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Lindsay Lohan

I'm Not a Trailer-Trashing

Toilet Clogger!

12/19/2012 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan says she's been framed -- she couldn't have trashed her "Scary Movie 5" trailer ... 'cause it was trashed when she got there, and producers retaliated because they were pissed off she was a no-show for the first day of shooting ... so Lindsay is telling close friends.

Lindsay is pissed at reports claiming she clogged her toilet -- along with all the other toilets on the set. 

Now here's Lindsay's story -- she's telling friends producers were ferociously upset she missed the kickoff day ... even though she told them she had walking pneumonia and doctors ordered her NOT to fly.

We're told when she arrived belatedly, the trailer was a disaster -- the shower and toilet were not working ... and she had to do her biz in adjoining trailers.

It was only after the shoot that Lindsay was accused of wreaking plumbing havoc and told she would not get her full paycheck ... to cover repair costs.

LiLo's friends say her people and movie honchos went back and forth for weeks before she finally waived the white flag ... and tens of thousands of bucks were deducted from her paycheck.


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Again!!!!!! Wasn't there a story about the Liz trailer being a big mess after the shooting of that awful movie minus the clogged toilet?
Is this suppose to be a gossip site rerun kind of thing or is this Lindsay's "signature" when she's on a movie set?

638 days ago


That Bitch wants to go to Haiti meanwhile people right here in NY are still suffering from hurricane "Sally", why can't the bitch help out here? Or help the families in Conn.-Haiti has suffered enough they don't need a Lohan.

638 days ago


lindsay is not going to Haiti...
it was a advertisement #GOPRO is a travel company..for exotic places..go check it out

638 days ago


Things just keep adding up for this POS so called actress! She needs to give it up. Admit your a f**k up and go to jail and get it together! Quit blaming others for your stupid dumb ass!

638 days ago


The whole world plots against her on a daily basis. Paranoia?

638 days ago


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638 days ago


You all have it wrong. This time Lindsay is telling the truth.I know because I am the one who clogged her toilet. I couldn't help myself. I had to go and I knew they would blame Lindsay. You see I am one of those people dragging her down. I stay one **** a head of her, so where ever Lindsay goes there will be a clogged toilet, it is all part of a master plan to bring her down and ruin her career-one **** at a time.
I posted this earlier today but it bears repeating because TEWYLER is correct we are all plotting against Lindsay- even if it means ****ting our brains out.

638 days ago


A bunch of unemployed social misfits bond together blogging about whether LiLO clogged a toilet. If I had no job, no date, and no life I still wouldn't spend two days leaving 600 comments about a toilet. Life is short, go outside get some sun, exercise, get to the gym, GET A LIFE!!!!!

638 days ago


Hmm, so might this crap caper be the "pay it forward" money Charlie Sheen gave her, saying she told him she'd done a project she wasn't completely paid for?? I can picture them having this conversation over booze, blow and snow in one of their trailers, peeing out the window now and then. Yet another classy picture ot the always innocent Blohan.

638 days ago


One day shoot..has a hotel room..and the little time she spent in the trailer managed to destroy it.
just to be vindictive...
what did she spend two hrs total in there..POS

638 days ago


Marvin/smitty/Help and about 10 other monikers claims to be lielos father...
and working with her constantly

638 days ago


Look I could be accused of a lot of things, but if it came out that I clogged a toilet and shut down the plumbing on a movie set for days, and it was a completely false accusation....I'd be at the top of my lungs screaming I did not do this. I'd be calling into TMZ live, having my PR people send statements out, the works. What, she told friends again? I don't care if I needed the money to sell the story to TMZ, I'd be out there in person denying this one.

638 days ago


I consider Lindsay to be a friend, but as far as I know it is possible that she doesn't know who I am. The last few films she hasn't spoken with me but may have requested me.

638 days ago


Crap- that was supposed to go under 319.

638 days ago


Hey Marvin- you better get some more industrial strength tinfoil for your hat- the old stuff is clearly starting to slip.

638 days ago
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