TMZ Live Ke$ha Song Takes Major Hit After CT Shootings

12/18/2012 12:30 PM PST

TMZ Live: Ke$ha Hit Song Takes Major Hit After CT Shootings

TMZ Live

Ke$ha had a huge hit song until the tragedy in Newtown, CT happened -- and now "Die Young" is plummeting down radio's airplay charts. Should the song be banned, or are people being over sensitive ... if that's possible in this situation?

Plus, video of Kris and Bruce Jenner's super-PDA could be a sign all those divorce rumors are false -- or is it a sign they're trying way too hard to hide something?

And ... Mark Sanchez has a pretty face, a fat bank account, and lately ... no success on the field. Is the NY Jets (ex?) QB just the dude version of Anna Kournikova? Charles has strong feelings about it -- and Harv disagrees. Here we go!

0:00 - Ke$ha has one of her singles tumbling down the charts after last week's tragic shooting in Connecticut.
7:05 - Kate Upton makes giant strides for Antarctica's tourism board. (If they have one.)
10:04 - Kris & Bruce Jenner want to be very, very clear: they are NOT getting a DIVORCE. Look how happy they are! LOOK!
14:40 - Shutterbugs beware, Instagram may have jumped the sepia-filtered shark with their new ownership policy.
18:13 - Donald Trump scores a HUGE victory in court against a former pageant beauty. Nice to see the guy finally catch a break!
24:10 - In a series of events fit for 'Homeland,' journalist Richard Engel and his crew are freed after being kidnapped in Syria.
28:43 - Charles has finally given up on Mark Sanchez, but is that enough to deem the dapper Jets quarterback the "male Anna Kournikova"?
34:59 - Rihanna throws down some serious dough for a posh new Palisades pad.
36:10 - Tony Hawk is one of the greatest skateboarders of ALL TIME... So does he get a pass for teaching his daughter to ride without a helmet?
38:31 - We take your calls!