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Donald Trump

$5 Million VICTORY Over

Disgruntled Beauty Queen

12/18/2012 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Donald Trump isn't wasting his precious, billionaire time RIGGING beauty pageants, despite allegations from a scorned pageant contestant ... this according to a judge.

As we previously reported, Trump had filed a lawsuit against former Miss Pennsylvania Sheena Monnin ... claiming she defamed his Miss Universe Org. when she went on a media blitz and accused the Miss USA pageant of being rigged.  

At the time, Monnin had claimed a fellow Miss USA contestant had seen a list containing the top 5 contestants before they were officially announced at the event. Trump denied the allegations.

The case went to arbitration ... and now, the retired U.S. District Court Magistrate Judge who oversaw the case ruled that Monnin DID defame the Miss Universe Org. ... and awarded M.U.O. $5 million in damages.

Trump also released a statement saying, "We cannot allow a disgruntled contestant to make false and reckless statements which are damaging to the many people who have devoted their hearts and souls to the Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA pageant systems.”

He added, "While I feel very badly for Sheena, she did the wrong thing. She was really nasty, and we had no choice. It is an expensive lesson for her."


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one has to wonder about any legal procedure regarding Donald. The man is a bully , and can buy his way out of anything..I hope the poor gal has some money and not go broke..I do believe her, but its hard to prove. Now the idiot Donald thinks he is a hero, he is just a piece of sh--.

612 days ago


Cannot stand that loathsome toad trump, and would never believe him in any cir***stances. I can't stand beauty pageants in any event, but my wife used to be a model and knows several former contestants who jumped into modeling and they all said the pageants are fake.

612 days ago


I also think that judge must be demented (like 90% of the judges we have now). How is saying something bad about a piece of crap beauty pageant worth 5 milllion in a lawsuit. Give me a f'in break. That girl is never going to be able to pay that. I don't think what she said passed muster for libel, I think her freedom of speech rights were the ones that are in question here.

612 days ago


isn't this the same amoun$t he was going to give to OBAMA's charity for some kinda proof?papers and all?Obama did not meet the deadline as I recall before the amount [ the same as this one hmmm?]
Oh well..lawsuit smallsuit and almost a Santa Suit...

612 days ago


Mess with the Bull.....You get the horns, sweetheart. Team Trump wins again!

612 days ago


So many anti Trump comments. Old saying holds true.....everyone hates a winner. Except me, Ofcourse.

612 days ago

That Pop Life..yeah..    

Seriously,The Trump is the real "J.R.Ewing"..It's not personal just business.

612 days ago


Of course he won. He has enough money to pay off any one that needed paying off and was able to hire the best lawyers. She had no money and no help from any one. Once again it shows how money wins every time.

612 days ago


Keep it up trump. Women should be taught what happens when you cant shut your mouth. If you cant shut up, dont let your petty, catty side tell libelous lies. She got what she deserved.

612 days ago


Lol...she looks broke as f***

612 days ago

That Pop Life..yeah..    

That's her fault..You can't be broke and play with the big boys

612 days ago


OF COURSE he won. He's got the money for the lawyers and a coupla favors for the judge. We ALL know these contests are fixed. She was only telling the truth and that used to be legal in a pre-Rep-Trump America.

612 days ago


Boo Hoo, k

612 days ago


So nice to have money isn't it? You can buy your way out of anything. Can anyone say O.J. Simpson? Of course that crap is rigged.

612 days ago


Did Bernie Madoff buy his way out? Did Plaxico Buress? Where's OJ Simpson right now? Oh yea, that's right....prison. Did Jerry Sandusky buy his way out? Did Wesley Snipes but his way out? You people are idiots.

612 days ago
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