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Rapper AP.9

I'm Not Afraid of Ice-T ...

And I May Have Banged His Wife

12/17/2012 7:36 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ice-T's gonna be pissed ... 'cause rapper AP.9 is now strongly insinuating that he's banging T's wife Coco. 

Of course, T already blasted his wife on Twitter after pics surfaced featuring Coco and AP.9 gettin' all kissy kissy during a night out in Vegas. T said the pics were "disrespectful and in bad taste."

Coco said the pics were harmless ... and stated that she's "happily married."

But this weekend, AP.9 was shamelessly trying to breathe life back into the story ... because when he was asked about the rumors he was still bangin' Coco, the rapper looked into the camera like he LOVED the attention and said, "That's a RUMOR? Is that a rumor?"

He added, "No comment man."

When asked if he was worried about retaliation from Ice -- AP.9 shot back, "I'm from the hood ... I'm not worried about nothin'."


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One thing....WTF! Dude, you have f'cked up! Ice T is the original G. No man should mess with another man's wife. I hope she didn't scape from the wrath of Iceman. It takes two to tango horizontal style. I would f'cking pissed if that was my wife.

641 days ago

Who the Hell is Khloe    


641 days ago


"No comment" means "I'm scared" but why? Ice is a successful ex ripper. It's not like he's gonna risk everything he has to lose on some piss ant wanna be thug that's only .9% gangsta. AP.9!? Who is he and what song does he have? Colors, Cop Killa, Original Gangsta are 3 classic songs and AP.4.5x2 has what? If it weren't for TMZ I wouldn't even knew he existed. As for Coco, fugg her. Ice can buy azz and tatas and pit them on a pretty face and replace her. Ask Nikki Minaj who her doc is, she is proof u can put silicone in a pig and make it look good.....ish.

641 days ago



641 days ago


Danm he is dum as ****

641 days ago

Bay Area Reppin     

People Get off Ice-T's d*ck, his wife is a H*e, if she wasnt wit it then she wouldnt have gotten banged by Ap9 and for all you AP.9 haters gets your facts straight. AP9 is a Thug a Real Gangsta its California M.O.B. Ice-T is old and cant keep up wit his big booty wife. haha no disrespect to the man Ice-T but you cant make a h*e into a house wife!! M.O.B!!

641 days ago


Fk ice t, his wife's kitty is been tamperd with.

641 days ago


That's what happen when you marry a hoe...she's going to still have how Tendencies, what b!tch who is married go and rub her a$$, pu$$y, and t!ts on another man!!!!

641 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

You're from the hood. Good for you. I'm born, raised, and still living in the suburbs and I'm not worried about nuthin either. Big frigging deal.

641 days ago


Screw this guy. I am going through the same thing right now. Found out my girl is with another man. A man that knows that I exist. They're both wrong, but to rub it in his face is despicable. I don't wish this on anyone.

641 days ago


Kenneth you're a dead beat dad! Poor Kendra.

641 days ago


Ap.9 is a gangster rapper from Oakland ca only people from the bay area heard of him .. Hes been shot 12 times i think he can handle ice T

641 days ago


AP.9 is that cause you can't remember or spell your name? From the hood. Well if we are going to ban video games and guns and movies, lets not forget that RAP and hip hop BS. One goes it all goes.................

641 days ago


Who is this guy? Seems like a POS.

641 days ago


Comical, how people taste is surely in their ass.. 90% of Coco body is fake, from his ass, to her butty, to her skin.. O, wait that is o.k, because she is 'white', but let a woman of color have weave or fake hair its a damn crime.. Its a joke, she is a joke, and ICE T is old, and this new rapper is a waste of talent.. Who cares he probably banged her, hell ICE T meet her at a damn strip club, what do you expect.. Maybe, some of these dudes need to evaluate their taste and preference in woman, because KIM on down their nothing but professional white gold diggers, and these dudes are broke, a joke, with no hope.. HAHAHAHA

641 days ago
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