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Conrad Murray

I Want Out of Jail


12/18/2012 3:49 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray wants out of the pokey immediately while he appeals his conviction ... this according to court docs obtained by TMZ.

Murray -- who was found guilty of killing Michael Jackson -- has been in jail since he was convicted 13 months ago.

The Doc claims in the docs that he's not a flight risk ... partly because he has a small child who lives in L.A.  Murray also says he doesn't pose a danger to the community, and believes he was wrongly convicted.

Dr. Murray has tried this before and was shut down, but he's entitled to make his case for freedom once again.


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Yea,they should of put u in the big house with the big BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
instead of the playground with the little kiddys,then
see how that butt hurts.You don"t deserve to be where
your at now, you should be on death row!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

635 days ago

Sue Adams    

It's great to see the tide has turned AGAINST Murray and FOR MJ in the MOST part!!

Believe it or NOT, Murray YOU DID KILL SOMEONE, YOU DID DO A LOT WRONG AND hey the world doesn't revolve around your demands so get your head out of your own butt, shut your whining mouth and get on with serving your pitifully short sentence!!!

635 days ago

That Pop Life..yeah..    

@Conrad's clone,I usually don't speak ill of mentally challenge but your exceptional.Why don't you exchange places with Dr.Death you crazy fool,you could get all the desperate attention your seeking in there non-stop.. Go ahead help your friend out. .

635 days ago


And Michael's family want him with them, Conrad. That's never gonna happen. Pull up your big boy pants and live the life you've chosen. A jury of your peers found you guilty. Grow up.

635 days ago


Boo Who!! Do the crime, you must do the time. When you murder someone, you leave a family, children. They suffer longer than than your little stint in jail! Get over yourself, and think about not committing murder again!

635 days ago


You made alot of money off that choomoo

635 days ago


No thanks. Rot in prison.

635 days ago


All the readers should know by now that - Oh Well (and all his numereous alias) is a compulsive Psycho with a Severe Michael Jackson fetish complex - (as well as his fellow hater's) - follow anything related to Michael! Which explains why they come here to spread their lies and garbage about Michael on a consistent basis! They are banned from all of the normal websites. So they come to TMZ to post all their lies and garbage.

635 days ago


Murray is a true psychopath. From the lies and denial that he killed his patient, to complaining about the prison food to the size of the cell. This guy is truly mentally ill if he is still filing appeals and believes that he was "wrongly convicted" as if the jury set him up. Not only did he murder someone by being negligent but he was the victims own doctor! This guy is a true narcissist, releasing these complaints and updates on his appeal to the press thru his attorney. Please keep this psychopath in prison, he MURDERED someone, so he absolutely IS a danger to society and any patients he might try to treat. Lock the door of his jail cell and throw away the key. He is no VIP or nice guy, he is a convicted murderer who killed the beloved king of pop. Smh...he needs to stay in his cell and rot away slowly. And TMZ please stop punishing us by posting any further stories on this murderer and narcissistic psychopath.

635 days ago


Murray will be out next year at this time , and he will go right back to fathering children he has no intention of raising himself.
So whether Ca taxpayers are supporting him in jail , or the kids he fathers after jail..
We know he isnt going to be taking responsibility for anything in his life , as usual..
This last kid we saw pictures of, at Disney. with was more for sympathetic photo op, before his trial , imo, because he doesnt seemed to have cared about any of the others.He just talks to them on the phone, in between calls to his stripper friends .
The interesting thing to me is what will the public reaction be to him when he gets out?
Is he going to still have TMZ following him around?
I hope so.
Because , instead of them asking how his day is ,like he is a celebrity, I want them to ask him why he was recording MJ in that state, and why he lied to police , and paramedic and doctors , and lied when he said that medicine was being shipped to a clinic instead of that instruments apartment.
And all the rest of it.
I think it isnt going to be as pleasant for him as he expects , since that trial can be viewed on Youtube and he is caught in lie after lie..
He should just serve his time and admit he was guilty of neglecting his patient.
But he is way too arrogant..

635 days ago

Cry Baby    

The rabids don't get it - even a post is deleted, the facts remain burnt in their mind, they've read it, damage has been done. What is the point here, burying your head in the sand???!!


It is like Sandusky and MJ, when you mention one, it reminds you of the other. Like two peas in a pod. One is a dead pedophile, one is jailed pedophile. It is God's will, obviously dying is a harsher punishment because MJ was a worse pedophile than Sandusky. How, because he tried to get away with his money which in itself is obscenity.

634 days ago

Lee lee    

same sh*t diefferent day ......same pathetic posters on here too I see.......not pointing the finger at anyone specific......OH SMELL !!!

634 days ago


Chuckle, chuckle....never!

634 days ago
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