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Conrad Murray

I Want Out of Jail


12/18/2012 3:49 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray wants out of the pokey immediately while he appeals his conviction ... this according to court docs obtained by TMZ.

Murray -- who was found guilty of killing Michael Jackson -- has been in jail since he was convicted 13 months ago.

The Doc claims in the docs that he's not a flight risk ... partly because he has a small child who lives in L.A.  Murray also says he doesn't pose a danger to the community, and believes he was wrongly convicted.

Dr. Murray has tried this before and was shut down, but he's entitled to make his case for freedom once again.


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Hi HN!!

Why are you arguing with these Psycho's here? You know that it doesn't do a bit of good! They are not the least bit interested in hearing the truth or accepting it about MJ! It simply isn't worth arguing with them - Period! Its common knowledge that these Psycho's (and all of their various nics) just happen to have Severe Michael Jackson complex fetishes and want to start fights! Don't waste your time or breath on these people - they are not worth it! Love & Hugs to you!

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Happy Holidays to you also HN!

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HELLO Pegasus








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Dose Of Reality    


MJ's life was worth only 3-4 years of Murray's.

Actually no, I applied the "rapid logic", as it pertains to the US legal system, to demonstrate how faulty it is.
The stuperfans like to incorrectly throw around the word "truth", but actual "truth" is not only absolute but also consistent.




How you read some of the comments here?

Actually, I wouldn't expect you to have suddenly developed any reading comprehension skills, so your comments are not surprising.

I've said it here before. I think Murray got off easy, he deserves his punishment (and more), whoever died is irrelevant.

*** Finger Snaps ***

678 days ago

Dose Of Reality    


MJ was so totally obsessed with hiding himself away and being wasted in bed 18 hours a day.


Are you familiar with the Murray trial, or is this just further evidence of the rabids selective memory?

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Michael told us that children were the only reason worth living for. Why didn’t we listen?
December 19, 2012
tags: children, Michael Jacksonby Vindicatemj (Helena)
.December 19, 2012

Don’t you worry child?
Guys, I must confess to you that I am going through a terrible crisis.

It started with all the injustice towards Michael Jackson from the media and the public, and their hypocrisy in harassing an innocent man while overlooking the problem of real child abuse.

LEAVE THE KIDS ALONE report Those who contributed to it
This was followed by the Pennsylvania University report about sexual exploitation of children in North America which I partially retyped swallowing tears on the way. Children are abused on a mass scale and mostly in families - by relatives and those whom children know and not by strangers as everyone thinks. The abused minors run away from homes and form an army of street children who have to sell sex for survival. They flock to sun-and-sand cities where really “big bucks” are. Many respected fathers of families go there as conventioneers and pay for sex with the young (the younger the child is, the higher fee is). Then they happily return home and raise their own children. The “sun and sand” cities are Los Angeles, San Francisco and the like. Incidentally, California which has fallen into a life-long tradition of persecuting Michael Jackson, is also a place with the highest rate of commercial sexual exploitation of children in the US.

LEAVE THE KIDS ALONE Page 2 of those who contributed to the report (click to enlarge)
I personally would call this eye-opening and ****tering report a LEAVE THE KIDS ALONE scream. Officially it carries the rather calm title of The Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children In The U.S., Canada and Mexico.

The report was made by Pennsylvania University professors in 2001/2002 on the basis of extensive information from the FBI and other departments. For the parties involved in the study see the pictures on the right please. Here is a link to the whole of it:

Mad sexologist Alfred Kinsey is showing children a do***entary about animals engaged in sex
The study of the report was followed by a talk carried out in some comments here about mad revolutionary professor Alfred Kinsey and his mad effect on Western society. The mad effect is actually illustrated by the above Pennsylvania University report.

The frightened and disturbed faces of children watching it (from “The Kinsey Syndrome”)
The do***entary about Kinsey and what he has done to the world and its future is called The Kinsey Syndrome.

Here is a link to it:

Then came a massacre at a Connecticut school by a quiet and clever young guy who smashed his computer first and then started killing for some reason. He had difficulties with adaptation to the society but was otherwise harmless or at least looked so. His mother possessed 5 guns and had a hobby of shooting in her free time instead of trying to adapt her son to life. This resulted in her own death and the death of 26 other innocent victims, 20 of whom were young children.

Some paper says that she took her son out of school as she protested to the plans the authorities had for him, but no one explains what these plans were and why he was homeschooled though he was bright enough for a college. The media does not try to analyze the inner, psychological reasons why all this happened except that they talk about the evil of guns, which is so obvious that it is even unnecessary to discuss.

Vika lives in an orphanage. She was born in November 2000
Then the child theme was picked up by our glorious Russian institution which calls itself parliament. This institution has now approved a law not allowing adoption of Russian children by the US people and despite my attitude towards our authorities after reading about Kinsey’s legacy it is the first time that I am at a loss and terribly hesitant. Adopted children do indeed die one after another after horrendous wounds and sexual abuse in some US families (see here: and what abuse goes unreported only God knows.

On the other hand our own statistics show deaths of children in Russia from the hands of their biological parents at the rate of 1800 children a year too. This was quite a shock to me. I knew that drinking mothers often abandon their children and they are raised in orphanages, but I didn’t know of the deaths and so many of them… Our general opinion was that orphans and especially those with a troubled past and an array of hereditary diseases were better off if taken abroad – over there they will receive better medical treatment and good care. But after all these deaths even this I am no longer convinced of. At least in their orphanages they were alive.

And when 4 children including a newborn were taken away from a normal and caring Russian mother living in Finland and married to a Finn my nerves were ****tered into pieces. It seems that the elder girl said at school that the father had slapped her on her back with his hand and as a result of that all four children were taken away from their mother in accordance with European norms.

Michael knew that all children are OURS [Attending the funeral of an AIDS victim Ryan White]
In other words life has suddenly focused on one single problem – children and what they are for us, and I cannot think of anything else, even MJ.

Though Michael would surely understand and would probably feel in the same way. He always knew that all children are our common children and that they are the most important thing in life…

I have no solutions. All I can say is that these problems are simply impossible to bear any longer – all this child abuse is impossible, all these politics are impossible, all these innocent deaths are impossible, all this human cruelty, lack of understanding, lies, hypocrisy and inability to find a proper way out – all this is simply impossible to live with.

Can’t we do something about it?

677 days ago


December 20, 2012

Wonderful American parents…
Today I’ve spent half a day looking for information on adoption of children by Americans and found very many good and happy stories. This is what we actually always thought and expected which is why our people were always happy when children were adopted abroad.

… for three Russian girls
Here are some of these stories. These three girls were exceptionally lucky – their American parents are kind, loving and wonderful in every way!

The pictures of adopted children show that all of them gradually become more adjusted, happy and normal when taken into families – even those who initially had some dysfunctions:

“Maybe Russia could have asked for better prior adoption screening and follow up instead of stopping adoption all together.”
This is what I was told in the comment. My spontaneous reply was – please do not confuse the Russian people with our authorities and don’t throw all of us into one pile. I shudder when someone on the top takes decisions for us and this is regarded as “Russia’s” decisions. Nothing can be further from the truth – we are two different worlds apart living lives of our own, the authorities live theirs, while we live ours with a huge gap in between. The people have no opportunity to influence the decisions taken by President or by our “parliament” (which no one elected as the elections were sham). This was what actually all recent rallies were all about.

The ban on the adoption had a pre-history. First the US looked into the death of a man who died while kept in detention and took a decision not to allow the officials connected with his wrongful death to enter the US (rightfully so, in my opinion). Then our authorities retaliated by forbidding the adoption of Russian kids. One clearly has nothing to do with the other and they used it just as a pretext.

On the other hand I do not rule out that some of parliamentaries may be genuinely concerned. The problem is that there were 19 horrendous deaths of our children in the US, as well as cases of their sexual abuse or neglect (like an adoptive parent returning one boy by plane saying she no longer wanted him). If there had been no such statistics there would have been no pretext either, and without the pretext they wouldn’t have taken such a decision.

But they had this pretext. In fact the number of deaths among adopted children amounts to the number of child victims in a recent shooting by Lanza. So by their cruelty to children some adoptive parents put a stop to a good process which normal people from both sides only welcomed. Their neglect and callousness were used in big politics, enabling hate to win over love in the long run.

December 21, 2012

This was the text I wrote as a reply to Rodrigo’s coment on another post:

“The evil and injustice is unbearable, Helena. But me, you, and other’s out there who are fighting the same fight CANNOT afford to fall apart. It’s easier said than done. We’ve both experienced the evil and injustice on a grand scale, greater than what we started with.” – Rodrigo
I am not falling apart – every crisis after the initial turmoil brings about better understanding of things and sometimes even helps to make a leap forward.

Michael’s death in 2009 also brought about a huge crisis in my life – it was a shock to realize the terrible injustice done to an exceptionally pure, innocent and harmless person whose only desire was to do good to the world. And see what we did to him in return… Three years of non-stop investigation has made me more than sure that Michael Jackson was completely innocent. You can believe me that I can write a hundred more new posts to prove this point and ****ter every remaining allegation into pieces.

But suddenly a new crisis came along – research of all the cir***stances around Michael Jackson opened up a terrible picture of at least two more processes taking place now. The first process is a totally despicable behavior of profit-seeking, hypocritical media which creates a smokescreen of “fight against pedophilia” by continuing to degrade innocent Michael (but totally ignoring the real problem) and the hordes of lazy and ignorant people believing these lies and not moving their little finger to learn a little truth.

Paul Gebhard replaced Alfred Kinsey as a director of Kinsey Institute (a shot from The Kinsey Syndrome do***entary)
And the second process is the erosion of basic morals of the society by real pedophiles and a powerful academic lobby who are very successful in sexualization children and are working hard to bring down the last barriers to pedophilia the world over with the help of pseudo-scientists like Alfred Kinsey, author of “sex revolution” in the 60s, and thousands of his followers.

A quote from a book by Waldren Pomeroy, anotherKinsey’s associate. He was the first Dean of the degree-granting Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco. Degrees are offered in Master of Human Sexuality, Master of Public Health in Human Sexuality, and Doctor of Human Sexuality, Doctor of Education and Doctor of Philosophy degrees with a focus in sexology and erotology. They also offer professional certificates in: Associate in Sex Education, Clinical Sexology, Sexological Bodywork, Sexological Instructor/Advisor of AIDS/STI Prevention, Sex Coaching, Sexological Hypnotism, and Erotology Certificates. Waldren Pomeroy’s followers teach children in US schools
The Pennsylvania University report of 2001/02 mentioned above shows that pedophilia is spreading like the plague after Kinsey sowed the first seeds and his followers promoted his perverse ideas contaminating every sphere of the society.

Now we are reaping the rotten fruit of what they did in the form of numerous Saviles, Sanduskys and thousands of ordinary family men who are not above some occasional sex with underage children if such services are offered on the “market”.

For information about it please see the section of Pennsylvania University report on the so-called “transient” males including members of the military, truck drivers, seasonal workers, conventioneers, sex tourists and “opportunistic” exploiters (i.e., personas who will sexually abuse whoever is available for sex including children) and the scale of the problem.

I will post some pieces from that report one day and they will show to you (same as they did to me) that most of child-abuse cases take place within families, which is why children run away from homes and then their life goes further downhill with drugs, survival sex and diseases also getting into the picture. When they find themselves in the street various “opportunistic” exploiters use these children for their pleasure – however the starting point for ruining these young lives is still in the families, and very often in quite prosperous ones too.

Though the prospect of being abused even in a family is real, an even worse situation is when thousands of children are kept in child-care centers and have never known a family life at all. So adoption does remain the only way out for these children and a chance to provide a better future for a child. Not all children kept in such centers are ill, however all of them are traumatized by not having parents of their own. Many of them have a disastrous past and the forced need to live the first 18 years of their life in various state institutions doesn’t make things much better.

So when we choose between an (adoptive) family which sometimes may be a risk to a child and similar dangers faced by the kid in child-care centers, we find ourselves between Scilla and Charybdis where every wrong move may result in a huge damage to a child – placing the kid in a wrong family may do enormous harm and leaving the kid in a special institution forever will surely do harm too.

I’ve read our statistics and found out that even if the child lives in a model child-care center and is very well taken care of there, at the age of 18 all of them have to go out into life which is like open sea to them – they feel helpless in most ordinary cir***stances as they have never lived alone.

The situation is slowly getting better with the institutions themselves, but even if the child avoids the dangers of harm, cruelty and abuse within the state walls, the biggest problem of these children is their further adaptation to society. When they leave their state institutions, which was the only home they ever had, they feel all alone, have little money, and no social skills whatsoever. They don’t know how to handle even the little money they have, as they have never paid for food, clothes, or utilities on their own.

They are fearful of others but being essentially helpless, they become easy prey to all sort of crooks who know how to win their trust. These predators cheat them out of the housing provided to them by the state, and many of the graduates of child-care institutions soon end up homeless as a result. It was with great joy that I learned that all graduates of such child-care centers in Moscow are provided with flats when they reach the age of 18, but the terrible news is that many of them are unable to keep the flats for themselves as they get easily cheated out of them – a flat is a big asset here.

In the provincial areas housing is a much bigger problem due to scarce financing and children have to wait long until they are provided with a corner of their own. Some are allotted a room in a flat shared with another graduate, or sometimes a total stranger, and who knows what this neighbor may turn out to be?

Up till now the adoption of these children by Russians accounted for two thirds of the whole number, while foreigners accounted for at least one third (if not more) and most of the adoptive parents were Americans. Now that our authorities have banned adoption of Russian children by the US the chances that these children will ever have a family and a stable future have greatly diminished, alas. The chance is left for all the others though and it will be horrible if this chance is lost, in my opinion. Our authorities can close this channel at any time now.

Vika: “If someone adopts me I hope it will be a good family. I hope we will go to the sea in summer…”
I’ve spent several past days on adoption sites and it is with much trepidation, fear, doubt, but also hope that I will provide to you videos of children who in 5 or 6 years from now will leave the child-care centers and will find themselves facing our social environment which is not easy to survive in, especially for them.

But given that at least some of those who closely monitor this blog may be pedophiles, making such a step on my part may be very reckless.

So let me address only those of you whom I trust and know to be good and reliable people from my correspondence with you over Michael Jackson’s issues – please make enquiries among your relatives, friends, colleagues and neighbors who are trustworthy people, and ask them if they want to adopt a young teenager in order to give the kid family warmth and a stable future. If there is such a desire and these people are ready for the difficulties this decision will surely involve I will be ready to help them in communicating with the necessary authorities.

At the moment I will translate only one video. The girl seems to me a complete blessing:

Vika (full name Victoria): My name is Vika, I am eleven years old.

Voiceover: Vika is a born actress. When she is on stage in school performances she behaves absolutely natural and doesn’t feel self-conscious. On the contrary she opens up there and shows all her talents in full.

Vika at 0:20: This is a mouse made of seed beeds. I made it last Monday.

Voiceover: Vika sings in a melodic voice, and has a good ear always hitting the right note. When she dances she gracefully repeats the dance moves she has learned. In short she surely has a talent for performing.
Vika is a gentle and open child. When she is on duty in class she performs her chores well. She tidies up her bed each morning and accurately puts her clothes on hangers. She is very responsive to tenderness, thanks you for each word of encouragement and gives you her tenderness back.
She also has a very valuable quality, worthy of respect. When she sees some injustice, Vika will not complain or report to anyone, but if you ask her about what happened, she will not be afraid to tell the truth. You may be sure that she will say everything as it really was without any exaggeration or unfairness. This is a very honest girl who sincerely hopes that her mother and father will soon come and take her into their family.

Vika at 1:11 “If I am adopted, I hope that my family will be good, and that during school holidays we will travel, and in summer go to the beach, to the sea or some other country. And I dream that my family will be the best”.

* * *

677 days ago


There are many children like that. The thought of this girl spending six more years in a child-care center and sailing in the open sea all alone after that makes me take this unprecedented move.

This is the first time I am doing anything of the kind and am shaking like a schoolgirl myself.

I have no idea what past troubles this girl went through and what future difficulties might be awaiting her future parents, but the feeling that this cannot be left as it is does not give me any quiet either.

Let us do something about it. And may the Almighty help us.

December 22, 2012

Rodrigo sent the following comment which had to be moved here as it found itself in the wrong post again:

“Looking at that video. We sit here, hoping for this and that that for Christmas, and all that little girl wants is a loving family, which is unlikely to happen for her on December 25th. My heart aches for her.”
Yes, these children spend their whole lives dreaming of a better future, and when it never comes they eventually break down or get cold, unfeeling and even brutal. Now that I’ve read much more about their situation I’m amazed to find many points of similarity between their problems and the problems Michael Jackson faced as a child and then in adult life.

It turns out that even if these children live in more or less satisfactory conditions – are fed, clothed, schooled, entertained, medically taken care of and are even given numerous gifts by kind visitors and benefactors – the first thing they greatly suffer of is deprivation of an individual loving parent. There are many people around them, some are better, some are worse, but they desperately long for being singled out of the mass and be unique to someone. If they see warmth from someone they can form attachments for this person as if for a real mother/father, and it isn’t necessarily their ‘official’ caretaker, but may be anyone – a cleaning woman, or even a volunteer who comes only on occasions but singles out this child with special warmth.

Michael suffered from parental deprivation very much indeed. He travelled with his brothers and father most of the time. Joe Jackson can be struck off as a parent and the fact that this cruel beast was a father to these children only makes things worse – children expect more of a father than of a care-taker in an orphanage who receives money for the job. And the mother in Michael’s life was a sort of a distant fairy who was somewhere in his dreams and recollections, but was mostly absent as they travelled while she stayed at home with the girls. The only person with whom Michael could more or less form a unique relationship was his Jewish teacher Rose who accompanied them everywhere on tours. Michael was the youngest and craved for such a unique relationship most and happily he had at least Rose. From what Michael said about her to Rabbi Shmuley she wa strict but seemed to be a loving person and this probably saved Michael.

It’s only when I started reading about our orphans that I began to understand Michael’s real problems.

Children in orphanages are never left alone to themselves – they are always together in a group, they have meals three times a day in a group, attend school in a group, have numerous activities in a group, go on excursions or for a walk in a group. In fact everything is done in a group and they are not allowed to even go to their room and stay there by themselves. They are never left alone and are never given a single minute of privacy. Deprivation of privacy is not done on purpose, this is simply how it is organized as this way it is easier to keep an eye on them. This brings much discipline and regularity into their lives but makes them terribly dependent on others.

And when they leave the orphanage they, in full contrast to all their past life, suddenly find themselves totally free. This is when their real problems start. They never had any spare time in their whole life, and have never been alone and now all of a sudden they have all the freedom in the world and no one beside them. They don’t know what to do with their freedom and have no one to rely on any longer. They don’t know the most basic things about individual form of living and are so disadapted that they don’t know how to use a refrigerator – in their orphanages there are no refrigerators, all food was brought from elsewhere or was cooked by the staff, so that the children had no food of their own and no money to buy it for anyway.

They don’t know how to use the little money they have as they never paid for anything themselves – everything was provided for, and at some point they begin thinking that this is the only way it can ever be at all. When they receive their first money they spend it within the first three days on totally unnecessary things with nothing left for food. They don’t even know how to clean their flat because in their orphanage this was done by cleaners and they grow up thinking that this should be done only by those who receive money for it…

In short at the age of 20 they behave like demanding infants. This is what social disadaptation is all about.

By the way since they are unable to live and function on their own, they often get together again, living in one flat while the rest of the flats are rented out – and again the same pattern of group living is reproduced. They don’t form families as a result, are unable to work but have all free time in the world with all its negative consequences.

Michael’s childhood may look different only at first sight while in reality it wasn’t that much different. The only thing you can deduct from Michael’s childhood is overprotection, but all the rest of it was there – harsh and even cruel discipline, no spare time, no privacy, the need to always stay in a group of his siblings and never having a chance to be on his own, constant rehearsing, working, travelling. No contacts with anyone else and no other activities except those on stage and not in the best social environment too considering that they had to perform even in sex clubs. Total social disadaptation and disorientation as a result. And only attending the religious services and associating with normal people there formed a sort of a counterbalance to everything else.

Michael was used to work and this helped him out a lot, but the rest of it was there – he also tried to reproduce in his life a “group style” with friends and their children giving him a feeling of a “family” around him. After many years of living in a crowd he felt so lonely that he surrounded himself with mannequins to recreate the illusion of a crowd. And since Michael never had a proper family pattern it was extremely difficult for him to form a family of his own.

Children like that require social rehabilitation and special corrective methods to teach them how to function in a society and acquire its patterns of behavior, as they don’t know the most basic things about ordinary life. This is why Michael was so much longing to see what family life is like and often stayed in other people’s houses. He never had it and wanted to learn how to. This is also how they are trying to rehabilitate our orphans now – by placing them in families before it is too late and before they get totally disadapted, otherwise they will need many years of post-orphanage monitoring and assistance. The state system saved these children from the street where they found themselves in the difficult 90s but created new problems, which now show that only the family pattern works.

The family is where the key to a child’s happiness is.

Michael was forced to follow the pattern of life of our social orphans almost to the letter of it – first he was subjected to parent deprivation and harsh discipline in a group, and later he had to close himself up in almost full isolation due to the mass adoration and hysteria around him. And I am not even talking about his illnesses like vitiligo, lupus and a burn which only add to the feeling of isolation which even the best socially adapted person will develop in such cir***stances.

As a result of all that Michael was not socially adapted at all. Add to it some racial problems too and you have soooooooo much of everything that I cannot believe how Michael managed to turn into a pure, kind and humane man he was.

677 days ago

♫ ♪♪♫ ♪ Wacko Claus ♫ ♪♪♫ ♪    

Merry Christmas To All

677 days ago


Why did that International Peadophile.... person write such a massive paragraph out which wz such bull****? Lmaoo, why would u waste ur time in first place anyway writing soo much just to diss a dead person!? Shame on u!!

676 days ago


...and Murray! You gta stay in jail for quite a while now! Just....ROT!!!!!

676 days ago
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