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Ben Affleck

Heads to Capitol Hill --

The Congo Needs Our Help!

12/19/2012 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ben Affleck -- famous actor, director and screenwriter -- is now adding congressional testifier to his resume ... 'cause the "Argo" star just hit Capitol Hill to ask for U.S. intervention in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Affleck addressed the House Armed Services Committee on the security situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo this morning, claiming militant rebel groups have destabilized the country for long enough ... and it's time the U.S. put an end to the violence once and for all.

Why is Affleck qualified to talk about the Congo problems? Well, he happens to be the founder of the Eastern Congo Initiative, a humanitarian group that provides funding for local leaders and organizations in the eastern Congo.

Fancy that.


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fighting in the congo will never end, because the leaders are the ones who incourage the fighting to protect their riches, they care nothing about the poor. Thats why you see forgotten towns and villages, no proper roads, health care, food or water. The corruption was going on for ages, so American soldiers will have to give their lives for that? didnt Ben remember the photographer in the Sudan who was killed by a bunch of villagers, just because he was filming. Its both sides of the coin you have to look at, we need help here in the US, with our own kids and parents who needs housing, good roads, good paying jobs, and improvement for the inner city, but on the other hand we dont want to see other human beings suffer.

644 days ago


These moronic celebrities. The Congo has needed our help for decades.
If he wants to scream for urgent help he needs to urge Capitol Hill to pay attention to the Fukushima nuclear power plant current state of meltdown.

644 days ago


Why can't all the celebrities be concerned with what is going on right here in their good ol' United States? WAKE UP Hollywood the U.S. is in crisis, do you see anyone from the Congo or Hati or anywhere speaking out/up to help us?

644 days ago


Yeah. I've long wondered what Ben Affleck thinks about the Congo. ummmm well, maybe not. Not sayin' it ain't a mess. I'm just sayin'!! What gets into these guys? are they bored with their own lives?

644 days ago


WE NEED OUR HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just because you have a cause, doesn't mean "America" needs to take care of it. I'm sick of us not taking care of America!! It has got to stop!

644 days ago


FUQ THE CONGO!!!!!! We have a extreme amount of problems HERE in our own country Mr Aflek! WHAT ABOUT USs??? No, you have no idea what is going on here because you are a typical wealthy person who has their head's so far up their a$$ that they have no clue what happens to the average person! goes through!!

644 days ago


Ben should be wielding his Hollywood influence demanding that Capital Hill pass new laws on control!

644 days ago


Really Ben!! We just had a major tragedy, involving 20 kids. We need to revamp our mental health system. We are in a horrible economy, in debt up to our eyeballs and falling off a "fiscal cliff". You go to Congress about money for the Congo?? Get a grip and get off "The Hill" Mr. Affleck!!

644 days ago


What about our own poverty in the United Staes...lets help our folks before we venture off to other places.

644 days ago


America need our help!...we give billions every year to foreign aid...we have starving people here...we have homeless people here...we pay politicians over a hundred thousand dollars a year every year...its time to stop being so politically correct and start using common cant even have an opinion anymore without somebody getting offended...its time to put on our big boy drawers and fix us!

644 days ago


How did he do TMZ? Is the US going to intervene?

644 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Should've told them you struck oil over there. They would've sent over 2 aircraft carriers and bomb the hell out of that place.

644 days ago


I'm all for helping people but explain to me why celeb's and people in general feel it's our responsibility to cradle the rest of the world? We're 16 Trillion dollars in debt with no end in site, not to mention that no one comes to our aid when disaster strikes. It makes me sick sometimes that the world looks to us to solve their problems like going to an ATM machine. Lets rebuild US first.

644 days ago


Really Ben, so tell me and the rest of the Americans, WHO IS GOING TO PAY FOR THIS INVESTIGATION,
We are broke o sorry you don't know what that means, This Country has NO MONEY, Stop asking for more and start looking at your OWN Country to help get out of the mess this President put us in!!! and he is going to spend more...

644 days ago


What about our country here ben?
We need help as well, probably even more.
These idiots need to stop worrying about other countries and start taking care of America first.
We already have enough problems.

644 days ago
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