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Sandy Hook Massacre

You Be the Judge

12/15/2012 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1214_school_shootings_article_pollThe horrific shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut has put some fundamental issues in rack focus. So we gotta ask ...


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It may be OK for TMZ to have this poll? I just don't think it's the right time. It's to soon!

642 days ago


Answers to poll questions:

Are public schools safe? Depends on the location. No one could predict crazy person doing this here at this small school. Certain schools in certain areas however have constant violence.

All schools should have metal detectors. No. Some in certain proven high violence areas, certainly. You can't make a one case fits all decision based on isolated incidents like this. Not to mention it would not have mattered in this case anyway, he came in threw a window. Is a crazed gunman going to stop at a metal detector because a red light goes off?

All schools should have armed guns? Of course not. Again, you cannot make sweeping actions based on single crazed gunmans. If so, we'll have armed guards at every movie theater, at every mall entrance, at every school, at every workplace, at every post office, at every university building, etc. (everywhere we've had a lone crazed gunman). You might could make the case - similar to airline pilots, have a locked up gun in the principals office and provide them with basic training. If that existed in this case, this could have been stopped within the first few minutes as the principal tried to stop the person when they first came in but unarmed.

I'm now afraid to have kids. What kind of question is that?

Mental tests for gun owners? Wouldn't have mattered here as he stole the guns from his mom. In general, you'd have to change some major HIPPA rules there for a gun seller to have access to medical records.

Ban assault weapons. That's a separate argument that doesn't have anything to do with this incident. No assault weapons used here - just a couple of handguns.

Also this week some crazy dude in China stabbed 20 something children with a knife at a school. I think in general, the question is how do you keep crazy people from doing crazy things in society like this - whether it's with knives, guns, chemical explosions, poison, etc.

The sad answer is I don't think you can absolutely protect against this. There have always been crazed lunatics and always will be - their weapons of choice can change, but we can't live in a society where we have armed guards, metal detectors and have to remove our shoes and get searched at every public building and workplace in the country.

642 days ago


Here in Europe we have twice the population of the US and why don't we have a gun/massacre problem? When was the last time that sb shooted in a school here in Europe? I cant remember, because you cant buy guns easily here. I dont know any person in my neighboorhood who has a gun, cause having a gun would be weird and is dangerous. Our school dont have any guards or fences, everybody could walk in. Getting a gun is so hard that a lot of robberies take place with fake guns, knives or pepper spray, so it is safer for everyone. When I hear that poeple in the US demand guarded schools or armed teachers, I cant believe that, its getting just worser in the US. Guns schould be banned for the 'normal' public, unless you really need a gun (police, security, hunting etc.) I think the US should take Europe as an example. Greetings from Germany. BTW in Europe a lot of people dont beleive in God, this violence problem does not depent on religion or believes. Europe ist a very safe place and liberal in many ways. Walking topless or drinking with 16 years old is no problem here.

642 days ago


People can buy guns early in life and may not have any mental issues. The only way we can stop this is require Mental Health screenings. Another option Doctors who see issues can send info to the National Rife association of DEA,

642 days ago


Here in Europe we have twice the population of the USA and when was it the last time that somebody killed a lot of people here in Europe or even in a school? Must have been a while. Schools in Europe are safe and we (depends on the country) don't have any fences or guards around schools, everybody could walk in! Why don't we have such massacre/gun problems? The anwer is simple. Guns are not easy to get here and you need a good reason to buy a gun. I dont know anybody who has a gun in my neigborhood, because this would be weird to have a gun at home. I think in the US it is common to have a gun and thats the problem. You can walk topless here in Europe and there are less law restrictions. If you are a criminal in Europe you go hardly to prison, cause the law is not that strict like in the US. A lot of people don't even beleive in God. So this gun voilence doesn't depend on religion or believes. People would call the police in Europe if sb would carry a gun in public. In the US ist the opposite! Topless is more dangerous than guns. Thats crazy. Europe is very liberal and I think thats the solution for a better country! The US should take europe as an example. Regards from Germany.

642 days ago


it must be said; white people should not have guns;

642 days ago


TMZ I need to correct you. It was 20 children and 6 adults not 20 adults and 6 children.

642 days ago


Most of you people saying to ban guns to bad people from getting guns are the same people who say we should legalize drugs because making something illegal can't stop people from getting something. Think past the end of your nose. Connecticut has the fourth strictest gun laws in the country. The school was a "gun free zone." He stole the weapons from his mother. I know we all want to DO something but emotional overreacting is not the way. What we really need to do, is make it possible to commit mentally ill adults to mental hospitals against their will. Something the ACLU made impossible starting in the 1950's. Thanks ACLU!

642 days ago


please take down the picture..its showing terrified innocent children..if you have any class at all you will delete this photo

642 days ago


How Rock N Roll.. can save America.

Noone challanges authority any more.

We see great wrongs being done in our country and the few that have the balls to complain are
never heard.

we all stay in our littel boxs and arent bold enough
to push for changes.

Most the changes that need to be made were allready in place when our founders wrote the constuion. we have gottn so far away from the vaules that our coutnry was bulit on I dont
see any way back. why beaucse noone even protest
anything any more were all too afraid.,and we lack conviction.
If you had any dought if our country was going to hell in a hand bascet I think this last Friday everyone got the memo that it dffently is.
who is going to do anything about it?
Back in the days of Rock n roll if you wanted to see your favoriet band nothing could stop you even if it meant breaking a few rules.
Going agaisnt the grain for what you belived in.
we need a rock n roll sprit of conviction that we well come up agaisnt with- out fear the eveil that is
soaking our country with indffrence to where
we are going.We are all going to Hell.
All we do is complain about the corruption and the
back- wards ways of our goverment but noone does anyting to change it.
We need amreicans to ogranzie ourselfs far greater than the speical intrest groups and push for changes.We need peopel to camp out on the door steps of the white house and not leave until
they get the message we dont like the direction our coutnry is going. Keep up the pressure until the chnages are made and things improve things well only get worse.We are getting OVER Taxed by the goverment and then not reciveing the serivces we are paying for.If 80% of americans said hey Im not paying my Taxs this year until I get the serivces Im paying for they would take notice if loseing money.
Theonly thing that talks is money.
Deprive the cooks of the funds and they well step it up. Our country needs so much improvement
that it realy wel take a movemnt of great messure to foster change. we need change.
Our schools are a joke any more and why shoudl kids have to pay anything at all for school lunchs when we pay enough taxs to cover that.
As afar as schools having to pay for thier own secutity systems they shoudlnt have to the goverment could do that.
If our tax money wasnt highjaked by crooks we could all have free helath care. Just the money we give away to fogien countrys would be enough to pay for better schools and health care and jobs.
We have been givng away the farm for so long theres not much left at all for the people who are paying for our goverment. If our goverment wont give the schools and hostpitals the money they need they need to at least have some sort of free mental helath care for everyone. so that these crazy peole who are doing the killings might walk in for help befor comminting these horrible mass murders.If americasn would expct more for what they are paying for they would get more but we expect less and less every year and we get less and less. Dont let these babys die in vain.
Decide now to do something singa***ant to improve our country befor we all are ashamed to call ourselfs Americans.
The 666 has brought us all to our knees.
Its time to get up and fight the eveil.
Not just say oh thats too bad,
any moran can tweet or post, but it takes intergity to break the rules sometimes. Let your voice be heard and your convitions known.
If america even has any any more.
When we let specill intrest groups take God out of our country we ripped the soul right of America.
A once God fearing nation is now just a feraring nation. Its a sad day when we have to say that.
Bring back rock n roll and the sprit of America back.
Gods speed to the town of newtown.

642 days ago

Miley is a whore    

only psychos own guns

642 days ago

tony gee    

The mother loves guns and taught her children to shoot since they were little. It was a lifestyle.

"He who lives by the sword will die of the sword."
Use substitution.

642 days ago


ONE CRAZY PERSON. ONE SCHOOL INCIDENT. HALF of you want armed guards at school now? HALF of you are nutty and are contributing to the nuttyness of society and don't have a freakin clue. I do not fear for my 8 year old at school now.

642 days ago


if you are going to Ban assault weapons, you might as well BAN McDonalds for making you fat,, while you are at it Ban all forks,, cause that is what you use to stuff your face. People Guns did not kill those poor kids,, the idiot carrying it did..
My prayers go out to all the families.

642 days ago


Paranoid freaks. Let's do some simple math. We are using plane crashes as an example. EVERY day thousands of planes fly the skies. How often does one crash. OK..Now lets think about how many elementary schools exist and how often this has happened. GET A GRIP PEOPLE! God rest the souls who did this. The rest of ya, stop making it about YOU!

642 days ago
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