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'Sandy' Tragedies

Parents Will Likely

Steer Clear of Name

12/17/2012 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The name "Sandy" is not likely to appear on many birth certificates for at least several years -- given 2 enormous recent tragedies with Sandy front and center -- but the reality is the name hasn't been popular for decades.

The evidence is compelling and also pretty obvious -- parents shy away from giving their children names associated with death and destruction, and in 2012, with Hurricane Sandy and the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary, the name conjures up those images.

Take Katrina -- immediately before the storm hit, the name was listed as the 281st most popular baby name for girls. The year following the hurricane it dropped to 379th and in 2010 it plunged further to 865.
But here's the thing with Sandy. It's a name whose popularity peaked in the 60s, and has failed to make the list of top 1,000 baby names since 2005. Sandra ranked somewhat higher, but still a relatively unpopular 614 last year.

Pamela Satran from Nameberry tells TMZ,"The mass murder at Sandy Hook is so horrible that we think parents will avoid Sandy as a name for a long time."


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Sandra (or Alexandra, etc.) is the proper name for Sandy.. stoopids

621 days ago


I am highly offended by this name is Sandy and now because of this article I don't even want to tell people my name because I am afraid that they read this stupid article and that they might think of me as a negative bad person.........Thanks alot TMZ!! You guys are a bunch of idiots!!!!

621 days ago


Oh come on, I live in 'Sandy, UT'. It's a name, a place. People still name their children 'Charlie' or 'Charles', even though Charles Manson was evil. Don't be afraid of a name.

621 days ago


Slow news day I guess zzzzzzz

621 days ago


Hey, here's an idea - no one will name their kid Sandy because it's an old-fashioned, out of date name.

621 days ago


Not to mention that Olivia "Sandy" Newton-John and Travolta have been embarrassing themselves with their Xmas album

621 days ago


I knew a woman her name was Sandy and she was a nut case

621 days ago

Fat Jesus    

My mother in law is named Sandy and the bitch is a nightmare!

621 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

I can see that and understand it. Although some dumbell went and named her newborn "Hurricane" because, even though she didn't give birth until well after the storm, they all made it out ok. I'm glad they did, but jeez woman, that kid has to go through life with that frigging name did you think about that??

Like the idiots who bought white Broncos after the OJ chase (escort).

621 days ago


I would rather have the name Sandy then the name Barack - that name represents EVERYTHING wrong with this world!!!!!!!

621 days ago


I would rather have the name Sandy then the name Obama - now that is a real disaster!!!!

621 days ago

Snowman with a Turnip Nose    

I heard "Harvey" isn't very popular these days either. People associate that name with wasted bandwith and redundant filler "stories". And cheap plastic shoes from China.

621 days ago


Harvey do you pay these kids that write this crap? GOD BLESS US PLEASE

619 days ago
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