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Ke$ha Song Takes Major

Hit After CT Shootings

12/18/2012 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Ke$ha had a huge hit song until the tragedy in Newtown, CT happened -- and now "Die Young" is plummeting down radio's airplay charts. Should the song be banned, or are people being over sensitive ... if that's possible in this situation?

Plus, video of Kris and Bruce Jenner's super-PDA could be a sign all those divorce rumors are false -- or is it a sign they're trying way too hard to hide something?

And ... Mark Sanchez has a pretty face, a fat bank account, and lately ... no success on the field. Is the NY Jets (ex?) QB just the dude version of Anna Kournikova? Charles has strong feelings about it -- and Harv disagrees. Here we go!

0:00 - Ke$ha has one of her singles tumbling down the charts after last week's tragic shooting in Connecticut.
7:05 - Kate Upton makes giant strides for Antarctica's tourism board. (If they have one.)
10:04 - Kris & Bruce Jenner want to be very, very clear: they are NOT getting a DIVORCE. Look how happy they are! LOOK!
14:40 - Shutterbugs beware, Instagram may have jumped the sepia-filtered shark with their new ownership policy.
18:13 - Donald Trump scores a HUGE victory in court against a former pageant beauty. Nice to see the guy finally catch a break!
24:10 - In a series of events fit for 'Homeland,' journalist Richard Engel and his crew are freed after being kidnapped in Syria.
28:43 - Charles has finally given up on Mark Sanchez, but is that enough to deem the dapper Jets quarterback the "male Anna Kournikova"?
34:59 - Rihanna throws down some serious dough for a posh new Palisades pad.
36:10 - Tony Hawk is one of the greatest skateboarders of ALL TIME... So does he get a pass for teaching his daughter to ride without a helmet?
38:31 - We take your calls!


No Avatar


She is just another Illuminati sponsored musician using SUBLIMINALS in her music to brainwashed masses.

There is a REASON they are blasting symbols in their music from Lana Del rey to Kesha to Rhianna to JayZ to Maddona to lady Gaga.
If your zombie mind does not understand it you need to spend some time and learn about it.You can start with MK Ultra CIA program,Monarch programming,Disney brainwashing etc.

Remember knowledge is your enemy,you need to worship celebrities and trust your media that brings you news they want you to hear.
Dont you dare to question or investigate truth.

673 days ago


I'm not actually posting today, I have the ghost of Harvey's Christmas past taking over my keyboard.

673 days ago


The only reason Kesha's song should've been pulled is because she repeats too many sentences in all her songs. Auto-tuned songs should be pulled from all radio stations. Then again, what would be left for them to actually put on their playlists?

673 days ago


I don't even know who this Singer is, never heard of her but from the video I can tell she is a Satanic Worshiper. Good Luck with that.

673 days ago

limon lizard    

kavlar desks and chairs lockdown rooms and kavlar plated safe rooms and some body amors for some of the staff could save some lifes?.Kid had a problem with adult females whom he shot.MOM enabled him to kill by teaching him how to and by leaveing her weapons about for him

673 days ago


Good Afternoon Fellow posters. I should be out enjoying 2.98 a pint of beer day at my local legion but Mother Nature decided to drop a crapload of snow on my city. I guess this is the deep freeze lead up to the end of the world, eh?

673 days ago

limon lizard    

throw run jump roll block shots fight until the end or play dead whatever works use it

673 days ago


sigh.. another typical knee jerk over-reaction pulling that song. It has been taken out of context and it's pretty ridiculous that people have twisted it like this.

673 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

Firstly, Jimmy "The Serpent" Iovine, Interscope Records, the RIAA, BMI, and their Chumpsters,
are liable for more blood-shed, than any song by
a chick who spells her name with a $ sign:
got "Gangsta" rap?

Secondly, The Divinely-anointed House of David shall dutifully and relentlessly hold the ENTIRE
Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of
U.S. "government" WHOLLY accountable for
the manifestation of pure Evil that afflicted the
Children at Newtown, Massachusetts.
An oppressive, Anti-Christian "government",unquestionably, craftily created, fostered, and nurtured, the epidemic of Death and Destruction which -literally- increases, by the hour.
For DECADES, only focusing upon their own special-interest serving agendas and needs, while
America faces a -needless- terminal demise.

The House of David 20Twelve Victory, is HERE:

673 days ago


I heard that song on the radio twice this morning.

673 days ago


I don't like Key$ha's song any way

673 days ago


Antarctic? LMFAO. I don't believe for a minute she was actually there.

673 days ago


Must be nice when your only lot in life is to pose in a bikini who's tops are two sizes two small. Good on her, but I highly doubt it's newsworthy. Good ole booby brigade at TMZ.

673 days ago


Christ someone please assure me we aren't going to be getting a phone call from either of these people?

673 days ago

Internet Tough Guy    

My bologna has a first name it's tmz my bologna has a second name it's tmz.

673 days ago
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