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Justin, Ashton SWATTER


12/19/2012 3:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The juvenile who was arrested for phoning in prank 911 calls -- claiming there was gun violence at the homes of Justin Bieber and Ashton Kutcher -- is only 12 years old ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected to the boy tell TMZ ... he lives in California with his mother.  He refuses to go to school and sits at his computer day and night, communicating with other hackers.  We're told he is antisocial, preferring the keyboard to personal contact.

Our sources say Children's Services has been to the boy's apartment multiple times, trying to stabilize the situation, to no avail.  We're told the mother has virtually checked out.  We're told the family is "incredibly dysfunctional."

Our sources say the boy is smart, but by no means a Zuckerberg-esque genius.  Still, he was able to evade cops for months.

We're told law enforcement is sympathetic and steps are afoot to remove the child from the home and place him in a stable foster environment.  We're also told authorities are inclined to get the boy counseling rather than mete out punishment -- i.e., place him on probation and if he completes his counseling program all charges will be dismissed.

It's pretty remarkable ... a 12 year old concocted incredible fake scenarios to fool cops ... telling them gun-toting Russian thugs had held people in Ashton's house hostage.

The L.A. County D.A. has yet to make a decision on charging the boy with crimes.


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Are prank calls a crime? IMHO - they should be. Especially after the 2 Aussie nitwit DJs. Until it's a crime, this kid did nothing wrong. They're "dropping charges?" What charges? But if it's not a crime then he did nothing wrong.

642 days ago


They should remove this kid and try to get him somewhere stable and try to help him with his education. If he's able to do this at 12, he would be a great asset in the corporate world or in a government facility.

On a side note, I bet the 12 year old could kick Bieber's ass in a one-on-one fight.

642 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

The kid has no money to pay off the LA County Judicial Celebrity Crime family, therefore, he will be charged with a crime.

642 days ago


Okay. Here's a perfect opportunity to stop something terrible from happening. This kid is on the same path as every other crazy killer. Just because he's young shouldn't matter. He's got all the ingredients to cause a disaster. If he can figure out this, imagine what he COULD be capable of. Don't just sit there, social services! Mark my words!

642 days ago


TMZ: 'It's pretty remarkable ... "

I think the word SCARY is more appropriate. Dysfunctional family indeed! What parent allows their 12 year old to do as they please? Has he been diagnosed as antisocial or is TMZ saying that because he never leaves his room? Either way, I hope this kid gets a psychiatric evaluation ASAP, because next time he may actually commit the acts, not just think them up.

642 days ago


He really needs to stop with these pranks no time for **** like this right now!

642 days ago


It doesn't take an Einstein to do this. It only requires hours and hours of re-routing to create a maze that is very time-consuming for authorities to trace in reverse. They absolutely would have traced him eventually, because celebrities bring attention to police investigations, so they are always files that are worked to conclusion. If someone hacks you personally with the re-routing technique, likely the police would not invest the time that it takes to unravel it in reverse. It's sad that celebrities get more attention and benefits than cancer doctors.

642 days ago


Shame on government and politicians that they are not pro-active in monitoring neglected and disturbed youth before bullets fly.

642 days ago


Time for that kid to go somewhere and be taught that he is not in charge and either go to school or be locked up with daily counseling and evaluation. Enough!

642 days ago


HEY, TEACHERS, get off the damn picket lines and get involved in making sure your students are in healthy home environments. You are the only frontline adults that they interact with outside of their home environments, so quit whining all the time about the poor neglected teacher, and do right by the children.

642 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Maybe Afflack can use this kid to send Cops to Congo.

642 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

And you just gave him GLORY, TMZ. You wrote an article about him, that'll teach that little f*cker!

642 days ago


harvey needs to not use the show as his platform for his views on what he thinks about gun control.

642 days ago

Uncle Rufus    

I bet he's FAT TOO!

642 days ago


Hey TMZ setting up the scenario's I see and helping the plan...This is insane!, listen to you all yelling about he's gonna get a weapon down the line and this is the type of kid who will do stuff like that kid in....MSM can really brainwash can't they... you can lead the sheep....

642 days ago
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