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Lindsay Lohan

I Admit It ...

I've Lost Control

12/16/2012 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1214_lindsay_lohan_01Lindsay Lohan has hit rock bottom yet again and she knows it ... finally admitting her life has gone off the rails and she desperately needs professional help ... TMZ has learned.

Lindsay's telling friends, she thought she had turned over a new leaf back in March when she completed the terms of her sentence in the jewelry heist case ... and Judge Stephanie Sautner maternally warned, "Stop the nightclubbing and focus on your work."

Lindsay clearly ignored that advice ...  and now we're told she's inconsolable -- repeatedly calling her lawyer Shawn Holley in tears.  In classic Lindsay form, she knows her life is out of control, but she's blaming it on others, saying she has again hooked up with a bad group of people and had run-ins with "opportunists" who have tried to provoke her.

As for drugs and alcohol ... Lindsay is still adamant ... she doesn't have a problem.  As they say, there is none so blind as those who will not see.

Lindsay believes her real problem is that she never stuck with counseling, but thinks regular appointments with a professional could be her salvation.  It's probably not coincidental that counseling is now the only possible way she can avoid jail for the new crimes and probation violation.

Finally ... Lindsay is confessing to friends she has a big problem with impulse control ... in other words, she doesn't think before she acts.   She thinks a shrink can help her in that department.

If she did, maybe there'd be no such thing as "Liz and Dick."


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Let ship Lilo and the Kartrashians to a land far far away...enough of this crap already Harvey.

645 days ago


No problem with drugs and alcohol. But she will go to rehab for impulsive behavior. This b I t c h is so s*** it isn't funny

645 days ago


She desperately needs help! If someone would have only tried to help her all these years. Oh well ...

645 days ago


Nicole did you just wake up from a loss of blood stupper?
this shyt has been going on for years..I can believe this is shocking to you..havent you seen the way she is decaying?
she is a shell of a corpse

645 days ago

John T.    

You've lost more then you know. You have made a total mess out of your life. Your bed hopping has got you no where. No descent man would ever bring you home to his mother and want you to be a mother to his children. Your a joke. All you know is party crashing, dressing so your baggy implants are always hanging out, getting high and breaking the law. You will never amount to hill a beans.

645 days ago


The only person who lost control and he lost it a long time ago is her father Michael Lohan.

He made up this stupid story and sold it to TMZ, although TMZ know its bull**** they don't care, they want the hits.

645 days ago


Lindsay we have all seen this show before but the only one who misses what everyone else sees is the judge. Each time the judge looks at her act and thinks she is real. I hope you go to jail and face the truth that you are a selfish, manipulative con artist who doesn't care about anything. You blame people all the time and it's never your fault. Rehab will not work because you don't accept that you are the problem. You are the common element in each bad situation. Random strangers are not out to set you up because you are broke. You can't get blood from a turnip. You are the turnip. If you do go to rehab the workers better get trained in self defense because you are a violent person. Imagine the patients in rehab who you did physically harm that we haven't heard about or the other things you do that we don't know about. You are broke how will you afford rehab. Anyone who wants to help you in anyway should close your eyes and visualize a toilet look in the toilet now flush that's where lindsay will put your offer. She needs to die

645 days ago


Lindsay is responsible for her own downfall, but I still feel sorry for her. I hope she can get the help she needs to turn her life around.

645 days ago

Hot Chocolate    

Harvey give her a little encouragement too and see how things go. Balance it out.

645 days ago


i believe what she needs is boot camp. her whole life she never had to want for anything. she never heard the word no. things were handed to her on a silver platter, every person in her life enabled her because they were on her payroll. that excuse no longer works, she's a grown woman. yes, cell block c might help her

645 days ago


Lindsay is as sincere as a Clapper commercial.

645 days ago


@L-LOFAN, don't believe it because it isn't true. Its Michael Lohan up to his old tricks again. Its money he wants. He tried to broker a couple of deals for Lindsay but her management told him to get lost. He wants control of Lindsay and not only that, he wants to manage Lindsay hoping she will be his cash cow for life. He hopes by selling shyt stories like this he can earn some money and at the same time tip Lindsay over the edge so she will contact him. He is a deluded, money obsessed monster.

645 days ago


Therapy will help her deal with issues that crop up in her day-to-day life, but you have to have something going on in your day-to-day life. She doesn't. She doesn't have a job, place to live that she can make payments on, normal adult responsibilities. At this point she is invited to make appearances at events because she is a side show freak. Organic food events??? I don't associate her with organic anything? Is there organic cocaine and adderal? You think that her parents would be brave enough at this point to tell her that she is now simply being used by everyone around and not for any "talent" that she alledgedly has.mtime for her to do some time, get released and find a job at the mall, pay rent on cheap apartment. Something more suitable for her.

645 days ago


I admit it.. Its someone else's fault. haha..

645 days ago


amy had more talent and more to live for..
Lielo is going to Kill my dec.15th 2014 death pool..
damn why wont she try harder..
I see her out in a few months..wish she would last until my date..but cant happen the way she looks and is going

645 days ago
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