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Justin Bieber

Accused of Animal Cruelty

... By Hamster Org.

12/20/2012 2:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber issued a DEATH SENTENCE to his pet hamster PAC when he gave it away to a screaming fan (who promised to love and cherish it forever) outside of a concert earlier this month ... this according to the California Hamster Association (yes, there's actually a California Hamster Association).

TMZ spoke to a rep for the group ... who tells us Bieber committed an act of "animal cruelty" when he gifted away the animal ... even if his intentions were good.

The CHA tells us ... hamsters are fragile creatures that "often succumb quickly to illness and death," especially when faced with "sudden environmental change."

In short ... "The moment that hamster was handed off to a screaming girl in a harsh, frenzied environment was likely the moment it gazed at the short path to its doom."


So what should Bieber have done instead? The CHA says if Justin no longer wanted the pet, he could have left it in the care of an animal shelter or rescue center ... so they could've handed it off to a responsible new owner in a safer manner.

As for PAC, he's currently alive and well in the care of Bieber's 18-year-old super-fan Tori ... who has vowed to treat the animal like a tiny rodent god.

So far, no comment for Bieber.



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everyone in the world pretty much sucks now...everyone bitches about everything...including me who is here bitching about this story...we are all doomed...good thing the world is supposed to end tomorrow...and if it doesn't ill bitch about that

637 days ago


TMZ is a very thought provoking website. I often ponder the universe after reading about Bieber or Lohan.

637 days ago


what i wont bitch about is this picture to my right on my screen of kate uptons boobs....freaking hot..

ps...Free Tebow!!!!

637 days ago


Good lord! The absurdity of this when there are actual, real tragedies happening every day is just too much to comprehend.
This is why there is so much violence, and stupidity in the world - these people that don't live in reality and want to issue statements about the treatment of a hamster that is probably being taken care of better than some family members.

637 days ago


Pitching the hamster at the fan wasn't so nice, huh TMZ? Didn't mention that in this round of articles. And what was he doing taking the hamster to a concert? Not exactly a calm place for an innocent creature. I'm stunned TMZ is getting to be so callous toward animals. What the hell happened here?

637 days ago


In other news... that picture of Justine above proves what a pretty pretty girl she is...

637 days ago


Can't say enough how much I dislike this mouthy little punk. He is a goof bag. Important to nobody except screaming teenage girls.

637 days ago


WTF is CHA even talking about? I hate Beiber as much as the next rational human being, but this is a load of crock. Also, how the hell do a bunch of girls find him attractive? He really does look and sound like a woman.

637 days ago


These people have heard about the tragedy in Newtown, haven't they?

637 days ago


Reminds me of when Seth 'Crackhead' Binzer insisted on having his hamster while in rehab where pets weren't allowed, only later to impulsively give it away in the same manner this Canadian POS did.

637 days ago


OMG...file this under crazy right next to PETA

637 days ago


Is that Miley Cyrus in that pictures? ;)

637 days ago


Hamster org is a dumb organization and the hamster was given to a 18 yr old who was picked because she was the sane one in the crowd. This world has a lot of bitches. Get a life and take a very close look at yourself, are you going to Hell. Wake up and smell the flowers

637 days ago


Oh please, hese bleeding hearts - At least he gave the pet a good home. How radical can life be - now its Hamster org - sheesch!

637 days ago


This can't be a real story or is it a joke

637 days ago
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