TMZ Live 'This is 40' ... Bad Timing for Child Murder Jokes?

12/19/2012 12:30 PM PST

TMZ Live: 'This is 40' -- Bad Timing for Child Murder Jokes?

TMZ Live

In the new movie "This is 40" an adult pretends to kill kids -- with a water hose. The whole scene would be a totally innocent joke, but after the Newtown tragedy ... it's a different story. So is it okay that Judd Apatow is leaving the scene as is? We'll explain why we think it's alright.

Plus, President Obama really did it this time -- his speech about new gun control measures sparked a huge debate in the newsroom between Harvey and ... well, just watch.

Also ... "Loveline" co-host "Psycho" Mike joins to talk about the crazy death threats he's getting ... just because he married soccer superstar Landon Donovan's ex!

0:00 - Judd Apatow's new comedy 'This Is 40' pokes fun at children and violence, but is connecting it to Newtown a stretch?
5:41 - Lindsay Lohan finds herself in a crappy situation on the set of 'Scary Movie 5.'
10:07 - 'Twilight' star Bronson Pelletier plays it cool amid a series of wild allegations... Maybe a little too cool.
14:15 - Ke$ha can't decide whether or not she stands by her own music.
18:08 - "Psycho" Mike Catherwood got married this weekend-- so why are a nation (well, maybe a few dozen) of angry soccer fans on the rampage?!
24:44 - President Obama puts his foot down and vows to make changes to gun control. We might need his help here in the office when he's done.
33:19 - Ben Affleck joins the ranks of celebs campaigning for a good cause in Washington.
36:12 - Conrad Murray is doing everything he can to get out of jail. (Not killing Michael Jackson might've been a good start.)
38:33 - We take your questions and comments!