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'This is 40' ... Bad Timing

for Child Murder Jokes?

12/19/2012 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


In the new movie "This is 40" an adult pretends to kill kids -- with a water hose. The whole scene would be a totally innocent joke, but after the Newtown tragedy ... it's a different story. So is it okay that Judd Apatow is leaving the scene as is? We'll explain why we think it's alright.

Plus, President Obama really did it this time -- his speech about new gun control measures sparked a huge debate in the newsroom between Harvey and ... well, just watch.

Also ... "Loveline" co-host "Psycho" Mike joins to talk about the crazy death threats he's getting ... just because he married soccer superstar Landon Donovan's ex!

0:00 - Judd Apatow's new comedy 'This Is 40' pokes fun at children and violence, but is connecting it to Newtown a stretch?
5:41 - Lindsay Lohan finds herself in a crappy situation on the set of 'Scary Movie 5.'
10:07 - 'Twilight' star Bronson Pelletier plays it cool amid a series of wild allegations... Maybe a little too cool.
14:15 - Ke$ha can't decide whether or not she stands by her own music.
18:08 - "Psycho" Mike Catherwood got married this weekend-- so why are a nation (well, maybe a few dozen) of angry soccer fans on the rampage?!
24:44 - President Obama puts his foot down and vows to make changes to gun control. We might need his help here in the office when he's done.
33:19 - Ben Affleck joins the ranks of celebs campaigning for a good cause in Washington.
36:12 - Conrad Murray is doing everything he can to get out of jail. (Not killing Michael Jackson might've been a good start.)
38:33 - We take your questions and comments!


No Avatar


That camera man is hotter than hades, unfortunately I'm not BROWN SUGAR so I don't have a chance.

650 days ago


Harvey is bullying the camera man...

650 days ago


Conrad, STFU and have a glass of Egg Nog and Propofol for Christmas.

650 days ago


I'm tired of celebrities telling congress to spend our money on other countries when our own people need help.
Plus, the money and supplies never reach those who need them. The government and military keep it all.

650 days ago


Someone just sent me choclate berries so I am going to eat them up see you tomorrow

650 days ago


Harvey, when you say that fast is sounds like you said "DOG BALLS".

650 days ago


Tulare California. Enough said

650 days ago


Viewers choice is my "EXIT STAGE LEFT". See you bat shyte crazy people tomorrow. TMZ nuthouse, never a dull moment. At least we got NO RAQUEL today, woohoo.

650 days ago


Have a great night fellow posters, be safe and save all those STFU's for tommorrows TMZ Live! :o)

650 days ago


he shouldn't change it. don't want to hear a joke of that nature then don't watch it.

650 days ago


Lindsay Lohan finds herself in a crappy situation on the set of 'Scary Movie 5.'.........................She looks like Poop

650 days ago


This is the THIRD re-post in 2 days

650 days ago


Not surprised by anything Apatow does. He wanted to do a movie with a kid porn collector who had a kiddie show and pleaded GUILTY. His judgement is pretty terrible.

650 days ago


Come on seriously what's next are we going to pull Super Soakers off the toy shelves because they imitate guns? Better not air A Christmas Story either this year because the main character wants a BB Gun for Christmas. I guess those products need to be taken away too. Cap, Cork and Rubberband Guns, as well as any toy gun that could implant the idea of murder in a child's head. It's just plain ridiculous with the over sensitivity to things that have nothing to do with the actual tragedy.

650 days ago


Everybody looks to blame everything but violent criminals for their actions. Millions of people own guns but only a few psychos use them to commit mayhem. The shooter played violent video games and maybe violent movies... so do millions that never commit violent acts towards other living things. OH!!! I'll bet he ate potatoes! Maybe we should ban potatoes too.

649 days ago
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