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SJP's Makeup Artist

I Didn't Steal Anything ...


12/15/2012 1:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1215_sjp_makeup_artistSarah Jessica Parker's makeup artist -- who was busted in Norway for allegedly stealing sunglasses -- is telling friends she didn't steal JACK ... and the whole incident was set up so airport authorities could shake her down for a bribe.

Leslie Lopez is telling friends she was shocked when authorities randomly questioned her at the Oslo Airport gate on Wednesday. We're told they asked permission to search her bag (which she allowed) and that's when they told her they found a pair stolen sunglasses and accused her of shoplifting.

We're told authorities accused then demanded she cough up a $1400 fine or else. Our sources say Lopez only had $700 in cash and offered that in an attempt to put the situation to rest. After some teeth pulling, we're told they agreed.

We're told Lopez believes the fact that her "fine" was negotiable proves it was a set up.

Lopez is also telling friends she had spent TONS of money on expensive goods from other airport stores before the "sunglasses incident" and claims to have the receipts (including one for lipstick she allegedly also stole) ... so why would she need to steal sunglasses?

Sounds like a good question for Winona.


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Haha, Im from Norway that idiot was shoplifting. The police here are not "shaking her down"... You get a FINE for shopliftong. 8000 NOK, but sometimes, if u cooperate n **** for stuff u only get fined for. they can cut it in half, or accept cash if you offer, they just have to check with their superior. Out police force doesnt have to daily deal with stabbings and murder and stuff like that. We're almost 5 million people in ALL of Norway.
They dont have to fear for their lives everytime they go to work, so they cut people some slack in special sir***stances.

Lol. Making the Norwegian police seem corrupt. Shame on you.

646 days ago


up to I saw the receipt for $9945, I didn't believe brother woz like truley earning money part-time from their laptop.. there friends cousin started doing this 4 only about eight months and recently paid for the dept on there home and got a great new Lancia Straton. this is where I went,

646 days ago


Has anyone been to norway? Have been a few times, husband goes monthly, most honest friendly trusting people I have ever met. Also do you seriously think they would know or care about sip/her makeup artist? They do value honesty, and she seems to be less than(honest) Plenty of wealthy oslo people pass thru that somewhat small airport daily, and only a few shops so she could not have been dropping lots of cash there except for the fact that everything is ungodly expensive there. Nice try at a spin tho...

645 days ago


I guess she was framed when she was filmed in a store two days earlier to, stealing lipstick?

645 days ago


Norway is rated one of the LEAST CORRUPT countries in the world according to the World Transparency Index. Face it, you got caught, now stop lying!

645 days ago



Well, you picked the wrong country to lie about corruption lady. One of the few countries in the world with very low corruption. What a ***

Kisses from Oslo, Norway.

645 days ago


Can someone "over the dam" give this girl/woman a REALITY CHECK please ? This is Norway we're talking about, not Dagestand or some 3rd world country known to have corrupt police!

As a Norwegian myself - I do not recongnize the attitude she is saying the norwegian police had - Nor are they corrupt!

She got caught, now grow a pair and admit it instead of trying to put others in unecessary bad situations.

645 days ago


I was in Norway this summer, and lost my wallet in my seat at the airport. When I realized I had lost it, I went back to search for it, but no...
After a few minutes I was called on the loudspeakers to go to the SAS ticket office. There was a tall blond norwegian waiting for me - with my wallet. He had found it on my seat.
That's how norwegians are!! Love 'em! <3

645 days ago


Yeah right, Norway is among the least corrupt countries in the world, according to the world transparency report. Pinocchio-complex much?

645 days ago


The same women was also catch stealing in a make up shop in Oslo on last Monday.

645 days ago

Oyvind Vonholm    

What a ridiculous lying cheat. She has even been caught on tape in a cosmetics shop in Oslo, nipping several items. She should be put in a rehab program.

And whilst we are at it, stop sending us faded Hollywoodies for what was originally a good cause.

645 days ago


Sorry, but cops in Norway are NOT for sale! Where does she think she has been? Albania? Russia?? This is funny! The "poor lady" really needs to see a shrink for her problems. Unbelievable!!

645 days ago

Tor Mouge    

Bribe my @ss. It is common for petty theft that you pay the fine on the spot. If you do not agree with the fine and deny any wrong doings a court day will be set and you will have to appere infront of a jugde to challenge the claim. ( like in most countries i imagine) Even in corrupt countries like the US or Mexico no cop would be dumb enough to accept a bribe infront of newscrews and paparazzies in a busy airport. When i first read about this ridiculus claim i laughed thinking who would be stupid enough to belive this lying thieving bitch. Reading some of the comments here im beginning understand just how dumb some people are.

645 days ago


Yeah Sure.....
She probably do not know the rating at the transparancy ratings about Norwegian Police.... stated before...Where is the recipe on the glasses...
That shouldn't be a problem ...IF you did buy them...
Lying mooron...

645 days ago


Funny how she told police in Oslo that she had left the glasses in the basket and forgot to pay for them? This woman is lying through her teeth! They would never stop a person unless they had good reason to. This is just stupid! She needs to just come to terms with the fact that she was busted!

645 days ago
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