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Adam Lanza's Parents

Divorce Shows No Evidence

Of Mental Health Problems

12/17/2012 9:38 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

The divorce papers of Adam Lanza's parents reveal nothing that would indicate their son had mental issues.

TMZ has obtained the divorce docs between Peter and Nancy Lanza. The docs were filed in 2008 and the divorce became final the next year. 

One thing's for sure ... the family was financially well off. Peter agreed to pay Nancy $240,000 a year in spousal support for 2010. The yearly spousal support was to increase each year. In 2012 Nancy was to receive $289,800.

There is no mention or indication of any mental health issues involving Adam. There is a boilerplate reference, "The wife shall pay for unreimbursed medical, surgical, hospital, optical and psychiatric, psychological, and nursing expenses..." It continues, "Each parent shall be entitled to complete information from any physician, dentist, psychologist, consultant, or any specialist attending the children."

It's important to note ... the provisions (above) are standard and do not reflect specifically on this divorce.

And, in the docs, Peter agreed to buy Adam a car. Adam reportedly drove his mom's car to Sandy Hook Elementary school before going on his rampage.



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By looking at his pic I can tell he's Fu€king metal...

678 days ago

BB not bb    

If you don't believe that psych meds can make a person behave violently out of character, you should read the book by psychiatrist Peter Breggin. He has a whole book of cases where otherwise very nice and mild mannered people turned violent and killed others and themselves for no other reason than the meds they took.

This is well do***ented and the drug companies settle the cases out of court and then just keep on selling the drugs. They make so much money they that would rather not fight the cases and have their information on how dangerous the drugs are be exposed to the public.

People think they know what misery is but unless they have taken these mind altering drugs and experienced akithesia, which is a common side effect, they have no idea what kind of torture, turmoil, and anguish they cause. It is the drugs that make people look mentally ill. It is nearly impossible to feel that bad from real life no matter what happens to you, unless you really do lose your mind and soul.

Most of what is known as mental illness is just social adjustment and life problems. This kid was not a monster but a troubled person who had no one to reach out to for help.

678 days ago


The media is giving this piece of s--- exactly what he wanted--attention. F--- this kid.

678 days ago

Pimp Daddy    

The mom is to blame she knew her son was mentally unstable but yet she had all these guns and the house where he can get hold of them. she deserves what she got too bad she was not only one shot.

678 days ago


The mother kept guns in the house like some people keep Hummels -- she showed them off - she taught her kids to shoot. So when your alienated, unhappy dork kid freaks out - what does he do? He grabs a gun. Why? BECAUSE HE CAN! What if the idiot mother didn't have those guns? Would the kid go out and buy them? Probably not - because he couldn't buy most of them. They are now illegal. He would have gone in his room and cranked up the Korn music and had a pout and gotten over it like all the other idiot kids in the world who DON'T have access to guns. If you treat guns like trophies and give kids access to them, don't be surprised when USING them becomes an option for frustrated and otherwise stupid people. For all you cowards who cling to your assault weapons and cry about how the criminals are coming for you and without your AKs and Bushmasters you wont be able to defend yourselves.. when's the last time someone broke into ANYONE's house using an assault rifle? NEVER. The people who have these guns are mass murderers, gang members and small-brain, small-penis idiots who buy big guns because they know they are otherwise inferior and weak.

678 days ago

BB not bb    

Guns are not the problem. If he had wanted to he could have just run over the people in the parking lot while kids were getting on the school bus. It was that he planned to kill people with no one expecting it that caused the mayhem.

He could have attacked people with a baseball bat. Is it then wrong to teach your kid to play baseball?

678 days ago


Looks like a younger Stuart from Big Bang Theory.

678 days ago


America does not need gun control. It needs NUT control.

678 days ago


Saw a poster c 1982 with this stats:
Last year, handguns killed
48 people in Japan
8 in Great Britain
34 in Switzerland
52 in Canada
58 in Israel
21 in Sweden
42 in West Germany
10,728 in USA

678 days ago


It is Amazing how so many people are blaming the Mother. It is not known what or any signs of mental illness this kid Had. For all anyone knows this Mother may have stepped in front of her son and told him if he goes out with guns he had to shoot her first, Lets not forget this Kid shot his own Mother 5 times in the face, so no one knows what happened in that house. As far as we Know this society and culture LOVES VIOLENCE, MURDER, AS A NATION THIS COUNTRY SPENDS MULTI BILLIONS OF DOLLARS ON VIOLENT VIDEO GAMES THAT SCORE POINTS FOR KILLING, WE SPEND BILLIONS OF DOLLARS ON MOVIES THAT CONTAINS VIOLENCE AND MURDER, WE SPEND BILLIONS OF DOLLARS ON MUSIC THAT CONTAINS VIOLENCE AND MURDER, So if any blame is to be given out we need to look at ourselves as a society, before we start to blame a woman that got shot 5 times in the face.

678 days ago


My personal thoughts are that the mother had issues and was unable to deal with the issues that she knew her son had. And if she knew he had taken to burning parts of his body with a lighter in the days before the massacre if she was normal she would have called the police and have had him on a medical hold in a hospital.

678 days ago


When you can see the whites of the eyes all the way around the pupil, yes there is a mental problem.

678 days ago


Really TMZ! This is how your “story” read.
No more excuses, now we know for sure it was the gun’s fault. And that Adam Lanza's was not mentally unstable and good people do kill all the time. Oh by the way he was well off too!
Why not just rename your story “People that are not mentally unstable and live good life’s kill for fun”. Nice work gum shoes. You guy are just as the bad as the news. WHY even post this story about this horrific situation. This adds no value, and only fuels fires. You guys really have no compassion.

678 days ago


These r cases of monkey c monkey do. These mass killings didnt start until columbine. From that point, it got out of control. Profile these people. Realize the signs. Parents need to pay attention to the weirdness.

678 days ago

Carl Williams    

More Americans need guns definately

678 days ago
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