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Justin, Ashton SWATTER


12/19/2012 3:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The juvenile who was arrested for phoning in prank 911 calls -- claiming there was gun violence at the homes of Justin Bieber and Ashton Kutcher -- is only 12 years old ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected to the boy tell TMZ ... he lives in California with his mother.  He refuses to go to school and sits at his computer day and night, communicating with other hackers.  We're told he is antisocial, preferring the keyboard to personal contact.

Our sources say Children's Services has been to the boy's apartment multiple times, trying to stabilize the situation, to no avail.  We're told the mother has virtually checked out.  We're told the family is "incredibly dysfunctional."

Our sources say the boy is smart, but by no means a Zuckerberg-esque genius.  Still, he was able to evade cops for months.

We're told law enforcement is sympathetic and steps are afoot to remove the child from the home and place him in a stable foster environment.  We're also told authorities are inclined to get the boy counseling rather than mete out punishment -- i.e., place him on probation and if he completes his counseling program all charges will be dismissed.

It's pretty remarkable ... a 12 year old concocted incredible fake scenarios to fool cops ... telling them gun-toting Russian thugs had held people in Ashton's house hostage.

The L.A. County D.A. has yet to make a decision on charging the boy with crimes.


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Newsflash: Most kids would rather stay home playing pranks on the computer than going to school, however, most parents would not allow their children to behave that way. The mother could have called the cops if the son "refused" to go to school. The mother could have taken her son's computer away instead of allowing him to play on it all day. The fact that the mother "checked out" does not mean that this kid is going to shoot up a school or that he is an incurable psychopath- he is running wild because his mother ALLOWED him to. There is a good chance that these pranks would not have occurred had the child not lived in a dysfunctional home without any parental supervision. The mother is largely to blame in all this.

681 days ago


great, another sociopath. but whats important here is to point out the fact it took cops MONTHS to capture a 12yo kid. moral: cops are fu*kin useless

681 days ago



680 days ago


OMG, Kutcher got PUNK'D???? That is waaaaay tooo funny for words. Don't get me wrong, I don't think it's right that law enforcement should have been called out for a usesless prank, but this reminds me of when I used to do prank phone calls. Nobody was really hurt and it couldn't have happened to 2 more worthy douches.
As for the kid, you make the kid go to school by grabbing him by his ear and putting his little 12 year old butt in the car and walking him into the school. That's how it's done. Some people just don't want to parent anymore. Sad.

680 days ago


HEY PEOPLE!!!! GET A FRIGGING CLUE. This is a CHILD. You know, like the one's at Sandy Hook??? I am so sick and tired of people assuming that just because you are shy and antisocial that you are going to go postal on everyone around you. How do you know that this CHILD is not bullied at school and doesn't want to go. Yes, he has to go to school, and his mother needs to make him go, but she also needs to find out WHY he doesn't want to go.
Not all shy and reserved people are future spree killers and serial killers and what not. My brother has Asperger's syndrome. He does not do well at all with people. Never has and never will. He works alone and lives alone. But he has NEVER EVER, picked up a gun and doesn't want too. E.V.E.R. This makes me incredibly enraged when I hear that you have to watch out for the shy one's that they will go off, yada yada yada. I made prank phone calls when I was a kid and I thought it was the funniest thing ever, and I was shy and reserved about people and I never once thought about shooting up a mall, a school, a church or whatever. N.E.V.E.R..
It disturbs me greatly about the attitude on here that this kid needs to be strung up, shipped abroad, killed, institutionalized, sent to prison and other grotesque things that you want to do to this kid. It says WAY more about you and your mind than it EVER does this kid. You all are sick people using Sandy Hook as an excuse.

680 days ago

Jack Neil    

The swatter is Satanist_XIV, aka Aaron James (AJ). He lives at 38245 Murrieta Hot Springs Rd Unit E207 Murrieta, CA 92563, 39930 Whitewood Rd. # I-105 Murrieta, CA 92563, 25100 Vista Murrieta Apt 3428 Murrieta, CA 92562, 24323 Jackson Ave Apt 721 Murrieta, CA 92562. His mom is Glenna T Maxcy, his dad is Keith A Maxcy.

678 days ago


i think some people commenting are being a little irrational, sound like a pretty normal kid with a bad family life to me.

So he made a pretty extreme prank phone call, he's a 12 year old boy, it happens, I remember acting out death scenes with guns in my drama class with friend at that age.

Many kids don't like going to school and are much more comfortable behind a computer seeing a with puberty and developing independence it's an awkward age to be for some.

To assume he's going to be a future killer is absurd and encourages his peers to see him as being different, which of course would isolate him more so.

678 days ago
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