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Lindsay Lohan to Judge

My Spiritual Advisor Can Vouch For Me!!!

12/16/2012 3:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
is DESPERATE to avoid jail time ... so much so, she's enlisted the help of her spiritual advisor to make sure that happens.

Sources close to LiLo tell TMZ ... the actress is asking friends, family and her spiritual guru (yup, some people have those) to write letters on her behalf to the judge hearing her case.  Lindsay believes the letters will help prove jail is not the best option for her.

TMZ broke the story ... Lindsay is currently facing up to 245 days in the slammer for her recent probation violation. Or the judge has the option to send her to counseling instead.

We're told Lindsay is convinced a letter from the spiritual advisor will have the most impact. Specifically because he's been helping her since 2008 -- following her 2nd DUI arrest -- and can vouch for the fact that LiLo has benefited from counseling in the past. When she shows up.

As we previously reported, Commissioner Jane Godfrey -- who will arraign LiLo -- isn't big on jail regardless and often times chooses counseling over serving time.

A hearing is scheduled for January 25th.


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No words on this one, just shaking my head. FFS

654 days ago


Then enablers like to cite Rumorfix for the truth. Well here's the latest article from there (that got a "yes it's true" tag):

Lindsay Lohan’s Former Acting Coach: Go To Regional Theater — EXCLUSIVE

Most agree that Lindsay Lohan’s early movies, The Parent Trap, Freaky Friday and Mean Girls, showed LiLo had a bright future.

“I would have predicted a stellar career,” acting coach Howard Fine tells RumorFix exclusively. “I think what has happened since has been a tragedy in terms of what might have been.”

Howard worked with Lindsay while preparing for her role on Freaky Friday. “When I first met Lindsay, I thought that she was a lovely young lady and a very gifted actress,” he told us.

Howard, who has worked with Hollywood heavyweights like Brad Pitt, Bradley Cooper and Salma Hayek, recommends that she stay out of the tabloids. He thinks she should follow the career of movie icon Meryl Streep, “She has never been tabloid fodder.”

Howard says overexposure takes away the “mystery” and “intrigue” surrounding an actor and they are relegated to the ranks of “reality TV stars.”

So, how can Lindsay make a comeback?

“She needs to stay out of the press and do theater,” he advises. “I would suggest working in some of our countries great regional theaters. After a few years of serious work and having hopefully garnered some great reviews, she could make her way to New York. Stunt casting, such as stepping in to an ongoing Broadway production of Grease in order to keep a show running, will not work. She has to shed the circus atmosphere around her and get down to the nitty gritty.

“Once she has evidenced a commitment to the craft via the stage, she could carefully select a great and challenging film role,” Howard concludes.

Lindsay are you listening?

654 days ago


im so sick of hearing about her! put her in jail already! celebreties dont deserve special treatment. she broke the law many times over, if it was anyone else they wud of been in jail in an instant!!! PUT HER IN JAIL!!!!

654 days ago


Lohans screw you attitude I'll do what I want my lawyer will get me out of it is no longer working.

Charges were pressed and filed. Lohans probation is revoked. Lohan has to be in court in NYC on the 7th for her 2nd desk ticket, a week later she has to be in court in LA on the 15th. Could be another stall but Lohan has to be in court.

Your honor, I can't go to jail. I really mean it this time, no honest I really, really mean it this time. I've changed my spiritual advisor will vouch for me.

Does Shawn Holly have any hair left or has she pulled it all out. Lohan her client from hell, bet she can't wait to be able to dump her.

654 days ago


I <3 PINK BAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

654 days ago


@ Maddy, so if she gets 2 months total time for the VOP and the Commissioner(or whomever) gives her strict jail time w/o probation for her additional 3 misdemeanors, she could, in theory, get a nice well-rounded 6 months in jail. I have had the feeling since she was charged that she would do 6 months--mind you I'm not a fvcking gypsy-but I just can't shake this "feeling".

654 days ago


Nothing good will come out of giving her yet "another" chance! Throw her loser ass in jail and let her stay in there the whole time! Maybe, just maybe, she will have learned something after that. However, I doubt it. I agree with another comment poster "she will be on the 2013 death poll" if she keeps her **** up!

654 days ago


Absolutely no sympathy for this stupid bitch; toss her ass into jail for 9 months, in general population! Let the inmates kick the sh*t out of her on a daily basis, steal her stuff. She deserves to be beaten down & uglied up daily; let her be terrified every day she's there. She'll do anything, including obeying the law, to avoid it in the future...

654 days ago


Who is paying for this terrible Spiritual Advisor?

654 days ago

Chuck D of Valpo    

I'll give her some free spiritual advice. Watch George C. Scott's version of "The Christmas Carol" circa 1984. Watch it about oh say 50 times in a row.
No charge and pay it forward.

654 days ago


She has a Spiritual adviser since 2008??? she is moving from Badville to Worstville!!!

654 days ago

Ozzie X    

She needs jail time to get it to her thick skull. If she doesn't I'm boycotting all her future endeavors.

654 days ago


Who is her "spiritual advisor" - Charlie Sheen?

654 days ago


Send her to counseling ...that has worked SOOOOOOO well

654 days ago


Lohan trying to avoid jail remains to be seen. She has over exhausted every excuse. I have no idea what Shawn Holly can argue for her.

Lohan did this to herself.

654 days ago
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