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I Was FORCED To Sing

'Die Young' Lyrics

12/18/2012 4:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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has just -- shockingly -- come out and said she never wanted to sing the controversial lyrics in "Die Young" -- even though she's listed as one of the writers of the song.

TMZ broke the story ... Ke$ha's hit song has been yanked from a huge number of radio playlists since the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. 

Ke$ha just tweeted, she understands why her song is now inappropriate, adding,  "I had my very own issues with "die young" for this reason.  I did NOT want to sing those lyrics and I was FORCED TO."

The lyrics include this:  "Let's make the most of the night like we're gonna die young.  We're gonna die young.  We're gonna die young."

A bunch of people lashed out at Ke$ha on Twitter, slamming her for the song in the wake of the tragedy.

Ke$ha is listed as a co-writer of "Die Young," along with Dr. Luke and others.  She does not explain why she was forced to sing those lyrics.


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Ofcourse she didn't know what was going to happen. But she is so lying about the whole "forced" thing. It's called "damage control"

642 days ago


Oh jeez, she sings about dying young, must have had designs in the shooting friday. Wtf, no one had a problem with the song before the children were killed and while it is a tragic event, her song had nothing to do with it and doesn't talk about little children dying. But come on, own up to your own damn song, have a back bone.

642 days ago


never cared for her or her music, but between this and the BS surrounding Foster the People's song, Pumped Up Kicks, I think a lot of these ppl are just looking for reasons to be ***** and lash out. its so stupid. i say, point ur anger to a more worthy cause.

642 days ago


This is stupid.. People need to stop being so freaking sensitive.. Kids die every single day you just don't hear about it ..not saying its not a tragedy but c'mon it's a freaking song

642 days ago

Lisa fisher    

The song was out before that horrific day, people are always trying to link things to when something bad has happened

642 days ago


Putting aside her stupid comment about being forced to sing the lyrics, this is ridiculous. There are tons of songs that include references to dying young. This one just happens to be on the radio now. Clearly she is not talking about little kids being shot. I actually like this song (don't judge me) and have heard it many times, but I never would have even made a connection between it and the shootings unless the media had made a story out of it. What would REALLY be in good taste and consideration of the victims would be to stop trivializing the loss by connecting it to a meaningless pop song. THAT's the real insult to the families. If they're going to stop playing something, stop playing Pumped Up Kicks. That actually IS about a school shooting.

642 days ago

Justin Hutchinson    

Except on her commentary on her CD she said she loves the lyrics! Go to spotify. Look up Kesha and listen to the Die Young commentary

642 days ago

Jen Koster    

Funny she is mentioned as a co-writer, which means she helped to write the song, also means she could have changed the lyrics and didnt so tough crap Kesha no one believe you!

642 days ago


Okay. So let's look at this rationally. What happened, as everyone knows, crossed the line from "Oh, my god, someone shot a bunch of people," to "Oh... children? ..." but Ke$ha didn't write a song about a psychopath with an assault weapon walking into a grade school and shooting up the place.

She wrote a song about living life while you have it. If anything, to me the song says that life is precious and we should all enjoy it while we can because nothing is guaranteed. You can walk out your front door at any time of day in Chicago and they're shooting everybody out here. Today could be your last day no matter how old you are.

So get off Ke$ha's back!

642 days ago


She's part of the illuminati just like all of them. The video clearly states it

642 days ago


Btw, nobody should be buying this story. Sorry. But I was FORCED to type that.

642 days ago


it would be nice if we required our entertainers, of all races, to possess a few working brain cells. so tired of the ignorance that influences our populace.

642 days ago


Blaming Kesha and banning her song from airplay, instead of say I don't know... Fixing the poor availability of mental health services or lack of better gun control laws to stop those who are mentally ill from purchasing such high calibre weapons or his parents even...makes perfect sense.

642 days ago

Some Gal...    

I'm personally glad that the radio stations are pulling all these songs off the airwaves. At least now all the senseless killings will stop!!

642 days ago


BUT you have NO problem cashing in on it! Piece of work you all are!

642 days ago
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