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CT Shooter Adam Lanza

Learned How to Fire Guns

... From His Mom

12/16/2012 12:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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1216_adam_lanza_mom_abcMass murderer Adam Lanza learned everything he knew about firearms ... from his mother.

Adam's mom, Nancy Lanza -- who was Adam's first victim -- was an avid gun collector who reportedly bragged to friends and neighbors about her weapons and took her son to several firing ranges to teach him how to shoot ... in the months leading up to his deadly assault.

One of Nancy's neighbors, Dan Holmes, told the NY Post ... Nancy was a gun enthusiast ... an avid collector ... often taking her kids to the gun range, infusing them with her obsession with firearms.

Adam used several different guns when he opened fire on Sandy Hook Elementary school earlier this week ... all of which were registered to his mother.


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Keep calling these kids ugly, and wacky looking and bullying/ teasing them for your own enjoyment, and see these tragic events continue indefinitely.

676 days ago

Armed Neutrality    

Ooooooo. Let's take away all the guns, that will stop the crime. Riiight. If you think that, You are sheep. Uninformed, uneducated sheep. Your government loves people like you willing to sacrifice your own rights and submit to other's control. Put a secured gun in every classroom. That's how you limit the number of casualties.

676 days ago


Who cares about this kid that killed a bunch of children. The media needs to focus on the victims instead. That's why these idiots do things like this to get world wide attention! To get there name and face plastered in the news. Stop it ALREADY.

676 days ago


Take this guys picture off your site. No one should have to look at his face ever again. Be part of the solution TMZ!

676 days ago


stupid bitch

676 days ago


I am so disappointed in the work of TMZ. Really you are going to put this out there for the world to see. What does her collecting guns have anything to do with her son killing innocent people including her. How dare you try plot on making her the enemy. You serously make me sick. How do you sleep at night. No one in their right mind could prepare for something like this. For you exploit this woman who died at the hands of her son is totally distasteful. Just think about what your saying, this is why media causes more problems instead of helping.

676 days ago


There's a reason why she was divorced..can't imagine living in that environment as a family.

676 days ago

Brittney Cavallari    


676 days ago


this is not the mom's fault. I'm sure she did everything she could for him and it is unfair to place blame on her.

676 days ago


I laugh when people cry that guns only have one purpose to kill. I take my kids and friends to the range all the time. I have yet to have someone go and not have fun. I enjoy teaching my children how to shoot and be safe with a weapon. Clay shooting is a great time. We don't hunt i can't imagine shooting a animal let alone a person. Sad that i may loose this because others are ****ed up in this country

676 days ago


What I don't get is, this monster who shot all those innocent kids had mental problems his whole life, SO I BLAME THE MOTHER PERIOD>>>>IF you know your son is sick, YOU DON'T GO OUT & BUY GUNS & KEEP THEM IN YOUR HOME> HOPE THE BOTH OF THEM ARE BURNING IN HELL>>>>>>>>>>>>

676 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    


Get f@cking real you California overbaked nuts.

676 days ago


Our tax dollars kill children every day - through war. This is what we extoll as "protecting our freedom".
The fact that innocent, defenseless people die daily is reduced to the deliberately obfuscating phrase "collateral damage".
We just object when the horror hits close to home. We reward and promote it when it happens far away, preferably to people who have non-white skin.
There will be a lot of blaming the mother in this tragedy and perhaps increased paranoia about people with Asperger's too.
Who knows why this woman was infatuated with guns, but maybe her son thought they were going to all die soon on 12/22/12 anyway so maybe he was doing his mother, the children and himself a favor by ending it before the chaos started.
But there will be no backlash against white men after this - there never is, even though they are the ones who do this type of crime.
And there will be no gun control either, while the innocent continue to die.
And It's very frightened people who think they need guns.

676 days ago


This is the difference between the U.S. and Canada. Here, mothers don't teach their children how to shoot guns therefore, they can't turn around and kill us. Plus, who hunts with the type of guns she had!

676 days ago


SO SICK of you crazy fools trying to defend your right to own a gun. What the h@LL for? You're either out there killing (as a sport) innocent animals, often just leaving them there to suffer, or you're frickin ghetto white trash. No one I know or have ever known owns a frickin gun. For all you nuts who think you need a guy, why do you need it..HUH? Do tell. How many times have you actually needed it to protect yourselves against harm or violence. NONE and statistics support this as well. YOu use it to kill animals (disgusting) or for some sick illusions in your heads. Find another f2ckin' toy to play with, get an education, move out of your ghetto white trash surrondings, read a frickin book. GROW UP! We live in the most violent countries on earth. We, as a nation, will NOT STAND for this anymore!

This debate is done! Gun laws now. It's the person and their ability to get these guns.

676 days ago
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