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CT Shooter Adam Lanza

Learned How to Fire Guns

... From His Mom

12/16/2012 12:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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1216_adam_lanza_mom_abcMass murderer Adam Lanza learned everything he knew about firearms ... from his mother.

Adam's mom, Nancy Lanza -- who was Adam's first victim -- was an avid gun collector who reportedly bragged to friends and neighbors about her weapons and took her son to several firing ranges to teach him how to shoot ... in the months leading up to his deadly assault.

One of Nancy's neighbors, Dan Holmes, told the NY Post ... Nancy was a gun enthusiast ... an avid collector ... often taking her kids to the gun range, infusing them with her obsession with firearms.

Adam used several different guns when he opened fire on Sandy Hook Elementary school earlier this week ... all of which were registered to his mother.


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Do your writers know what the word "bragged" means?! It's has a negative connotation, you idiots, something entirely different than simply discussing her gun hobby with people! (I personally hate guns, but this woman was most likely a responsible gun owner. She has guns in the home. Why wouldn't she want her children to know how to safely and correctly shoot them? Do you think she knew her child would go on a shooting rampage and take innocent lives? NO!)

I have family in Newtown and know people who lost children.Please have some respect for the dead and stop posting polls and making the deceased mother sound bad...she didn't pull the trigger. I wish you guys wouldn't touch actual news and leave your ****ty writing skills to stories about stupid celebrities.

645 days ago


Wow... But please don't say anything about the NRA if you want to keep your job.

645 days ago


this article is terrible. when will the media learn to stop idolizing monsters like this young man? they shouldn't say his name, shouldn't report who he was, what he was interested in, or any part of his life. that is treating him like a person. he is not a person, he is a monster. i dont care what his name was, his interests or who taught him what. he did this horrible thing for exactly that recognition. this is basically praising what he did. stop talking about the monster that did this, he doesn't deserve to be spoken about.

645 days ago


Stupidity is a understatement for most of you. guns don't have a automated voice saying "shoot me lets kill some people today" and seeing someone shoot a gun doesn't automatically put a body front of it.

645 days ago

Ozzie X    

Mother of the Year. She knew her kid was mentally challenged and she and others paid the ultimate price for her stupidity.

645 days ago


I am all for our right to bear arms. But any argument against semi or fully automatic guns is asinine. Living in the south, I know several dedicated hunters. They do not use autos to kill game. They brag when accomplish learning how to use a bow to kill game. Also, as a parent of a four year old and a 3 month old, my husband and I keep all our firearms locked in a gunsafe that can be opened by combination only. And when our 4 year old watches daddy target practice, he is constantly being told about gun safety. It is not our place to say it was the mother's fault. Who knows what was running thru his head or hers bc they are both no longer here to tell us any answers to the many unanswered questions that I and many more have. This is a senseless and tragic time in our world. Yes, gun control needs to be revised. But that will never keep guns out of the hands of criminals, just the same as illegal drugs. We should concentrate our minds toward giving our love, prayers and condolences to all involved in this tragedy. May God bless them and us all during this scary time!

645 days ago


Just one more statistic of firearms in a home being used to kill or injure someone close to them ...
rather than protecting their family from "an intruder" - the typical reason given as to why guns are kept in a home to begin with.

645 days ago


This quote from that page has really got me thinking: "Richard Novia, the school district's head of security until 2008, who also served as adviser for the high school technology club, of which Lanza was a member, said he clearly "had some disabilities."

"If that boy would've burned himself, he would not have known it or felt it physically," Novia said in a phone interview. "It was my job to pay close attention to that."

If this guy had no sense of touch or feeling, this would really cut him off from everyone.
I believe that the ability to feel is probably the sense most responsible for building empathy

This combined with other disabilities he had were a bad mixture. I've heard Asperger's and Schizophrenia.

If he was also tormented as a child, no telling what kind of rensentments he harbored.

I'm just trying to figure out why he did what he did
And why a grade school and why children.

645 days ago


So what, my dad taught me how to shoot, I taught my fiancées son how to shoot. I am sick and tried of the media exploiting anything they can get their hands on. Yes, the guy opened fire in a school, yes, his savagely killed innocent people, and cowardly took his own life. I have a hand gun, and i am proud gun owner. And before you all start telling me that it makes me a wacko for having a gun..... my father was murdered by a cop and then took his own life. Would I snap and take out a crowd of innocent people, F*CK NO! I believe anyone that wants a weapon should have to go through a psych eval, and a month long training course, and extensive background to check to see if they have been on any meds, and possibly ask friends and family about their mental state. I believe it is my right to own a weapon, but I do feel that people need to have a deeper background check done.

645 days ago


its like teaching a kid to blow up a bomb..what do u expect him to do when they rage?

645 days ago


Why are you not including such piece of info that the kid was mentally sick? A middle class suburban woman is interested in weapons such as a Bushmaster rifle, goes out collects such weapons (five), and takes her mentally disturbed/unstable underage son for target practice. The fact that this particular kid had a stockpile of assault weapons in his home, and that his mother taught him how to shoot to kill, shows me there's no way that woman was healthy either. There should be no guns sold to mentally sick people.

645 days ago


She wasn't obsessed with firearms. I have more than her and I am not obsessed. It's what she taught them they were for. And I doubt she taught him they were for killing little kids. They were just tools to protect herself from anything from an animal, a rapist, to the government. My sister and I were taught years ago about firearms and we have no will to kill any 20 children. We need to focus onw hat did this - not the tool but the person. He would have found a way to do this no matter what. Just like a crack head will find crack even though it is ILLEGAL. Only a GUN would have stopped this guy. No fire-drill, being nice, or banning any type of gun would have stopped this trash of a person.

645 days ago


For those who loved to put hate.THE MOTHER IS A WACKO,She was stock piling guns and food because she believed a economic collapse was comming.

645 days ago


Mom didn't need that many nor those types of guns for "protection"-she knowingly took her unstable son to a shooting range and allowed him hours upon hours of playing violent video games-she's just as responsible

645 days ago


You know whats a smart idea? Teaching a mentally disturbed person how to shot guns!

645 days ago
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