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I Was FORCED To Sing

'Die Young' Lyrics

12/18/2012 4:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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has just -- shockingly -- come out and said she never wanted to sing the controversial lyrics in "Die Young" -- even though she's listed as one of the writers of the song.

TMZ broke the story ... Ke$ha's hit song has been yanked from a huge number of radio playlists since the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. 

Ke$ha just tweeted, she understands why her song is now inappropriate, adding,  "I had my very own issues with "die young" for this reason.  I did NOT want to sing those lyrics and I was FORCED TO."

The lyrics include this:  "Let's make the most of the night like we're gonna die young.  We're gonna die young.  We're gonna die young."

A bunch of people lashed out at Ke$ha on Twitter, slamming her for the song in the wake of the tragedy.

Ke$ha is listed as a co-writer of "Die Young," along with Dr. Luke and others.  She does not explain why she was forced to sing those lyrics.


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Cletus Van Damme    

What an idiot. Why say anything? The song has nothing to do with the tragedy.

675 days ago


Everyone please stop getting ur panties in a bunch! She is an artist! Her lyrics are not meant to b taken literally. Should we yank all violent literature and films off the shelves bcus of every tragedy that occurs?! Some people r idiots for attacking her! This is not the first time such a tragedy happens. Soon we will go back to our normal lives n forget her aong anyway....uugghh stupid people lol

675 days ago


So should we get all over Billy Joel for "Only the Good Die Young" It's a song you idiots.

675 days ago


I may be mistaken, but in the Kesha's video clip showm on TMZ live today there was a pentagram symbol in her video......Thought it may been the star of david so I double checked the image and it's a pentagram......makes it more awkard to listen to the song.

675 days ago


she is so full of it, $ is in her name for a reason

675 days ago


Did she have to perform the song after Friday? Not sure why ppl are giving her slack for a song that was on the airwaves and popular before this horrific tragedy.

Yea, her music is bad. The song is not even that good. But, at the same could she have predicted this tragedy when she recorded the song.

675 days ago


Anybody who is over sensitive over this song needs help with oversensitivity. If you listen to the lyrics they aren't even that controversial.

675 days ago


Well she wrote and started singing the song wayyyyy before an idiot, retard, psycho decided to go on a rampage so totally not her fault, but can understand why it is not so suitable now

675 days ago


Things happen..when tragedy hits, people affected attack. She sang the's just a song.

675 days ago


illuminati, DUH!

675 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

This spin stinks.

Much like her "music".

675 days ago


Geez....if people are making an issue of song lyrics will they quote bible verses then ban the bible too? The iasuw ia mental illnesses and people with them are walking the streets unmedicated because they have the right to refuse treatment and these arw the people doing the killings.

675 days ago

What You Really Want To See    

yeah, just like she's forced to dress and dance like a slut while sining her lyrics. they made her do it... right!

675 days ago


Wow America!! Way to take the attention away from the victims of this horrific tragedy by trying to pin the blame on a stupid pop song that many of us didn't even know existed until now. Its a dumb song, with no meaning and has absolutely no relations to the tragedy. You would think as a country you would be more concerned about finding ways to intervene in the lives of troubled individuals to prevent the occurrence of such heinous crimes. But Nooooooo! you are worried about some f'ing pathetic pop song.

675 days ago


This is the most redicilous thing I've ever heard... Nobody had a problem with this song until now. It doesn't mean anything at all

675 days ago
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