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I Was FORCED To Sing

'Die Young' Lyrics

12/18/2012 4:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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has just -- shockingly -- come out and said she never wanted to sing the controversial lyrics in "Die Young" -- even though she's listed as one of the writers of the song.

TMZ broke the story ... Ke$ha's hit song has been yanked from a huge number of radio playlists since the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. 

Ke$ha just tweeted, she understands why her song is now inappropriate, adding,  "I had my very own issues with "die young" for this reason.  I did NOT want to sing those lyrics and I was FORCED TO."

The lyrics include this:  "Let's make the most of the night like we're gonna die young.  We're gonna die young.  We're gonna die young."

A bunch of people lashed out at Ke$ha on Twitter, slamming her for the song in the wake of the tragedy.

Ke$ha is listed as a co-writer of "Die Young," along with Dr. Luke and others.  She does not explain why she was forced to sing those lyrics.


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Why does she always look like she just crawled out of a garbage can? I cant stand her. However it is just a song, a bad song but still just a song. She didnt write it after the shooting. I can see why radio stations would stop playing it in light of this tragedy. But its not her fault and she shouldnt be attacked for it.

585 days ago


Man up, Ke$ha. You just admitted (sort of) that you are a sell out by stating that you made a lot of money off of your song that you never wanted to sing or have any part of. Yea, ok..... SELL OUT!

585 days ago

furious cupcakes    

It's selfish and reckless to put out any content that will make a child feel uncomfortable. Children don't process things like grown-ups do. Our kids are scared and feel like no one even cares about them.... knock it off and do the right thing.

585 days ago


cmon. it doesn't matter even if she wrote it yesterday. it's about having fun in case of anything. now we can't talk about dying young? poor billy joel

585 days ago


It's funny because no one gave a **** about the song til after the tragedy. I'm certain this wouldn't be a big deal if this horrific event never happened. No one could have predicted it. She did nothing wrong. Just bad timing

585 days ago


This song was written way before the tragedy and she should not be banned for it, however I also feel she needs to not cave to the pressure and say, ya, I wrote it, a while ago and it may seem in bad taste now, but thats life.

585 days ago


Oh that's right. Whenever there's a tragedy try to find a way to blame music, film or video games.

585 days ago


Why is everyone so pissed at Ke$ha? we still have the right to artistic liberty, like we have the right to freedom of speech.. Was she suppose to know what was going to happen at Sandy Hook elementary school? Last time I checked she couldn't predict the future

585 days ago


If they can "force" her to sing lyrics then they can FORCE her to have a damn shower. YUCK!

585 days ago


I just wish people would own up. It is so much easier to remember the truth than a lie.

585 days ago


Its a common english saying "only the good die young" "make the most of your life like your gonna die young" WTF quit being so sensitive. Are we gonna delete the Tupac song now?

585 days ago


it shouldnt matter, this song was written LONG before ths tragedy and with the intentions of "you only live once" it just happens to sting some of the wrong people in the wake of this... on saturday morning i woke up, and the FIRST commercial that came on nbc was the it is FULL of little kids. why arent people freaking out about this?? but again it was just timing...

585 days ago


newsfash should stop shoving cameras and microphones in Newtown's face, before worrying about whether Kesha songs will upset them.

585 days ago


she doesnt have to explain a thing.the knee jerk reactions when things like this happen are pathetic.sure its tragic and sad.but to whine about a song she wrote before this happened is just stupid.people just have to have something to hate on now days..btw why isnt the media saying much about this?? when someone with a gun actually uses it to save lives you hear crickets.guess this story doesnt fit the agenda

585 days ago


I'm shocked at her statement. I took the phrase to mean live life to the fullest not actually die young. By her statement I guess that's not what was meant. This is so dumb. We are a joke to the rest of the world. We will play "come blow my whistle" (for example) 99 times in a row, on 5 channels, at the same time and that's ok.

585 days ago
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