sandy Hook Massacre

You Be the Judge

12/15/2012 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1214_school_shootings_article_pollThe horrific shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut has put some fundamental issues in rack focus. So we gotta ask ...


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The guns belonged to his mother, not him.

678 days ago


I think getting a gun should be harder, but it shouldn't be banned. There are cases of potential rape victims pulling guns out on their potential rapists and either shooting them or scaring them away. In states with concealed carry many bad guys think 2x about attacking someone out of fear they have a gun and how would gun control help victims like Jean Bonnet Ramsey, Nicole Brown Simpson, the 20some Chinese students attacked the same day this shooting happened? None of those high profile attacks/deaths were caused by guns. in 2 cases a knife was used. So, what next? Ban knives? certain types of knives? all knives?

678 days ago


What sort of person hunts with an ak-47 OR ar-15?

678 days ago

BB not bb    

People want to ban guns to stop the proverbial bad guys, but the guys doing the killing were basically good kids, good students, never in trouble, never suspected of wanting to do such things. Maybe it is the good guys that people need to worry about, people who are so trusting that they can be manipulated to doing the work of those who wish to gain more power.

678 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

As a former public school teacher who now teaches at college, I have been surprised and impressed by how much BETTER educated home schooled students are than public schooled students. Based upon the poll results here, I felt it necessary to share that information.

678 days ago


Guns are a tool. And end to the means. I've never seen any of the 17 that I own jump up on their own and just start randomly firing off rounds. Guns do NOT kill people. The person using the gun, the one who pulls the trigger, THAT is who the killer is. The gun was simply the tool they chose to use.

The man that chose to take the lives of not only his own mother but her students and others was just 20 years old. It was clearly stated on the news that the weapons were in his mothers name and belonged to her. Which means he STOLE them. He did not get them legally.

Do you guys know that less that 2% of people who legally own a gun use it in a crime.

98% of all gun crimes are committed by a person who has illegally obtained the weapon.

Don't blame and punish those of us that are responsible gun owners for the sins of the guilty.

You can't use laws to control gun crimes. Criminals don't abide by laws. The laws will only apply to those who will abide by them, the RESPONSIBLE gun owners.

Drinking and driving is against the law, but people still do it. Speeding is against the law but people still do it. Stealing is against the law but people still do it.

The fact of the matter is, it doesn't matter how many laws you create, there will ALWAYS be crime. There will always be people out there who will do whatever they want no matter how wrong it is!

You don't see it being made illegal to drive because of drunk drivers. why should it be harder to legally own a gun because of a criminal who chose to use one for malice?

678 days ago


I'm so sick and tired of all this "for the children" crap. They are as replaceable a commodity as a puppy or a parrot.

678 days ago


What happened was that Obama, the democrats AND republicans in the house and senate cut the funding for mental health services.
They shipped out the jobs so parents of mentally ill kids could not keep their kids on their meds.
They cut medicare so that the mentally ill adults could not get their meds. They cut the funding for the qualified social workers who could have warned someone earlier if they weren't so overworked and underpaid. They cut funding for special ed teachers and counselors.
They cut the funding to keep locked mental health facilities open for the truly unmanageable patients.
We always have billions in tax dollars to fight overseas but never any money to fix problems here.
If a person is mentally ill they can make a weapon out of anything. Gun control will not stop a truly mentally ill person from acquiring guns.

678 days ago


Some one who passes sane could always lose it later on. This also just gives the Gov. more control over our rights. And for those who say guns should be illegal, please tell me how drugs being illegal has stopped drug use. An unarmed person is a sitting duck. Maybe if some of the teachers carried and were allowed to carry in school the outcome would have been completely different or more different than how this horrible tragic event turned out.

678 days ago


Anyone who thinks blaming the guns and adding more restrictions is stupid since he STOLE THE GUNS FROM HIS SANE LAW-ABIDING MOM THEN KILLED HER. Crazy people are the X factor you can never control in crime.

678 days ago

Glen from Canada    

Congratulations America. The Second Amendment, Killing innocents since 1776

678 days ago


If the media is going to make guns the cause of this massacre. Why not Alcohol and DUI drivers too. DUI drivers kill 27 people everyday. Why don't we have a 10 day waiting period and need to take a test to by a bottle of alcohol. Seems to me alcohol(GUN) and a car(BULLETS) do the same thing. These people that do these horrible things have mental issues. They use a tool accessible to them to carry out there pre-meditated plans.

678 days ago


Just wait until that TOTAL WASTE OF SPACE Fred Phelps shows up to picket the funerals of 20 children, because "God hates homosexuals!" Mark my words...that POS will involve himself in this.

678 days ago


31 percent of you effing idiots think assault weapons are your right! What a collection of idiots. Americans need to stop being so fricking stupid. Children are being shot people!!!! No one needs an assault weapon!!!

678 days ago


Rob, you are an idiot. You are a transcendent moron. You are so spectacularly stupid I am without adequate words. Even if we accept your argument, what you are saying is that Americans are way way way more mentally ill than the rest of the world, because Americans are the only ones killing their children and shooting up movie theatres and malls. Holy sheet dude.

678 days ago
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