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I Was FORCED To Sing

'Die Young' Lyrics

12/18/2012 4:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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has just -- shockingly -- come out and said she never wanted to sing the controversial lyrics in "Die Young" -- even though she's listed as one of the writers of the song.

TMZ broke the story ... Ke$ha's hit song has been yanked from a huge number of radio playlists since the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. 

Ke$ha just tweeted, she understands why her song is now inappropriate, adding,  "I had my very own issues with "die young" for this reason.  I did NOT want to sing those lyrics and I was FORCED TO."

The lyrics include this:  "Let's make the most of the night like we're gonna die young.  We're gonna die young.  We're gonna die young."

A bunch of people lashed out at Ke$ha on Twitter, slamming her for the song in the wake of the tragedy.

Ke$ha is listed as a co-writer of "Die Young," along with Dr. Luke and others.  She does not explain why she was forced to sing those lyrics.


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This is all so ridiculous, to anyone in the comments saying she "needs to go away," guess what? SHE'S NOT GOING ANYWHERE. Talking about Godsha is going to make her stay ever longer. So thank you. AND, the song was made way before the stupid shooting. YES, the shooting was stupid, as in the guy was stupid for doing it. I have mourned about the deaths already, but really? Taking songs off the air? We understand children and adults lost their lives, but these are people's careers. How are they going to survive if they are getting payed for their job!? This is all ridiculous. No artist should suffer because of a tragedy that happened. She has said her condolences to anyone affected by it. She never meant to hurt anyone with music, by the way, that people ENJOY. If nobody enjoyed it should wouldn't be signed. Hate all you want. Call me when you're as famous as she is.

642 days ago


il I saw the check which was of $9164, I be certain sister woz like they say realy making money in their spare time at there labtop.. there neighbor has been doing this for only 10 months and resantly repayed the dept on there mini mansion and bourt themselves a Infiniti. I went here,

642 days ago


It's a sensitivity thing, you morons. It's not a public lynching of her. You are making way more out if this than need be.

642 days ago


Somebody has to be the scapegoat sometimes, that's just the way life is..

642 days ago


lol i dont see how the song has anything to do with the school shooting, if we are taking songs off the radios because its related to violence half the songs on the radio would be gone..

642 days ago


Whats so infuriating about the song lyrics? I don't even like her music but I find nothing wrong with the song. There are plenty of songs that talk about similar things.. And hasn't the song been out for a while now?

642 days ago

Volo Auto Museum    

Thats stupid, its no different that saying Live for today cause there might not be a tomorrow. Or Princes Party Like its 1999. It says to live forthe moment, doesn't say go kill people.

642 days ago


i there dumb people blaming this song for the massacre? it's even dumber when people blamed Ozyy and Suicide Solution for the suicide of a teenager

642 days ago


Proof that "artists" do not write their own songs but want credit.

642 days ago


Who cares its not even like those lyrics are that bad and it be 1 thing if she wrote the song now but she wrote it before this even happened are we going to get on Billy Joel for saying only the good die young?

642 days ago


Lol blame Marilyn for Columbine blame Kesha for Connecticut!!

642 days ago


It was obviously a tragedy what this sicko did to those children but it's not like he was bumping Kesha before walking into the school to open fire

642 days ago


She's a FLOP now anyway. Her album debuted at #6 in the US and then fell to #35 the 2nd week. LOL

642 days ago


I though the songs lyrics were stupid and in bad taste before the shooting. Sad that it takes a shooting for people to wake the f@#k up!

642 days ago


This goes to show you how literally stupid people are. If you're going to bash on Ke$ha for those lyrics, I'm sure you can find a slew of other songs to unfairly attach to horrendous murders. I mean, seriously! She should not have to be defending herself. Each and every person who attacked her on Twitter should beat themselves with a Stupid Stick.

642 days ago
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