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Lindsay Lohan to Judge

My Spiritual Advisor Can Vouch For Me!!!

12/16/2012 3:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
is DESPERATE to avoid jail time ... so much so, she's enlisted the help of her spiritual advisor to make sure that happens.

Sources close to LiLo tell TMZ ... the actress is asking friends, family and her spiritual guru (yup, some people have those) to write letters on her behalf to the judge hearing her case.  Lindsay believes the letters will help prove jail is not the best option for her.

TMZ broke the story ... Lindsay is currently facing up to 245 days in the slammer for her recent probation violation. Or the judge has the option to send her to counseling instead.

We're told Lindsay is convinced a letter from the spiritual advisor will have the most impact. Specifically because he's been helping her since 2008 -- following her 2nd DUI arrest -- and can vouch for the fact that LiLo has benefited from counseling in the past. When she shows up.

As we previously reported, Commissioner Jane Godfrey -- who will arraign LiLo -- isn't big on jail regardless and often times chooses counseling over serving time.

A hearing is scheduled for January 25th.


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Lindsay is so full of ****e. There is no "advisor" likely and anyone that screws here will sign off a letter to the judge. Lindsay already knows she will not do more than a day in jail. The question is, at what point will LA County be concerned about embarrassment over this or maybe LIndsay is connected in ways that even TMZ doesn't know about? LIz & Dick wasn't meant be good, just cheap, easy and quick to produce so LIfeTime could get ratings. They knew the movie would be a train wreck and just wanted to capitalize on the interest in Lindsay. In fact, were it not for TMZ, we would never see Lindsay being reported in the media so it's my contention that Harvey will pay her bills. In fact, isn't she on the TMZ payroll anyway?

678 days ago


LL isn't going to jail. You jealous nolifers are dreaming again. Even if she did go to jail it would be to celebrity jail, which isn't really jail.

678 days ago


It's not like she's lied or committed any crimes before!!!

678 days ago


Here is a guy, Marty Angelo, who claimed to be LL's spiritual advisor:
The story is from his own website LOL

678 days ago


Oh good lord is this what we the TMZ viewers are going to be subjected to until her hearing? Stupid stories about all the ways she plans on avoiding jail? Please Lindsay hurry up and get arrested again so TMZ can have some new material.

678 days ago


You know what, why doesn't this menace to society, slag, do her time and then just move her freckled ass to Brazil to be with her 15 fans.

678 days ago


Too bad this spiritual advisor couldnt stop Lindsay from staring in Liz and Dick. I mean really, what kind of guru is this?

678 days ago


Isnt her hearing the 15th? not the 25?

678 days ago

Where Are All The Real Celebrities    

'Spiritual Advisor get out of the car, get out of the car Spiritual Advisor! Get him out of the car, now! Spiritual Advisor get out! Spiritual Advisor get out of the f***** car. Now.'

678 days ago


If this washed up skeezer doesn't deserve jail after all the crap she's pulled than who does??? Always a different excuse everytime and there's no way that sh*t would fly w/ anyone else!

678 days ago


You know, just maybe she should have a five minute talk with Andrew Dice Clay. He might be able to talk some sense into her.

678 days ago


Red Rocket Red Rocket
You did it again
Your fiction blew up in your face

Charges now coast-to-coast
Time to give up the ghost
30 more lawsuits firmly in place

Your hyperbole rant
Makes no sense ‘cuz it can’t
And we don't bother viewing your links

Pluck that thing off your head
Soon now, Linds will be dead
That's a mighty effective Black Jinx

678 days ago


Does air for brains get that the more she "tells" her so called sources to relay these stupid stories to the media the more pathetic she looks. I wouldn't waste my time watching her in any movie, tv show or opening of a envelope to see her after all this entitled attitude she's given to everyone about her actions.

678 days ago


I like when Harvey tries to make the whole LIndsay BS more "relevant" somehow by starting his segments about LIndsay by saying, "now she's in real trouble" knowing full well that she is as likely to go to jail as he is. I like Harvey, don't get me wrong the sensationalist approach to his otherwise accurate and well researched journalism is getting a bit tired. So, Harvey, on one of the upcoming TMZ TV and or TMZ LIve shows, just say this for me will ya, "No way she does jail time, she must have some connection even TMZ doesn't know about because if she were almost anyone else, she would be eating prison food right about now". Sean Hawley (sp?) must be the best lawyer on the planet, ever. Who else does she keep out of jail, I would like to know. Since when does a gifted lawyer help facilitate this so consistently with the same client? How does Lindsay pay Shawn? She must give her clothing from that locker of hers (when she had access to it). When will we see Gloria Alred repping Lindsay? I tell ya, if Shawn wasn't a married woman and mother I would think maybe her and LIndsay have something going on. NO ****e, I'm not kidding. This client does nothing positive for Shawn's reputation, that's for sure. AT least with nightclubs, everyone around Lindsay pays her way there. The clubs probably feed her booze just to be there.

678 days ago


Looks like it is Marty Angelo, and he has sent letters to her judges before:

678 days ago
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