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Conrad Murray

I Want Out of Jail


12/18/2012 3:49 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray wants out of the pokey immediately while he appeals his conviction ... this according to court docs obtained by TMZ.

Murray -- who was found guilty of killing Michael Jackson -- has been in jail since he was convicted 13 months ago.

The Doc claims in the docs that he's not a flight risk ... partly because he has a small child who lives in L.A.  Murray also says he doesn't pose a danger to the community, and believes he was wrongly convicted.

Dr. Murray has tried this before and was shut down, but he's entitled to make his case for freedom once again.


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Corail Lunea    

Do you remember the time Conrad?

644 days ago


Michael Jackson wants out of being dead.

Some things just aren't gonna happen

644 days ago


What is sad is Dr Murray still cannot see what he did in the death of Michael..if the "propofol"was not ordered,there would have been no problem,and Mchael would srill be living,He has whinned though this whole year,DrMurray TOOK AND LIFE,NOT SAVED A LIFE

644 days ago

joe bob    

F*** him!!!!! That piece of S*** got off lucky and now he is whining about being in jail. PLEASE, SOMEONE MAKE HIM THE JAILHOUSE B****

644 days ago

Of freaking course! Who doesn't want out of jail 'right now'? Suck it up princess.

644 days ago


Murray also says he doesn't pose a danger to the community, and believes he was wrongly convicted.
This is what makes him a danger to the community the fact that he cannot even comprehend what he’s done wrong. Four years was not even enough.

644 days ago


I think MJ is arguably the best performer who ever lived on earth. With that said, the people who blame Conrad Murray ultimately for his death, are fools. He got caught up in a lifestyle, that included a mega-star being his "friend". Maybe he's guilty from a law book reference, but MJ was a hardcore drug addict. He even praised Demerol in a song, that u can't remember the name of. Hardcore drug addict! Secondly, from books I have read, I have come to my own conclusion, that yes, MJ, had a love affair with the young boy, who's father was a dentist. I'm not googling for accuracy, but I think his name was J. Campbell. MJ paid him 20 million, give or take, and the family changed names, and headed east. So ya, child molesting, drug addled,and weird as ****, but he sure can sing and dance!

644 days ago


Because he still doesn't believe he committed a crime he should have more time added until he shows some remorse for his actions.

How about; every time he complains about his treatment they add one year? Works for me.

644 days ago


Michael Jackson inducted into the Dance Heritage Coalition
(17-12-2012) Founded in 1992, the Dance Heritage Coalition (DHC) is the sole national non-profit organization in the USA dedicated to do***enting, preserving, and creating access to materials do***enting America’s dance legacy. Since 1999 the list of “America’s Irreplaceable Dance Treasures” included 100 dancers. Noone had been added to the list since....until last week. Michael Jackson was among new 12 honorees.

The other honorees include: Jacques d’Amboise, Jane Dudley, Garth ***an, Frederic Franklin, Loie Fuller, Carmen de Lavallade, John Martin, Sophie Maslow, Daniel Nagrin, The Rockettes, and Maria Tallchief.

They were nominated by a national survey and vote in 2012. The original intention was to add 10 new Treasures to the original 100. However, in recognition of extremely close voting and in honor of the year 2012, it was decided to bring the number up to 12. Afterwards the nominees were confirmed by the Dance Heritage Coalition (DHC) Board of Directors. The 12 figures are celebrated online along with the initial list of 100 in an Online Exhibition of Dance Treasures.

The list of “America's Irreplaceable Dance Treasures” encompasses individuals, organizations, and dance styles, and is intended to heighten public interest in the magnificence and richness of America's dance heritage and the imperative to do***ent and preserve it for future generations. “America’s Irreplaceable Dance Treasures: The First 100” was created by the DHC in 1999 from nominations submitted nationwide and vetted by a panel of experts; the Treasures formed the basis of the DHC’s traveling exhibition, which visited seven locations from 2004 to 2009. With the closing of the touring exhibit in 2009, the commemorative materials have been expanded and collected on the DHC’s website. A separate webpage is devoted to each of the Treasures, with essays, resource lists and curated visual materials. New pages for the 12 latest honorees have now been added to the online exhibition, which was launched in July 2012.

Michael Jackson's entry in the press release pf the DHC reads as follows:

Michael Jackson - The pop star who created the best-selling album of all time (“Thriller”), he has long been recognized as an exceptional dancer who combined elements from various vernacular dance styles to create a signature vocabulary and stage persona; his choreographed music videos broke ground in the development of this form.

644 days ago


People in hell want ice water! Please "Dr." Conrad!

644 days ago


Whatever **** Michael! Hes 1 less child Molester that we don't have to worry about.... thanks Doc!!!

644 days ago


Let Dr Conrad out... he saved a lot of kids..... fyi just because you make good music and can moon walk doesn't make you less human... he's a ****ing CHILD MOLESTER!! HE COULDN'T Live WITH HIS DEMONS SO HE HAD TO STAY HIGH!! PEOPLE ARE SO Naive!!!

644 days ago


And what responsibility does Michael Jackson have for his own death? This man made some pretty darn horrible mistakes, but MICHAEL JACKSON was making the orders. The Doc has some enormous responsibility, but it seems ironic and wrong that he's in jail forever since Michael was pulling all the strings. Any Doc working for Mike would have done whatever they were told. It's not like even though Docs are licensed they'd really be the ones in charged when hired as a private doc. Anyway, regardless of the responsibility, I feel mercy for this dumb man.

644 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Appeals don't work like that, MISTER Dumbass. You do your time while trying to come up with a reason why you should have another trial. Just do your time and wait til you are released. Because you MURDERED someone, you are extremely LUCKY that you are not doing life!

644 days ago
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