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Jovan Belcher's Coach

Pled with NFL Player

'You're Taking the Easy Way Out'

12/18/2012 9:27 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Kansas City Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel begged Jovan Belcher to put down his handgun and not kill himself during a tense standoff on December 1st ... telling the player, "You're taking the easy way out."

The Kansas City PD just released new documents from the murder/suicide investigation ... in which witnesses describe the sad moments before the NFL linebacker shot himself in the head.

Belcher had driven to the Chiefs practice facility after shooting the mother of his child Kasandra Perkins at their home ... and, while carrying a handgun, had a conversation with Chiefs GM Scott Pioli in the parking lot.

According to witnesses, Belcher told Pioli ... "I'm sorry Scott, I've done a bad thing to my girlfriend already. I want to talk with Gibbs and Romeo."

He continued, "You know that I've been having some major problems at home and with my girlfriend. I need help! I wasn't able to get enough help. I appreciate everything you all have done for me with trying to help ... but it wasn't enough. I have hurt my girl already and I can't go back now."

According to witnesses, Crennel arrived to the parking lot and pled with Belcher to put the gun down ... saying, "You're taking the easy way out."

Crennel told cops Jovan briefly lowered the gun to chamber a round, then he blessed himself by making a cross sign on his chest ... and then he fired one shot into his head, killing himself.

During the investigation, witnesses -- including Crennel -- told police that Belcher and his girlfriend had been arguing about money.

In the report, cops say, "[Crennel] stated that he got the impression that Ms. Perkins wanted to live a better life and expected to live a better life because she was with an NFL player."

Crennel also told cops Jovan was "smart with his money and didn't live outside his means."

Then again, he was driving a Bentley on the day of the murder.

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No Avatar


He still going to hell!! **** bag!

672 days ago


It wasn't Crennel's place to save the guy. He was the one who made the choice to put hurt the girl & then put the coach in the middle of an awful situation. On human can't "fix" another. It's a shame the man had to witness what he did. His putting the coach in that positon was just another awful choice. Crennel dwell on it.

672 days ago


yea he is a d-bag for taking someone else's life, but I love how TMZ smears his name by throwing in the line...."Then again, he was driving a Bentley on the day of the murder." So the dude had one nice car....and that is supposed to contradict the view that he didn't live outside of his means?

672 days ago


Perhaps he could drive a Bentley because he lived in a modest (by NFL standards) home; but why should anything but snark be expected from TMZ, even in this tragic situation.

672 days ago


Why is private information like this made public? Think of the family TMZ.

672 days ago


Very sad.I think these sports.Like boxing hockey and football.Need to do more to protect Head shots.It is having a major effect on the brain

672 days ago


Piece of crap burn in hell.

672 days ago

Dan Frederiksen    

I aint saying she's a gold digger..

sounds like she bought herself a ticket straight to hell

672 days ago


In no way am I trying to relieve this young man from the responsibility for his actions; after having shot his girlfriend, I don't really see what else he could do but shoot himself (even though this left his daughter without both parents, he would have rightfully been in prison forever and she still gets his insurance benefits). Still, by many accounts, his girlfriend was jerking him around with tales of his daughter being someone else's child. This certainly did not give him any right to lay a finger on her much less kill her. However, I have no respect for a woman who would use her child as a pawn in financial games (one of the reasons I'm no fan of Kris K).

672 days ago


Oh look it's TMZ sensationalizing ANOTHER MURDERER. Seriously I don't give a **** about what this guy said or what anyone said to him. He ORPHANED his ****ing child by shooting her mother. He's a murderer. Kassandra Perkins is the victim here, not this sick ****.

672 days ago


first off, he shouldnt of killed his GF. He should of kicked her out to the curb. What an ungrateful bitch! Try being homeless! Unbelievable!

672 days ago


Perhaps he could drive a Bentley because he lived in a modest (by NFL standards) home; but why should anything but snark be expected from TMZ, even in this tragic situation.

672 days ago

really! really?    

Especially during the holiday season, can't people refrain from damning this man? He is gone. We may not understand his choices but can any joy be found from kicking a dead horse? What's done is done.

672 days ago


Either way. This is sad. I hate to speculate but my original thoughts are manifesting. Gold digging is not an occupation.

672 days ago


Yes because blessing yourself will help. They say if u kill yourself you're tormented in hell..

672 days ago
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