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Adam Lanza's Parents

Divorce Shows No Evidence

Of Mental Health Problems

12/17/2012 9:38 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

The divorce papers of Adam Lanza's parents reveal nothing that would indicate their son had mental issues.

TMZ has obtained the divorce docs between Peter and Nancy Lanza. The docs were filed in 2008 and the divorce became final the next year. 

One thing's for sure ... the family was financially well off. Peter agreed to pay Nancy $240,000 a year in spousal support for 2010. The yearly spousal support was to increase each year. In 2012 Nancy was to receive $289,800.

There is no mention or indication of any mental health issues involving Adam. There is a boilerplate reference, "The wife shall pay for unreimbursed medical, surgical, hospital, optical and psychiatric, psychological, and nursing expenses..." It continues, "Each parent shall be entitled to complete information from any physician, dentist, psychologist, consultant, or any specialist attending the children."

It's important to note ... the provisions (above) are standard and do not reflect specifically on this divorce.

And, in the docs, Peter agreed to buy Adam a car. Adam reportedly drove his mom's car to Sandy Hook Elementary school before going on his rampage.



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I think mom might have some mental issues of her own. Maybe they planned this together...she was a "prepper" and the "end of the world" is Friday, for anyone dumb enough to believe it:(

622 days ago


yeah, look at him...there's nothing wrong there! i sure would be comfortable to leave my children, guns and puppys with him!

622 days ago


I don't believe he was mental. Show me a doctor he was seeing. The divorce paperwork 3 years ago state nothing extra needed for him medically. I think he was just pure evil. His mother was in to guns and shooting them. She would take her children there and even said she felt it was good for him. Maybe this is what happens when the parents who pay for their children rather than take the time with them.

622 days ago


Time for whites to quit making excuses and exceptions for all the deranged, irrational mass murderers within your race!

622 days ago


the onlty reson there is no evidence is because the system told her she would have to criminal charge her son. This is because the hospitals for mental health are full and the Gov solution is just to put them in prison. because filty rich people like harvey like to evade tax's because the gov is run and taxed by the rich Jew's like to jew you a lot allegedly

622 days ago


I'm asking TMZ to please stop printing this monsters name. He does not deserve the publicity.

622 days ago

Pompano Ann    

I just read on an other site, that since 1982 there have been 61 mass shooting in the US, with 45 of the shooters being white males. Question.....again Guns or No Guns, how do we go about determining the mental issues, signs of someone going off the deep end? Do we need more institutions? Can parents be honest knowing their kids may be a danger to society?

622 days ago


You can't be serious? Of course this Man had mental issues! There can be no other explanation besides

622 days ago


Isn't TMZ Celebrity Gossip?????!!!!! He is NO Celebrity!!!!

622 days ago


They need to stop showing this ***** face .

622 days ago


watch out for the ones where you can see all the whites around their eyes-crazy

622 days ago


What if the dad knew how to work him and did so to not pay spousal support. He didn't get shot? JS ....,

622 days ago


I'm sure readers will probably say "oh here come the religious freaks". But never has the scripture about what you sew is what you reap been proven more true. This woman was said to have a heart of gold. People with hearts of gold do not collect guns and assault weapons or teach their children to use them. Look what happened, she gets shot in the face five times by her own son.

622 days ago


What a shame they could have had bought the best possible mental health care for their son.

622 days ago


I read an article this morning from intreviews with her close friend and former baby sitter. From what I read Adam had extensive mental problems. If he had been my child I would have had him in a mental hostpital for treatment. Sounded as if he should not have been in the home with his mother and brother. He obviously had very deep issues and problems.

622 days ago
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